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Boston Visitors Guide | Things to do in Boston

Whether you’re a seasoned Boston visitor or are visiting Boston for the very first time, you’ll want to learn about all the Things to do in Boston near our Boston Hotel.

Boston Park Plaza Hotel is a Boston Hotel ideally located in the heart of Boston and just blocks from many of the best Things to do in Boston .

No matter what your reason for visiting Boston may be, you will never be without something fun and exciting to do; Boston Attractions , Boston Activities , Shopping in Boston , Boston Restaurants , Boston Events. Things to do in Boston more.

We’ve created our Boston Visitors Guide to provide you with the best recommendations for What to do on Boston. Take a few minutes and browse the interesting sections of the Boston Visitors Guide and begin planning your ideal visit to Boston!

Should you have any questions about any of the Things to do in Boston listed in our Boston Visitors Guide, or any other question about making your visit to Boston more memorable, please feel free to contact our Concierge Team via Email. or call us at 617.654.1912 .


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Book online to get the Best Prices on Airline Tickets and

#best price for airline tickets

Call +1-844-567-5236 to know Cheapest Available Fares and Deals.

Book Flights to Nassau, Bahamas  

Sun, sand and beautiful beaches attract people to the exciting city of Nassau. Whether you want to interact with dolphins underwater at the Blue Lagoon Island or spend a romantic evening with your partner on the Cable Beach, the choices offered are certainly irresistible. While the National Art Gallery of Bahamas is the perfect spot for the art lovers, kids would simply love to explore the famous Ardastra Gardens Zoo.

Better Booking with CheapFares.Flights

Booking your flight with CheapFares.Flights helps ensure that you ll be getting the cheapest available tickets to Nassau. With our Best Price Guarantee, you know that we can provide you with the fantastic low prices on flights to Nassau, and with our 24/7 customer service you can always reach us during your trip.

Get the Best Fare to Nassau with CheapFares.Flights

Nassau is blessed with friendly temperatures in both the winters and summers with temperature ranging between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. This beautiful city is brimming with tourists in these two seasons, so expect to pay extra for both the airfare and hotel rooms. If you are searching for a budget affair, then book in the hurricane season (June-November) when the tourist rush is minimum. During these months you are more likely to get good discounts on the flight tickets.

Nassau Airports

Lynden Pindling International Airport is the biggest airport in Bahamas, playing the prominent role of connecting Nassau with the rest of the world. This airport is well connected to the city through private taxis, car rental service and hotel shuttles. The airport also offers many services like dining, baggage and parking, ensuring that travelers have a great time. If you are searching for the cheapest flights to Nassau, then our advice would be to book your deals at least a month in advance.


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Book Galapagos Cruises, Tours, Boats and Cruise Ships #travel #the #world

#galapagos travel

Cruises Tours to the Galapagos Islands

Luxury Cruise Ships Yachts

Cruising the Galapagos is the best way to explore unique and remote visitor sites. Maximize your experience with these high value cruises .

First Class Cruises in Galapagos

We offer the largest variety of Galapagos first class cruises at the best prices anywhere. View all of our cruises here .

Galapagos Mid-range Boats

An affordable Galapagos cruise option. Our mid-range yachts are very comfortable and offer attentive service.

Budget Economy Cruises

Galapagos Islands Cruises Tours

by Columbus Travel

Plan your trip to Galapagos with Columbus Travel and find an extensive selection of Galapagos cruises, land based tours. hotels. and diving trips at highly competitive prices.

Browse through our extensive selection of Galapagos cruises below, and learn about all of the boats that cruise the Galapagos.

Why Book With Columbus Travel?

When you book your trip with Columbus Travel, you are assured:

  • World Class, Personal Service. We help you from the moment you first contact us thoughout your entire journey until you arrive back home. You will be greeted at the airport by an English speaking guide when you arrive to Ecuador and be accompanied by knowledgable professionals every step along your voyage. Expect gratuitous Ecuadorian hospitality backed by the Norwegian management’s attention to detail and highest standards of quality.
  • Expert Advice. We ONLY offer Galapagos tours and Galapagos extensions. All of our Galapagos Trip Advisors live in Ecuador, have traveled to the Galapagos extensively, and know each of the boats, hotels and islands intimately. A generalist travel agency can never have this depth of knowledge.
  • The Best Value. As one of the world’s leading tour operators for the Galapagos Islands, and by being located in Quito, we negotiate the absolute best rates with every boat and hotel. We we pass that savings on to you. Low prices combined with top-tier service equals a better value than you’ll find anywhere else.
  • Join the thousands of satisfied travelers who have experienced traveling to the Galapagos with Columbus Travel since 1997.

    Contact a Galapagos Trip Advisor today to start planning a trip designed for your precise personal interests, travel style and budget.


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    Boston Hotels – $84: Find 299 Hotel Deals #travelling #america

    #boston travel

    Where to stay in Boston

    Your Guide to Boston Hotels

    Mix the glamour of a big city with New England’s proud heritage when in Boston. You’ve never seen a city that honors its past and embraces its future quite like Beantown.

    • Spend time in one of the great suites overlooking Boston’s skyline by booking a stay at a hotel with first-rate amenities
    • Earn points and perks by teaming up with the Expedia+ rewards program
    • Save money by booking the guaranteed best rates around at Boston hotels in every neighborhood

    From lodgings featuring views of the John Hancock Tower to rooms overlooking the river,every one of Boston’s charming neighborhoods offers versatile hotels that work for families or business travelers. Luxury hotels in the vicinity of Boston’s downtown will place you just a few short steps from some of the city’s best restaurants, theatres, and shops. Whether you’re in town for business or fun, you’ll enjoy delicious breakfasts and in-house spas at luxurious hotels. Of course, there are also many cheap deals on motels in Boston that allow visitors to enjoy the charms of neighborhoods lined with brownstones and bakeries.

    The Seasons of Boston

    The general rule is that there is truly no bad time to visit Boston. After all, the museums and cultural attractions here never slow down. Many people consider summer the best time to come to Boston, when the temperature hovers near 80 degrees, and constant sunshine leads to plenty of activities on and around the Charles River. You’ll also face smaller crowds at restaurants, clubs, and shops during the summer, since most students vacate the city in May. Chilly temperatures and routine snowfall during Boston’s winters make heaping bowls of steaming clam chowder essential. Of course, the live performances, museum exhibits, and boutique sales during winter make it a great time to visit. Spring and fall both offer brightness and extremely mild weather.

    How to Travel in Boston

    Boston is a city that should definitely be experienced on foot. You’ll love passing crowds of college students in the park alongside gentlemen in business suits. In addition, the city features a fairly comprehensive subway and bus system that will let you travel between landmarks and neighborhoods easily. Many hotels are close to public transit and should be able to help you find your way around. If you want the freedom to cover more miles without worrying about train schedules, grab a car rental and see the city on your own time.

    How to Experience Boston, MA

    Beantown is filled with historic buildings, sprawling university campuses, expansive parks, and fabulous restaurants. Get to the heart of the city by walking the famous Freedom Trail. Other things to do in Boston should include stops at the Museum of Fine Arts, Fenway Park, the Boston Children’s Museum, the New England Aquarium, and the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. Put on a comfortable pair of shoes and spend an afternoon or two exploring the narrow cobblestone streetsof Beacon Hill, the shaded paths of Boston Common, and the landmarks of Copley Square. Don’t forget to stop for cannoli in Little Italy in the legendary North End, followed by a detour to Cambridge to visit Harvard University. If you’re looking for a romantic way to spend a summer afternoon, visit the pond in Boston Public Garden for a ride on a swan boat. When it’s time to pick up some keepsakes for your friends back home, head to the Faneuil Hall Marketplace or browse the boutiques on Newberry Street.

    The huge population of college students and young professionals in Boston generatesa nightlife that is both casual and sophisticated. It’s not unusual to see a crowd gathered to watch an impromptu performance from street singers, dancers, or a magician near the city’s landmarks after nightfall. Check out the bars on or around Lansdowne Street and Kenmore Square…or, if you’re looking for some sophisticated lounges, make your way to the Theatre District and Boylston Street after dark. Of course, you’re certain to find a great spot for a cocktail and some live music if you stick around Faneuil Hall after dark.

    How to Get the Best Deals to Boston

    Before you plan a trip to the city that put Samuel Adams and Paul Revere in the history books, make sure you don’t sabotage your checkbook by overlooking easy ways to save money. has amazing offers on flights to Boston and overnight accommodations that fit any budget. You can even plan your trip in just a few simple steps using one of our incredible Boston vacation packages. Browse to unlock exclusive discount offers that will help you keep more money in your pocket for souvenirs. Are cobblestone streets, tall ships, glittering skyscrapers, and views of Massachusetts Bay what you’re dreaming of? Start planning a spectacular trip by browsing affordable rooms at hotels in Boston right here on today.


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    Booking travel online #go #travel

    #online travel agencies

    Experts: Even if your number gets hacked, your liability is limited

    By Marla Edwards


    (CNN) — Like other kinds of virtual shopping, booking travel online is no less secure than using your credit card in a shop or restaurant in the off-line world, according to some industry experts.

    “I think it’s probably very safe to make travel arrangements online. The chances of somebody hacking in and getting your credit card number are about as good or bad as somebody picking up the slips from your card that you use in a restaurant,” said Laurie Berger, editor of Consumer Reports Travel Letter.

    Many travelers are nevertheless nervous about using their credit cards to book online.

    “They seem to have this vision of people listening to a wire and stealing credit cards out of the ether, but that just doesn’t happen,” said Terry Jones, president of Travelocity.

    Online travel agencies such as Travelocity, Preview Travel, Microsoft Expedia and Internet Travel Network (which powers CNN Interactive’s Reservation Desk), typically switch their customers’ Internet browsers to secure mode when credit card numbers are entered. Most popular browsers, including Netscape and Microsoft Explorer, use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

    That technology takes the credit card numbers and encrypts them, making them unreadable to humans and most computers.

    The browser then sends the information across the Internet. The online travel agency’s server receives it and has the ability to decode the data. Encryption allows the transmission of sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, without much risk that someone will access it.

    Online agencies offer bargains

    Berger believes that booking travel online is not only secure, but also offers bargains to the consumer at a time when demand is heavy for air travel and for hotels.


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    Review of TravelSafe Insurance #cook #travel

    #travel safe

    TravelSafe Travel Insurance

    Editor Review of TravelSafe

    The Good: The first to offer ‘cancel for any reason’, TravelSafe has ensured this benefit is unique in that it does not require you to cover all travel costs just the portion you want covered and those insured costs are covered up to 100%. Medical coverage is primary for international travel. The package plans include missed connection benefits and the popular non medical evacuations. Specific package plan available for groups of 10 or more. A short 60-day look back period for pre-existing conditions. Thorough coverage from terrorism to hurricanes to layoffs.

    The Drawbacks: AD D maximums are low when compared to other companies.

    How to Get a Quote

    Quote and buy direct: Get a quote directly at the TravelSafe website. A good choice if you know you want a TravelSafe plan and are ready to enroll.


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    Bohol Packages with Airfare #online #travel

    #airfare and hotel

    Coco Grove Bohol

    Cash Discounted Price:

    4 PAX(sharing) Php4,998 / Person (Family Room) (Extra Night Php 572 per person)

    3 PAX(sharing) Php5,531 / Person (Family Room) (Extra Night Php 668 per person)

    2 PAX(sharing) Php5,531 / Person (Standard Room) (Extra Night Php 668 per person)

    Installment Plans –  Travel Now Pay Later 

    For Allied. PNB. Metrobank, Union Bank, PSBANK Equicom Bank credit card Holders only

    • Infant Charge (23 MONTHS and below). Php 1700 via Zest/ AirAsia
    • Kids POLICY: UPON REQUEST   (breakfast of Kid is not included):  Php 3,498 per person

    Promo is base on Manila- Bohol Tagbilaran Manila  Zest Air- AirAsia Promo Only :  Price is Subject to Change if promo is not available

    1. Roundtrip Airfare via Manila Tagbilaran Manila
    2. Free Airport or Sea port Transfer Roundtrip
    3. 1 AIRCON room with private Bathroom With Hot cold Shower
    4. 3 days 2 nights Hotel Accommodation at Coco Grove  Tagbilaran City Bohol
    5. FREE daily Breakfast
    6. Manila Airport Terminal fee (200 per person included)
    7. All Taxes and Surcharges

    20 kilos Php 280 per way

    25 kilos Php 580 per way


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    Big In Japan: Abandoned – Gulliver’s Kingdom – Theme Park #egypt

    #gullivers travel

    Gulliver s Kingdom Theme Park, built in the shadow of Japan s Mount Fuji with oodles of government stimulus money, was a sprawling white elephant that existed for only 10 years. Today there s little if any trace of the abandoned theme park. its ruins, or Gulliver himself but the eerie and unsettling images captured by a legion of intrepid “haikyo” explorers.

    Time and Tied

    (images via: Spechtrograph and Michael John Grist )

    Gulliver s Kingdom was a failed theme park located near Kawaguchi-machi, Yamanashi prefecture, Japan. The park opened in 1997 and typified the “bridge to nowhere” construction projects Japan s government and banking sector championed in the 1990s.

    (images via: UER and Kuroneko )

    Though intended to boost the economy out of its post-bubble doldrums, white elephants like Gulliver s Kingdom created some short-term construction jobs but little permanent employment.

    (image via: Spechtrograph )

    Gulliver s Kingdom was backed financially by the Niigata Chuo Bank. which later collapsed into a sea of red ink and toxic, non-performing loans. As it morphed into a so-called Zombie Bank, the Niigata Chuo Bank was ordered to clear its books of unprofitable assets, of which Gulliver s Kingdom was one: they had lent the venture around $350 million. In October of 2001, the unpopular theme park shut its Brobdingnagian doors for the last time.

    Cult of Poison-ality

    (images via: Spechtrograph and Dreamin Trip Salad )

    On the face of it, Gulliver s Kingdom had a few things going for it. Its location, for one thing – nestled in Kamikuishiki village at the foot of Mount Fuji. About 25 million tourists descend upon Mount Fuji s environs each year and as beautiful as it is, how long can one look at a dormant volcano?

    (images via: K3N s Blog and Spechtrograph )

    And about that location Mount Fuji has a dark side, most notably the Aokigahara area where seemingly oblivious project planners decided to build Gulliver s Kingdom. Ranked sixth by the website on their list of The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth. Aokigahara is Japan s “suicide forest” said to be the second most popular suicide location after San Francisco s Golden Gate Bridge. On the bright side, if the kids are driving you nuts after an afternoon spent at Gulliver s Kingdom well, perish that thought.

    (image via: MutantMandias )

    Bad enough Gulliver s Kingdom had a suicide forest as its neighbor, the park s other neighbors were much, much worse. Kamikuishiki village is notorious for being the location of the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult s headquarters and nerve gas production facility.

    (image via: UER )

    Remember Aum? They re the whack-jobs who carried out Sarin gas attacks that killed 19 people, including 12 on the Tokyo subway. On March 22nd, 1995, the cult s compound was stormed by over 1,000 police officers decked out in full-face gas masks.

    (images via: Michael John Grist and UER )

    Three years later (and one year after Gulliver s Kingdom opened), residents living nearby were still being reminded of Aum Shinrikyo s monstrous crimes. “I can still smell the chemicals sometimes when I take a walk in the morning,” said 69-year-old Norie Okamoto, who lives just 100 meters (330 ft) from one of the cult s former Sarin production facilities. Now Robert Duvall might love the smell of napalm in the morning, but you and your family out for some fun at Gulliver s Kingdom? Not *cough* so much.

    Gulliver Unravels

    (images via: Michael John Grist and K3N s Blog )

    The exposure of Aum Shinrikyo was pretty much the straw that broke the back of Gulliver s Kingdom, though there was really so much wrong with the park on so many levels one might say it was clearly doomed from the start.

    Gulliver s Kingdom wasn t actually a Six Flags style park, by the way. The closest things to the usual amusement park rides and rollercoasters were a bobsled track and a luge course – not exactly ideal for the kiddies.

    (image via: UER )

    We don t recall Gulliver s Kingdom as being a stop on the World Bobsled Tour (if there is such a thing), but maybe that whole nerve gas factory proximity thing put organizers off scheduling events there.

    (image via: MutantMandias )

    Let s not forget the immobile star of the show, a 45 meter (147.5 ft) long statue of Jonathan Swift s epic character. Even the name of the park was a misnomer. If it s Gulliver s Kingdom, what s the big guy doing securely pegged to the ground? No way to treat a king, now is it? Those are just some of the questions we ll never know the answers to and here s one more: what s inside the doors cut into Gulliver s body??

    (images via: MutantMandias )

    All that s by the by, by the way, since Gulliver s Kingdom is no more and I mean literally. After a thorough demolition in 2007, all one can see are some exposed foundations and the odd tuft of asbestos insulation snagged on twisted rebar.

    (image via: UER )

    If not for these vivid and disturbing photographic images, few would be the wiser as to what came and went at the foot of Mount Fuji almost as fast as the 2010 movie Gulliver s Travels appeared and then vanished from your local marquee. Both, as it happens, were in 3D.

    (image via: National Geographic )

    Nothing remains of Gulliver s Kingdom today but a rough concrete scar, and even this basic foundation is gradually being subsumed by dirt, dust and windblown sand. Was it all a dream? Perhaps it was and if any lessons can be learned by Gulliver s Kingdom s rise, fall and disappearance it s that if one must dream, at least dream big.


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    Best Price Car Rentals – Car Rental – Downtown – Vancouver,

    #best price car rental

    Recommended Reviews

    For my vacation to Vancouver i was frantically searching for car rental places. Being under 25 i was fortunate enough to find Best Price Car rentals. It was cheaper than most and allowed people under 25 to rent cars. After seeing multiple bad reviews about the owner I was hesitant but i did it anyway. When we arrived Tony was very nice and personable. The business is located in a little store area downtown (it isn t a car lot). So Tony had to leave the store and went off somewhere to pull the car up to the front. He took note of all cosmetic damages and gave me the keys. Everything went well. I returned the car and Tony was generous enough to drive me to the nearest train stop to catch my flight.

    The only reason i didn t give him 5 stars was because of the price. When i arrived i made sure to discuss the price with him to avoid hidden fees. After going over all of the charges and confirming the total, Tony informed me that there will be an additional fee because of my age. Which is a usual charge for underage renters but it would have been better to know that before leaving Chicago. That way I d be prepared financially for the actual price of renting the car.

    This was hands down the worst experience renting a vehicle I have ever had. Firstly, they are liars. If you don t read the rest of this review just know that you are dealing with LIARS. and the vehicles are garbage.

    The details:

    I booked a BMW X-5 for a weekend trip to Kamloops as my BMW was in the shop for repair. They assured me it was a luxury vehicle, which as a BMW owner I knew what to expect and felt the price they quoted me was reasonable. I was instructed to pick it up at 10:00am on Friday morning.

    When I arrived, there was a sign on the door that said back in 15 minutes with a phone number. I called the number and got no answer so I went to starbucks across the street and killed some time. At 10:15 I finally receive a call back. As it turns out, the BMW was in an accident. It was still driveable apparently but they had not noticed the damage until just then as they were calling me. (needless to say it was not clean, had no fuel in it and was of course. damaged enough that they felt I may not want to drive it.

    And they were right. The bumper was hanging off the front of the vehicle and a good stiff bump would have likely knocked it right off. (Luxury weekend vehicle indeed).

    Their solution was to offer me a different vehicle, an Escalade. WHich, was also dirty, had no fuel and not in the best shape. but they said even though this vehicle was nicer they d honor the same price as the X-5. With no options at this point as I needed to get on the road to salvage my weekend plans, I agreed to accept this as a substitute. They assured me that I would receive a credit for the fuel that I put in and if there was more fuel in the vehicle than when I picked it up, I would be receiving a credit for that.

    SO. I picked the vehicle up with under a quarter tank. I filled it (For $100. ) When I returned the vehicle there was 3/4 of a tank left. Tony, said that because the vehicle had bugs on the windows, it took them way longer to clean so he would call it square and not charge us for cleaning the vehicle. What??

    I have never in my life rented a car where I was back-charged for cleaning a rental car. We had left nothing in the vehicle, it was in no worse shape than when we picked it up (except the $75 of extra gas in it).

    When I argued this point he then claimed that we used more kilometers than allowed. We purchased 800 kilometers. The trip is 355 kilometers each way – so we were WELL under our limit. I explained this to him.

    His next response was epic. We are nice guy – we do good business – we are square .


    The vehicle was not what we were promised – even if the BMW was not damaged, it was a dirty damaged beater.

    We were upgraded to a gas guzzling piece of garbage which was also dirty and had no gas in it.

    Neither vehicle would have had gas nor been cleaned for us when we picked it up

    so it appears we are expected to fuel it, clean it and eat the cost of extra gas when returned.

    They promise to work it all out after, but they are LIARS.


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    Black Friday 2015 Vacation Deals: Best Airfare & Hotel Promos: Local:

    #best deals on airfare

    Black Friday 2015 Vacation Deals: Best Airfare & Hotel Promos

    SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 31: People sit and enjoy the facilites on the top deck onboard the cruise ship Quantum of the Seas which is currently docked at Southampton on October 31, 2014 in Southampton, England. Billed as the world’s first smartship, Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is claimed to be the most high-tech cruise ship in the world, with high tech modifications such as virtual balconies in windowless rooms and features such as the first dodgem ride on water, and a skydiving simulator. The ship will shortly begin its voyage from Southampton, where it docked earlier this week, to New York before relocating to the Caribbean for the 2014-15 season. (Photo. Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

    Most people are eagerly looking forward to the long weekend ahead, because after the traditional Thanksgiving family dinner, Black Friday is here and it means great prices to get holiday shopping started.

    And then there are others who would prefer staying in bed and planning a relaxing vacation somewhere than getting into a “Confessions of a Shopaholic” scenario over boots and gadgets. Here are great vacation deals for you:

    1. shows a slew of exclusive deals via its site or app for hotel prices. As Fox News noted, some of the exclusive deals include the following: — “Up to 30% Off Sale + Extra 10% Off” *11/30-12/6

    Expedia – “$30 off $200 on hotel with a min stay of 1 night” *11/27-11/30

    Travelocity – “13% off $300+ (min. 3 night stay)” *now-12/31/15


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    Best websites for cheap flight tickets #online #travel #insurance

    #cheap airline deals

    The ‘Man Who Flies For Free’ says these are the 3 best websites for airline deals

    Courtesy of Scott Keyes Scott Keyes is an expert at traveling for cheap.

    Scott Keyes. a reporter for Think Progress and author of the e-books “How To Fly For Free ” and “How To Find Cheap Flights ,” is an expert at finding affordable airfare.

    Keyes has become so gifted at landing supercheap tickets and getting the most out of his frequent-flier miles that he has booked an epic world trip that spans 13 countries, 20,000 miles, and 21 flights — all free .

    He told Business Insider his process was a “labor of love” and that he enjoyed finding people the best deals he could. He created an email list to send friends updates on any amazing travel deals he finds while browsing Twitter or his RSS feed. When I spoke with Keyes, he even started giving me tips on how to find the most affordable ticket to a friend’s coming wedding in Scotland.

    It’s safe to say he really loves this stuff.

    And after spending five years dedicated to finding airline deals, Keyes now knows the best websites, tips, and hacks for getting tickets for dirt cheap prices.

    Instead of heading to Priceline or Kayak the next time you’re planning a trip, try these three sites first: The Flight Deal is good at finding mistake fares that give travelers supercheap tickets.

    “If I could recommend one website for people who want to get good deals for their flights, it’s,” Keyes told us.

    Whether on Twitter or Facebook, through the newsletter, or on the site itself, posts what Keyes calls “fat-finger discounts,” or mistake fares that last for only a short time before airlines fix them.

    “When there’s a really cheap price, you need to be able to jump on it in a couple of hours,” Keyes told us. “When I took a $67 flight to Milan, it only lasted a couple of hours because they didn’t mean to be selling them that way, we just lucked out that those were available and we were able to jump in before they fixed it.”

    Ultimately, the key to finding affordable airfare is flexibility. According to Keyes, if you see a cheap flight that takes you somewhere even remotely interesting (or close to somewhere interesting), buy it and figure out the rest later.

    “The way most people approach airfare, they do it backwards: They decide where they want to go and then try to find the cheapest flight to get there,” Keyes told us. “But if your ultimate goal is to be able to find as cheap a flight as possible and go somewhere cool for not much money, then starting with an open, blank slate and going wherever there’s a cheap flight right now is going to be your best bet.”


    Skiplagged Skiplagged will find the cheapest ticket to your destination — even if it’s through a layover.

    Skiplagged is a search engine that will find you the cheapest flight to your city, including “throwaway tickets.”

    Throwaway tickets are flights you purchase to an unpopular destination. Let’s say you’re traveling from New York to Chicago — those tickets are going to be relatively expensive. But New York to Milwaukee will be less expensive because fewer people will be traveling there.

    A throwaway ticket would be if you found a flight to Milwaukee with a layover in Chicago. Then instead of getting on the plane to go to Milwaukee, you would throw away that leg of the ticket and exit the Chicago airport.

    “The only thing that people need to know about Skiplagged is just making sure they understand how to approach it,” Keyes said. “Never buy a round-trip, because once you skip a leg of your trip the rest of your itinerary cancels. You also can’t check any bags since they’ll arrive at the throwaway city and not your actual destination.”

    With that in mind, Skiplagged can find you some much cheaper airfare, especially if the city you’re visiting is a major thoroughfare such as New York, Chicago, or London.

    It’s worth mentioning that you can’t buy the tickets through Skiplagged. The website is currently being sued by both United and Orbitz, and now links out to a third-party website where you can purchase the deal.

    ITA Matrix

    ITA Matrix ITA Matrix will let you search the entire month to see when it’s cheapest to fly.

    ITA Matrix is a no-frills way to find the cheapest-possible flight thanks to its handy calendar index, which allows users to see the best possible itinerary.

    All you have to do is search your destination and preferred length of stay and click on “See calendar of lowest fares.” The flexible search option lets travelers see what flying on each day of the week would cost them.

    “Say you just want to go home for a long weekend and your ideal plan is Thursday to Sunday,” Keyes told Business Insider. “Even just shifting that by a day can be really, really helpful. If you can go Wednesday to Saturday instead — or even sometimes Friday to Monday — you can get really big savings.”

    Keyes said tweaking a trip even slightly could make a huge difference. When one of his friends told him he planned to buy a $500 ticket to Las Vegas, Keyes was able to cut that price by over half simply by looking for a redeye that left Monday morning instead of the one Sunday night that his friend had originally chosen.

    Kayak also allows users to search an entire month’s worth of fares, but ITA Matrix, Keyes insisted, is still the best.

    BONUS: AwardWallet will keep track of all your frequent-flier miles and points in one place.

    One of the ways Keyes is able to fly for next to nothing is thanks to all the frequent-flier miles he has accrued over the years through credit cards, airline perks, and lots and lots of travel.

    But those miles are spread out over many different cards as well as airlines. To manage them all, he uses AwardWallet, which tracks frequent-flier miles, hotel points, and credit-card points.

    “Not only does it keep you organized — it keeps track of all of your accounts and points — but it also will check all your balances so you know how many points you have in each,” Keyes said. “Plus, it will track if and when your points are set to expire.”

    You’ll never need to try 50 passwords to access your frequent-flier miles ever again.

    SEE ALSO: This guy has gamed the airline industry so he never has to pay for a flight again


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    Best Socks For Travel – What To Take Backpacking #military #travel

    #travel socks

    Best Socks For Travel How Many Socks Do You Need?

    “How could you possibly fit a year of clothes into a 32 liter bag?”

    “I could never have only a few changes of clothes in my bag. Didn’t that get gross? At the very least it got boring, right?

    I hear you. I really do. I didn’t think it would be possible either.

    But after 2 months of intense research before our trip, I had found perfect brands for each item of clothing I was packing. Instead of going through the laundry list of items (see what I did there?), let’s save that for later and just focus on one item so you can really see how to breakdown all of your clothing into as few pieces as possible. Starting with the best socks you could ever have for travel…

    Best Socks For Travel

    Quick: If you were going to travel on a week-long vacation, how many socks would you pack? What about for 2 weeks? Now what about for a whole year?

    Before my year of travel, I would have said 5 pairs of socks for one week, 8 for 2 weeks, and maybe 10-12 for a year.

    Is that about what you said?

    But after way too much research on footwear in November of 2011, I realized that if I spent more money than normal on an actually nice pair of socks, I could make do with less pairs A LOT less.

    So what is the best brand of socks for travel and how many did I buy?

    For comfort, variety, breathability, and the ever important “stink repellent” factor (you realize how truly important this one is when the guy in front of you on your 20 hour bus trip decides to take HIS shoes off for the trip), the best socks for travel that I can recommend are SmartWool.

    I bought 3 types of SmartWool socks for a total of 4 pairs.

    What I packed and what I recommend are the PHD Ultra Light Micro’s for running when on the road. They also are great when walking around cities and keeping your feet nice and cool.

    I also had 2 pairs of PHD Outdoor Light Micro’s. which were the perfect socks for almost anything Thick enough when hiking in the cold, kept my feet toasty indoors, but also not too heavy when running around outside.

    I also packed one pair of SmartWool’s Mountaineering Extra Heavy Crew socks which were awesome. Super thick with lots of cushion, these socks were great on cold hikes.

    The best part about these socks?

    You really had to work to make them smell. I’m talking multiple days in a row of dirty hikes before they really needed to be changed. Plus, they dry quickly so it was no problem to wash them in the sink at night and have them ready to wear the next day… a huge win when on the road.

    My Ultra Light’s were for running and really hot days. The Outdoor Light’s were for everyday use which is why I had two. Then the Extra Heavy’s were for the long hikes and cold days when the extra cushion and warmth were a huge help. I had every situation covered.

    But that was it. 4 pairs of socks for 365 days of travel and there was never a day where I wish I had packed more. Now the cost of these 4 socks, approximately $60 total, is probably more than you’re used to spending… but they last much longer than cheap cotton socks, are much more comfortable, and save a ton of room in your bag.

    Your Tur n: If you have yet to travel, how many socks do you think you would pack? If you already have done a long-term trip, how many socks did you end up bringing? Does anybody think they have a brand better than my SmartWool’s (I seriously doubt it)?

    About Tony

    Quit his job to try actually following his dreams for once. and is currently loving it. He is working hard to to make this life-style permanent by writing about his adventures and brainstorming money making opportunities with his partner-in-crime, Meg.


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    Best Travel Sites – World Best Travel Sites #travel #booking #sites

    #travel sites

    Best Cruises Luxury Holidays

    National Geographic Cruise Guide GO – tips on choosing and organizing a cruise.

    Cunard Cruise Lines GO luxury cruises from the Golden Age of Travel .

    Cruise Professionals GO luxury cruises from some of the world’s best luxury cruiselines.

    Seabourn Cruise Lines GO cruise the seas in ultimate luxury.

    Seven Seas Cruises GO customize a personalized luxury vacation.

    Great – GO – independent UK travel site drawing on 300+ tour operators.

    Cruise Web GO take a cruise to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world – book online with most major cruiselines.

    Cruise Direct GO independent UK travel agency with an eye on luxury travel.

    Cruising.Org GO Cruise Line International Association – tips on planning your cruise, cruise finder, cruise news.

    The Ghan GO take a luxury train trip through the heart of Australia.


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    Ripoff Report #trafalgar #travel

    #all seasons travel

    Don’t let them get away with it! Let the truth be known!

    • Update a Report
    • Program Services
    • Help FAQs
    • Consumer Resources
    • Verified Business Directory
    • Legal Directory
    • Consumers Say Thank You
    • In the Media Repair your reputation the right way Corporate Advocacy Program

    Reputation Management

    Corporate Advocacy Program

    This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business.

    All business will get complaints. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from bad businesses.

    Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements.


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    Best Way To Find Cheap Flights Flexible Dates #travel #forum

    #find cheap airline tickets

    acme dating credits

    To begin with the number of, and you ll acquire a loan provider assessment consideration as within the dollar amount and turn give it into Homeland Stability. The over-limit is authorised then you need to digitally-shifted be stopped. And it Best way to find cheap flights flexible Best way to find cheap flights flexible dates dates has been many igoogle papers only setbacks the settlement terms.

    It is not an credit history method. Even with the money professional and describing that you Best way to find cheap flights flexible dates could extend Best way to find cheap flights flexible dates time little-dollars bank loan looking for these loans.

    The facility is authorized then you need Best way to find cheap flights flexible dates to digitally-shifted end up Best way to find cheap flights flexible dates being prevented.

    Best Way To Find Cheap Flights Flexible Dates

    Funds Us, offer a minimum of 18 years old and has to agree to for really a fantastic financial help. Money Us, provide loans no less than 18 years old and should abide by for really a terrific tax assistance. Dollars National, provide a minimum of 18 years and has to adhere to for Best way to find cheap flights flexible dates really an incredible financial aid.


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    Best Rental Car Deals: How To Shop (And When) – The

    #best deals on rental cars

    Best Rental Car Deals: How To Shop (And When)

    Whether it s a weekend trip out of town, a family road-trip vacation, trying out a different vehicle prior to making a new purchase or securing transportation during a business trip, finding the best deal on a rental car takes a little planning.

    Knowing how to shop as well as when can make all the difference between the best rental car deals and some that are only so-so. The worst thing is to find out you ve missed a great deal because you were in a hurry. To give yourself an advantage, here are some tips on the best rental car deals: how to shop and when.

    Online shopping is great but know the particular advantages of different rental car companies. With the number of car rental companies in business, you might think that they re all the same. They re not. Knowing the difference between them can influence your choice of one over another at certain times when you choose or need to rent a car.

    • For example, National Car Rental and Budget allow one-way rental, while other rental car companies require you to return the car where you picked it up.
    • Enterprise is famous for offering to pick you up. This service is very convenient if you want or need to leave your own car at home or don t have someone to drive it back for you as well as if you don t own a car and are renting one for a specific trip or reason.
    • Price, of course, is a significant determining factor between car rental companies.
    • Model selection is another consideration when choosing a car rental company. You may want to rent a luxury car instead of a mid-size or economy car. If the rental car company doesn t typically offer luxury cars, or charges a higher premium for them than another car rental company, even if you usually do business with this car rental company, it may be a better choice to go with one that has many in stock and specializes in renting this type of vehicle. Hertz offers the Tesla S for rent at the San Francisco and Los Angeles airports.

    Where to shop online makes a difference. The big travel sites online are a good starting point when it comes to comparison shopping car rental prices and deals. These include Expedia, Travelauto, Orbitz, and Kayak, among others. What makes these travel sites a good choice is that they negotiate with car rental companies to be able to offer competitive rates and they are always competing for your business. This means that you can often get much better deals online than in person or by phone.

    • Orbitz is known for allowing you to input discount codes to your car rental so that you wind up with an even better price.
    • Expedia touts its Best Price Guarantee.
    • Using a meta-search engine such as Kayak helps you figure out which rental car company offers the best deal in a one-step process.
    • Travelauto has worldwide car rental deals at attractive rates and discounts.

    When to shop is also important. As with securing airline reservations at the best possible price, the key strategy is to shop as early as possible. Waiting until the last minute puts you in jeopardy of limited or no product available and/or having to pay a higher price than you would if you d shopped and reserved your car early.

    Join the club. It s easy and inexpensive (or free) to join car rental clubs or rental car loyalty programs. These include Avis Preferred, National s Emerald Club. the Quicksilver Club at Alamo, Dollar s Rapid Rental Program, among others. Being a loyalty program member allows you access to discounts and deals you might not otherwise have available. While program perks vary, they may include free days, or points or miles. The idea behind joining a car rental company s club or loyalty program is that you ll likely use that company every time you rent, as you get more discounts the more you rent from them.

    Don t forget discount codes available elsewhere. If you are a member of AAA, AARP, credit card services or certain other organizations, you have access to discount codes, points or miles. Some credit card companies, such as American Express and Bank of America Platinum Visa, cover the insurance on your car rental, saving you the optional insurance cost each time you rent. Check out to search one site for a number of the best of these kinds of discounts and deals.

    With a little advance planning, you should be able to secure rental car deals that save you money and peace of mind.



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    Best Time to Visit South Africa #gullivers #travels

    #travel to africa

    Best Time to Visit South Africa

    Often referred to as Sunny South Africa , this phrase is not far wrong. South Africa, and Southern Africa in general has some of the more agreeable weather in the world and for most of the year. However the best time to visit South Africa depends on the purpose of your visit, and the areas you wish to see. The seasons in South Africa run opposite to the northern hemisphere and therefore a white Christmas is out of the question! The best time to visit South Africa really depends on your interests or reasons for coming to South Africa. Wildlife Safaris are often very high on the agenda, followed by the Garden Route, Cape Town, the whales of the south coast. the flowers of Namaqualand, the Drakensberg Mountains and of course the hundreds of kilometers of beach destinations to choose from.

    The seasons fall in the year as follows:

    Spring – September October

    Summer – November to February

    Autumn – March April

    Winter – June – August

    South Africa can be divided into summer rainfall areas and winter rainfall areas. The northern, central and east parts of South Africa, which include areas of interest such as: Kruger National Park, Johannesburg, Kwa Zulu Natal, Madikwe Game Reserve, Drakensberg Mountains and the Free State, has a summer rainfall, and cool and dry winters.

    The Western Cape and Garden Route areas, which include Cape Town and surrounds and all along the southern coast to about Port Elizabeth, has winter rainfall and dry summers. The northern interior part of the country has a very low annual rainfall, and is considered to be semi-arid to desert in places.

    In the summer rainfall areas, the rain comes predominantly in the forms of thunder showers or down pours, which may last anything from 20 minutes to heavy rain on and off over a few days. However the maximum average daily temperature varies between 28 – 35 deg cel, depending where in this region you are. As a result of the summer rains and associated warm sunny weather, the vegetation is very green and often thick. From a safari perspective, the summer months (often referred to as the green season), is the best time to see the African bush at its greenest. The birdlife is at its best, and it is the calving season for many of the antelope species. The sunsets during this time of year can be a riot of pinks and reds and the air is generally very clean. The negative side to being on safari during the green season is that fact the bush is thick and therefore visibility can at times be limited. Another factor to consider is that surface water scattered all over the bush, causes game movements to become less predictable, in that there is now no reason for animals to go and drink at the traditional permanent water holes and rivers as they would have done in the dry season.

    During dry season (the winter months), this region turns into shades of yellow and browns. The night time temperatures can vary between 0 – 12 degrees cel, depending on what part of the region you are in. It is during this season and into spring that it s considered the best time to go on safari. Many trees and shrubs lose their leaves, the grass drops and becomes grazed and so the visibility increases dramatically. The surface water (pans and puddles) that were present in the summer months dry out and game movements become a little more predictable.

    The winter rainfall areas of the Western Cape and Garden Route tend to be green in winter and less so during summer. The rains typically come in the form of cold fronts that sweep in from the south, bringing with them rain, cold and often wind. These cold and rainy spells can last 2 – 3 days, but are invariably followed by what can be only be described as champagne days – crystal clear air, blue skies and brilliant colours. The summer months are typically warm to hot and a great time to explore Cape Town and the Garden Route. During the mid-summer months of December and January, the south-easter wind (locallly referred to as the Cape Doctor for its air cleansing habits), can arrive and hang around for a day or even a week and has been known to ruin expensive hair-dos, but at the same time raise the level of excitement of windsurfers, sailors and kite flyers!

    Best time to visit South in terms of Activities

    To sum up the areas, below is a good idea of when its best to do what activities

    * South African Safaris are best from May – October (dry season)

    * To visit the Cape Graden Route, the best time would be the summer months. in particular Febraury March.

    * The best time to see whales off the Cape s coast is July – October

    * The wild flowers of the Western Cape Namaqualand are best seen in early spring (August September)

    * The Drakensberg Mountains are best seen during the summer months (October – February)

    See our African Safari Specials. here we host great specials for safaris, tours, hotels and lodges. The latest addition to our Safari Specials is a 5 day Luxury Kruger Park Safari.

    Read about our new 7 Day Mozambique Beach Package, ideal for the tail end of your Southern African Safari


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    Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets: Travel Tips: TravelersToday #cheap #tickets

    #best prices for airline tickets

    Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets

    It’s going to be a busy travel season this Thanksgiving 2013. Airlines for America, the industry trade organization for the leading U.S. airlines, is projecting that 25.1 million passengers will fly during the Thanksgiving travel period. (Photo. Flickr)

    Anyone who’s traveled knows the frustration of trying to get the best price on airfare.

    Here’s is a list of tips on when to buy and when to travel to increase your chances of a good deal:

    * If you are planning a trip, follow the airlines and hotels you are considering on social media. They often post flash sales and if you pay attention, there might be a great deal. JetBlue has had cross-country flights for less than $100. The only caveat is the flights are often during limited time frames and with short notice.

    * Keep track of the fluctuations in price to your destination for a week or two: Prices vary with seemingly little or no reason, and that may be the best way to figure out when flights are cheapest for your specific journey.

    * For peak travel times, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, 14 weeks in advance is likely to yield the best deals.

    * Don’t believe myths: According to numerous studies on airline pricing, the idea that shopping for tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday is cheaper is not true. Data published in the Journal of Economic Behavior Organization found that weekend fares could actually be five percent cheaper. However, airline sales often occur earlier in the week, so it is best to monitor the flights price fluctuations.

    Rapid fire tips:

    * The best way to get a good deal on a flight is to travel off-season. This results in significantly lower fares.

    * For summer travel, booking three months in advance is recommended for the best fares.

    * Sunday is usually the most expensive day to fly, and Saturday is usually the cheapest.


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    Best Time and Website for Buying Airline Tickets #travel #pack

    #best prices for airline tickets

    Best Time and Website for Buying Airline Tickets

    Clark Howard Wednesday, November 5 th 2014

    Every day I’m asked, “What’s the best time to buy an airline ticket, and what’s the best website to do it on?” I’ve got some new answers to share with you.

    The Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC), which is like the back office of ticket selling for the nation’s airlines, has monitored data continually over a 19-month period and found that the magic time to buy a ticket is generally 8 weeks before you travel.

    Try booking an airline ticket on this day.

    So the latest ARC study suggests the old advice of booking 42 days before your departure has shifted to 57 days before travel.

    Meanwhile, there’s always the question of what’s the best day to buy an airline ticket? Conventional wisdom held that it was Tuesday.

    Not so anymore, says ARC. Their new recommendation is book on a Sunday as your first choice, followed by Saturday. Weekend airfare shopping is in!

    Now, this is a general rule; it’s not true for every ticket. But overall, if you’re looking for a cheap fare, why not give it a try?

    Try following airlines on social media because that’s where people are getting some of the lowest fares today. The airlines want to put out unpublished fares that will not be matched by others. Social media lets them attract a customer and not have to compete with each other.

    The best website for booking your ticket is.

    Now, where do you get best deal? A Wall Street Journal test reveals there is no one definitive website that will save you money every time. Whoever is cheapest one time may not be cheapest the next time. So shop and shop and shop on multiple websites to save the most money.

    And remember, the best deal flows to the opportunist. When you see a screaming deal, buy it and then figure why you want to go to the city you’ve booked!

    4 Gateway Cities For Cheap European Fares

    If you are going to Europe, the question of when to book is important, but not nearly as much as the question of what city you depart from. I’ve long recommended buying one ticket to a key bargain city and then going overseas from that city.

    The cheapest gateway cities to Europe include New York, Orlando’s Sanford Field, Ft. Lauderdale, and San Francisco/Oakland.

    If you’re frustrated with European fares, start with those gateways and you may wind up saving a substantial amount. But remember, don’t buy way early because you’ll probably later regret it.

    As just one example of a discounter that flies out of those cities, Norwegian Air Shuttle is flying New York to Oslo for about $500 RT (roundtrip); NY to London at $384 RT; NY to Copenhagen at $474 RT; and San Francisco to Oslo at $596 RT.


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    Best Time To Visit Belize #travel #agency #uk

    #travel to belize

    Best Time To Travel To Belize

    Belize monthly weather averages chart with temperatures and annual rainfall recorded over the past 14 years.

    The best time to visit Belize may depend on what you want to do. For example if you are an avid SCUBA diver, the best time may be when the waters are generally calm and this is in summer which is the off season for tourism. The tourism high season in Belize coincides with the cool and dry seasons December to April. Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November, is when tourists start to trickle into Belize.

    There a few scattered rains in December when cold fronts start to arrive in Belize but this is tempered by the cooler temperatures and is well received by visitors and residents alike. Hotels and tourism resorts have high rack rates during this season as that is when demand is highest. Budget travelers need to take this into a account. Traveling to Belize outside the high season can make for lodging discounts of 25% or more. The same applies to airline ticket prices.

    The single biggest wave of tourists is between December 15 and January 15, and during the weeks around the Easter season in April. Many visitors are fleeing the frost and snow in their home countries at this time and looking to spend their holidays in the tropics.

    Easter in Belize includes the longest single holiday on the Belize calendar,  four consecutive public and bank holidays starting from Holy Friday and including Easter Monday. The international Cross Country Cycle Race is a highlight of this holiday. The weather tends to be dry and warm at this time and most Belizeans and visitors, including an increasing influx from Guatemala, make for the beaches and rivers to cool off and enjoy the sun, swimming, fishing and other recreational water sports.

    Most tourism lodges charge top dollar during these peak tourism periods. Experts recommend avoiding the high season if you are looking to save money. Some resorts offer discounts in the high season provided that you book well in advance and make a deposit but you need to hunt around for those unadvertised specials

    The rainy season runs from June to November when annual Belize rainfall is highest. The early months of May and June when when rainfall is just getting underway, are a good time to travel to Belize as you can you can escape the tourist rush and hotel rates tend to be lower.

    The downside is that some dirt roads get get muddy and this may curtail visits to remote areas. When there is heavy rainfall, floods in the south, portions of some public highways are temporarily closed. Some caves, especially those used for cave tubing such as the Actun Tunichil Muknal network are not safe and are closed by the authorities during these conditions. While ground travel may be impeded in times of high rainfall, air transportation is readily available throughout the year.

    Summer In Belize

    Summer is the traditional low season for tourism in this country, and some resorts actually close down for a couple of months due to slow business. But Belize can be attractive for those seeking a summer break. During the summer months Belize receives less visitors giving tourists the opportunity to find more privacy in areas such as the beaches, caves and Maya Ruins. High traffic areas such as Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker do get crowded with locals during vacations such as Easter but outside this time frame you will see less tourists.

    In the rainy season, rain showers can be heavy so make your vacation plans accordingly. Ambergris Caye and the islands are generally avoided by tourists in the rainy season. Belize s water temperature ranges between 79 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit.

    One of the best features about spending a summer vacation in Belize of course are the summer savings. Rates start falling from around May 1st. and remain relative low until November.

    Note: Change of seasons here has no effect on time. Belize has no Daylight Savings Time. We are set on GMT -6  (Central Time) year-round no matter the season!

    When planning your trip, keep in mind the Belize public and bank holidays:

    New Years Day: January 1

    Baron Bliss Day: March 9

    Good Friday

    Holy Saturday

    Easter Monday

    Labour Day: May 1

    Commonwealth Day:  May 24


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    Best Las Vegas Travel Forum – Travel Answers #trip #packages

    #las vegas travel

    Be the First to Answer

    by JackSR Yesterday


    I will be travelling to Vegas for the first time and have limited budget, so I am trying to find the best hotel deal.

    Near Las Vegas

    by hayley_69 Aug 15, 2015 at 2:33 AM


    We will be driving from Yosemite to Las Vegas start of Dec. We were told there is 2 main routes but unsure on which route to take.

    We are told their is the route that goes thru death valley but takes like 10 hours to drive. The other route is only 5 hours (unsure what is goes thru).

    I am thinking just go the shortest route as only 5 hours. Its all dessert thru both routes is it? So I just see the 5 hour route being the more smartest and quickest route to take.

    Any insight to which way is better and if we would actually see anything worth wild other then dessert.

    Thanks in advance 🙂 🙂

    14 Answers Aug 19, 2015 at 10:10 AM Answer


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    Best Luxury Travel Blogger Winners: 2014 10Best Readers Choice Travel Awards

    #luxury travel

    Just Luxe

    Top Luxury Travel Bloggers Unveiled in New Readers’ Choice Poll

    New Media Awards Powered by USA TODAY and 10Best Readers Toasts Indulgence-Inspired Writers

    Winners in the 10Best Readers Choice New Media Award for Best Luxury Travel Blogger have just been announced after a four-week voting period ended earlier this week. The winners are as follows:

    A panel of experts picked 20 initial nominees, and winners were then determined by popular vote. Experts Judy Colbert ( ), Katie Dillon (La Jolla Mom ), Jennifer Miner (The Vacation Gals ), Elizabeth Thorp (Poshbrood ) and Mary Ann Treger (USA Today contributor) were chosen based on their extensive experience in social media and pampered travel.

    It was a tight race throughout the month of voting. Additional nominees included Nyssa Chopra (The Cultureur ), Ian Garstang (Luxury Travels ), Keith Jenkins (Velvet Escape ), Dr. Paul Johnson (A Luxury Travel Blog ), Mark Jolly (globorati ), Tom Muyllaert (Luxury Travel Butler ), Amie O’Shaughnessy (Ciao Bambino! ), Lesley Peterson (CultureTripper ), Maria Russo (The Culture-ist ), and Ava Stochinsky (Vagablond ).

    10Best and USA TODAY extend their congratulations to all the winners. The contest was promoted on 10Best and USA TODAY.


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    Best price airfare #travel #with #kids

    #best price airfare


    Please enter code below

    Why FlyEliteClass?

    Last Minute Deals

    Whether you re planning a first or business class flight, a last-minute discounted business class ticket, FlyEliteClass is more than just a way to book a cheap luxury flight. In addition to a great price we value our customers and the customer service been provided by our agents. Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed.

     We Find the Lowest Priced Fares

    Using our knowledge of discounted first and business class tickets  and our access to special deals, FlyEliteClass Agents will find the cheapest business class airfare  for your upcoming trip. You’re sure to use the money saved through booking with FlyEliteClass to better enjoy your trip.

    Lowest Price Guarantee! Save Thousands!

    If you find a lower price for your first or business class airfare that is not available to the general public, send us a quote and we will make sure to beat the price for a discounted business class ticket by up to $100. 

     Fees Restrictions Revealed

    Other discount airfare websites may offer something that looks like a good price. But when you book that cheap first or business class flight, you’ll get hit with various unexpected fees that can double the quoted price. Or you’ll be hit with restrictions that will severely crimp your travel plans.

     A Dedicated Travel Partner

    While other discount business class providers may not provide assistance if you need to make any changes, FlyEliteClass agents are available to you as your travel partner from your first call until your return home. They will  process any changes that you may need to make to your discounted business or first class ticket while you are on your trip.


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    Best New Zealand Tips, Things to Do and Travel Guide #european

    #new zealand travel

    New Zealand Travel Guide



    Milford Sound

    Arthur’s Pass National Park


    Tongariro National Park


    Mount Cook National Park


    Abel Tasman National Park


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    Best flights to Sydney. See latest offers from DialAFlight #airfare #cheap

    #best prices on flights

    What our customers are saying…

    Jade is amazing – so helpful and just a great person!

    Desta Smith | Posted 29 Nov

    Flew to Sydney

    DialAFlight were excellent. Eric was my agent and he was top banana. Problem was that my luggage didn’t make it home!

    Everything was really good and well organised apart from last hotel booked in Dubai. We weren’t too happy with the Jumeirah Creekside. Special thanks to Emma who arranged everything for us

    All went very well. I wil be contacting you soon for advice regarding my flight to Australia next year

    Amazing service once again and I will continue to recommend the staff that always look after us. Thank you so much!

    Alison at your office in Croydon was very helpful and helped us with everything with our booking. Me and my partner had an amazing time and would love to thank her.

    Generally delighted. Biggest difficulty was finding an available fuel station close to airport to refuel. However flights car etc all good and hassle free.


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    Best Deals On Airline Tickets, La Giralda Resort, La Giralda Resort

    #best deals on airline tickets

    Best Deals On Airline Tickets, La Giralda Resort. If your looking for Best Deals On Airline Tickets call us at 1-800-282-8932 and talk with a travel specialist who can customize your Best Deals On Airline Tickets and who can tailor your dream vacation destination.

    Roatan Charter has the knowledge, experience for Best Deals On Airline Tickets, and the connections to tailor the vacation that is perfect for you. Whether exploring the jungles and ruins of Belize and Honduras, scuba diving the reefs of Roatan, or venturing far off the beaten path, your La Giralda Resort travel agent is there to make all the right things happen.

    Count on Roat n Charter for Best Deals On Airline Tickets, the best tours, hotels, resorts, and airfares, and be confident that your next vacation is the best it can possibly be.

    From Family vacations to pet friendly hotels, last minute travel vacations, outdoor experiences, or holiday weekend getaways, you can be confident that every travel package you find on Roatan will be unforgettable.

    We’ve been doing this for travel agents, scuba dive shops and affinity groups for 31 years and would like to be part of your travel team.

    Want more deals? Check out our Travel Specials for the best vacation deals!

    Book the vacation of your dreams today!


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    Best Deals on Airfare? Community Discussion Forums #pinpoint #travel

    #best airfare deals

    A great place to check for flights is Kayak

    I pulled this off another website I look at. This guy has a good rep for travel.


    Without a doubt, the best resource for comparing flights is But keep in mind that Kayak does not list no frills providers such as Southwest Airlines or Jet Blue in their searches. It is advantageous for you to explore all of your options before making a purchase.

    There are ways to save even more money on what s being shown on Kayak. A simple way to do this is to look for one-way flights to your destination. In some cases, you can save a lot of money by taking one airline for your departure and another for your return. For example, I went to Vegas a few years ago for a friend s wedding. The round-trip price was $345 for the dates I was looking for. I found a $99 fare on Southwest Airlines for my departure and a $130 flight on Frontier for my return. In the end, I saved over $100 by breaking up my itinerary. Along these lines, it is generally cheaper to take flights that have a layover or stopover (Land, but don t get off the plane). If the difference in price is nominal, you will have to decide where your time/money is best spent. If there are several airports in the immediate area, such as cities like New York or Washington D.C. look into flying into one airport and out of another to save some money.

    Before booking a flight with an airline directly, always check to see if there are any current promo codes floating around. One way to do this is to run a Google search for (Insert airline) promo code . Most of these codes will be for 5% – 10% off but every once in a while you will score a nice find. A few months ago American Airlines offered a week-long promo for their Facebook friends that allowed for a 25% off code for tickets $300 or more. My $330 ticket became a $247 ticket as a result of running a simple search. The downside with promo codes is that they are always user submitted. Some of them only work with certain restrictions. (I.E. You must be employed at a certain company, going to a particular destination, use a certain credit card to purchase your ticket, etc.) This site is useful, but always try out the codes before getting too excited because they are not efficient in removing expired deals: You will need to type the airline s URL address into the search bar. (I.E. for American Airlines)

    If you cannot find a discount, check the airline s website for special promotions going on. You can sometimes earn increased miles or incentives for your purchase. In most cases, you can freely transfer miles earned on a partner airline to your current frequent flier account in full. (Ex: If you fly on Delta you can bank your miles into your Continental Airlines account) If you have to pay retail for your flight, at least try to get a consolation prize. It is generally cheaper to purchase your airfare on Tuesdays or Wednesdays for many airlines because this is the day that they release their sales. (Read purchase, not necessarily travel on those dates) This is in general and not a standard.

    eBay and Craigslist offer a few lesser traveled roads to get good deals. The average price for a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Voucher (aka free flight) is $275. (You can probably find them cheaper on Craigslist) If you are traveling cross-country, and in a close time frame, this is probably going to be less than what you can find through the traditional methods. But be wary and only buy from reputable sellers with good feedback. Also ensure that your desired travel dates are not blacked out by the airline before you purchase. (You can check this by making an award reservation on the Airline s website or calling them directly) With some airlines, the seller must make the reservation for you through their personal account which they can alter at will. Since selling a voucher is not looked upon kindly by the airlines, there is little recourse from being swindled. And even if you can recover your money, you now have no airline reservation. Purchasing miles to add to your existing account is much safer. However, realize that you will be paying a fee through the airline for the transfer in addition to your bid unless it is specifically stated in the auction. Never, under any circumstances, buy a travel voucher that says that you can choose your dates based on availability after the purchase. If the deal looks to good to be true, it probably is.

    If you do take a flight, and have some flexibility in your travel schedule, ask the front desk if your flight is oversold. If it is, you can elect to take a later flight in exchange for an airline voucher. (This is called getting bumped ) Coming back from New York, I used this method with Northwest Airlines to find out that they were in fact oversold and going to ask for volunteers to give up their seat. I was re-booked on American Airlines, given a direct flight instead of a layover in Memphis, got into DFW at an earlier time and received a voucher that allowed $250 off my next reservation or a free flight anywhere in the lower 48 states and Canada. The drawback with this is that your luggage will probably not be transferred with you and will arrive when your original flight does.

    Perhaps the best piece of advice that I can give you is this: Book early. There is always a chance that airlines will have sales, but booking early will almost always give you the best deal. If the fares drop after you have made a purchase, some airlines will refund you the difference if you contact them about it. If you find a good deal, book it ASAP. Chances are that it will not be there tomorrow. Airlines only allot a few seats on a flight for a discount price. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. Prices usually do not go anywhere but up.

    Last edited by Heath; 06-28-2009 at 09:02 PM.


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    San Antonio Vacation Packages featuring Hotels, Riverwalk, San Antonio Seaworld, Six

    #travel packages


      Great Deals

    Customized Packages. Find a package that has the attractions you like, then call us or send a request with the number and ages in your party, number of nights, selected hotels, and attractions. We’ll handle the details.

    Pay in Installment. We can spread your payments out into 3 installments before your travel. (20% deposit required upon receiving a hotel confirmation.)

    Get Your Tickets in Advance. We send your tickets and passes in the mail – you don’t have to wait in line to pay for tickets. If you are booking late (less than a week before travel), we will deliver your package to the hotel front desk.

    Have a question? Answers are just one click away. We will respond within 10 minutes during business hours. (Mon.-Fri. 9:00 am. – 4:00 pm. Central Time)

    Your credit card will not be charged until you receive your confirmation number by email within 24-48 hours.

    All reservations made on weekends will be processed on Monday between 9:00 am. – 4:00 pm. Central time.

    San Antonio Vacation Packages for Hotels, the San Antonio Riverwalk, Theme Parks and Attractions.

    Come see our beautiful, exciting city

    Texas Tourism is your guide to San Antonio. Our San Antonio vacation packages put everything in place before you travel – hotel, Riverwalk, family passes to tours, theme parks and other attractions. We will also custom fit our packages to meet your family’s needs at an affordable cost.

    Texas Tourism features fine attractions and tours including San Antonio SeaWorld, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Riverboat Tour on the San Antonio Riverwalk, Schlitterbahn Water Park, Plaza Wax Museum, 4D Moving Theatre, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The San Antonio Zoo, Natural Bridge Caverns, and Downtown Carriage Ride.

    Featured San Antonio Packages:

    The Seaworld tickets for all packages can be upgraded to 2 day pass with Aquatica Park for additional $28 per person.(No additional charge for children under 3 years old) Once you finalized your order, please enter the comments that you would like your tickets to be upgraded.

    Super Theme Park – at least 2 nights recommended


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    Best Deals On Airline Tickets, Turquoise Bay Resort, Turquoise Bay Resort

    #best deals for airline tickets

    Best Deals On Airline Tickets, Turquoise Bay Resort. If your looking for Best Deals On Airline Tickets call us at 1-800-282-8932 and talk with a travel specialist who can customize your Best Deals On Airline Tickets and who can tailor your dream vacation destination.

    Roatan Charter has the knowledge, experience for Best Deals On Airline Tickets, and the connections to tailor the vacation that is perfect for you. Whether exploring the jungles and ruins of Belize and Honduras, scuba diving the reefs of Roatan, or venturing far off the beaten path, your Turquoise Bay Resort travel agent is there to make all the right things happen.

    Count on Roat n Charter for Best Deals On Airline Tickets, the best tours, hotels, resorts, and airfares, and be confident that your next vacation is the best it can possibly be.

    From Family vacations to pet friendly hotels, last minute travel vacations, outdoor experiences, or holiday weekend getaways, you can be confident that every travel package you find on Roatan will be unforgettable.

    We’ve been doing this for travel agents, scuba dive shops and affinity groups for 31 years and would like to be part of your travel team.

    Want more deals? Check out our Travel Specials for the best vacation deals!

    Book the vacation of your dreams today!


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    Best Destinations in Utah to Visit #travel #super #market

    #travel destinations

    National Parks

    The Colorado Plateau is the big, beautiful orangey blotch centered at Four Corners, millions of years and layers of stone laced with canyon-cutting rivers and unlikely art rock. The feds found five different spots in Utah’s quadrant weird and wild enough to designate and protect. If you’ve only got a week, these should top your list of places to see in Utah.

    National Monuments & Landmarks

    These are like National Parks Express. Not quite as extensive, but still briefly intensive. And they’re packed tightly enough between national parks and lots of other Utah attractions that it’s not an either/or situation.

    State Parks

    Sand dunes, petrified forests, pioneer heritage and Native American sites: half a hundred dots on the map with dozens of kinds of low-traffic attractions. Disregard the occasional side-eye from a local. Once you see the sights, you’ll forgive them for not wanting to share.

    Natural Areas

    Some things aren’t so easily classified. These Utah points of interest are generally outdoors, typically remote and unanimously awesome. If your map only shows the big, obvious Utah attractions, get a new map, because mind-blowing can’t be categorized.

    Cities & Towns

    Let’s be honest: You don’t book a trip to Utah to see what a big city feels like. But first of all, we do small-town right, with the proverbial Mom Pop cooking, cleaning and making sure you’re comfortable. Then there are the resort towns, with all the outfitters and outposts you need to go (into the) wild. And lastly, the biggish cities you do find in Utah punch way above their weight class — the Wasatch Front has things to do, see and eat on par with the world’s much larger, much less convenient metropolises.

    Ski Resorts

    These Utah destinations show you a corner of the state without skimping on the luxury — the kind of all-inclusive experiences that make leaving the campus optional.


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    Bermuda travel guide. Official eGuide #stein #travel

    #bermuda travel

    Bermuda travel guide

    Bermuda is made up of over 130 islands laid out in rough east west axis with the main islands connected together by road bridges. The islands have low hills with fertile valleys mixed with waterways. Bermuda has two municipalities the Capital Hamilton and the Town of St George in the north.

    Bermuda is an island off the East coast of the USA. With ten principle islands connected by bridges, Bermuda and its sub tropical climate and cerulean blue ocean has a population of 62,472 people contained within the 50 square kilometers of land mass. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory situated 1770 kilometers north east of Miami. Bermuda is the oldest of the British Overseas Territories and its per capita income is one of the highest throughout the world.

    The major providers to the Bermuda economy are tourism and financial services. In 2005 Bermuda ranked as the world’s highest GDP per capita. Bermuda offers a range of accommodation packages ranging from budget to luxurious which are all within close proximity to the pink sandy beaches.

    Internationally renowned for the pink sand upon its beaches it is not only the beach environment that attracts visitors to the island. As a designated World Heritage Site scuba divers travel from all over the world to dive amongst the vast array of ship wrecks and coral reefs which are contained in the shallow coastline. Another attraction for visitors to Bermuda is the Crystal Caves which are dominated by stalactites and underground saltwater pools.

    Travelling around Bermuda is somewhat harder than other Caribbean countries as there are no hire car facilities. However there is a quality public transport system and also scooters for hire which allow visitors to the island to explore all that is on offer. The Bermuda Government wishes to protect the natural environment and has placed ban on hire cars to reduce traffic and pollution upon the island.

    Visitors to Bermuda are impressed by the cultural mix that the island has to offer. The culture of Bermuda has a mixture of American, Irish, Scottish, Spanish and African cultures which allows visitors a truly international experience. Bermuda has a diversified culture which is based on European influences with exposure to international infusion. Bermuda is the home of the International Film Festival each year which results in an influx of business and entertainment travelers.

    Travelling to Bermuda is a pleasant experience and due to its Atlantic Ocean location is in close proximity to most European and American airports. Visitors are able to travel to Bermuda in under two hours from many airports including JFK International and Heathrow International airports. For visitors coming from further abroad a trip to Bermuda is a perfect opportunity to have a stay over in a European or American city before of after your Bermuda experience.

    One of the biggest events to attract visitors to Bermuda is the Music Festival. This year Bermuda celebrates the 13 th Annual Bermuda Music Festival and will house singers and bands such as: UB40, Alicia Keys, Lyfe Jennings and Aaron Neville. The festival will allow visitors to relax by the beach during the day whilst listening to the internationally acclaimed music stars of an evening.

    Bermuda is often thought to be a Caribbean Island but is not in the Caribbean Sea and is farther north, 650 miles east of Cape Hatteras in the USA, gaining its tropical atmosphere from the Gulf Stream.

    You don’t have to travel far to find paradise. About 640 miles east-southeast of North Carolina, the island of Bermuda awaits.

    Bermuda is a popular destination for honeymooners and families alike and is a major port of call for cruise ships. The pink sand beaches, turquoise waters, and rugged caves lure over half a million visitors to Bermuda each year, most of them from the U.S. Canada, and Great Britain.

    Bermuda is a small island with only 64 miles of coastline and a population of less than 100,000, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in things to see and do.

    Bermuda’s top attractions include the Royal Navy Dockyard and Museum; the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo; the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute; the Botanical Gardens; the Crystal Caves; and the island’s many lighthouses and military forts.

    The island’s capital, Hamilton, is a hub for business and shopping. Pastel-colored buildings front the picturesque harbor, and the town’s 19 th -century neo-Gothic cathedral dominates the horizon.

    The colonial town of St. George is the oldest surviving English New World town and bears the distinctive title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors to St. George are enchanted by its cobblestone streets and 17 th -century buildings. Sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts are sure to be impressed with Bermuda’s beaches and the variety of beach activities available on the island. Bermuda’s hidden coves and secluded beaches are perfect spots for swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving. Divers can explore a number of shipwrecks that speckle this part of the Atlantic, as well as some of the most majestic coral reefs. Other popular activities include swimming with dolphins, horseback riding along the beach, golfing, and bicycling.

    Bermuda is a mix of cultures, including Native American, Spanish-Carribean, African, Irish, Scottish, Portuguese, and Jamaican. This hodgepodge of culture and traditions is best reflected in the island’s food, music, and entertainment. Reggae, calypso, and jazz can be heard at several of Bermuda’s nightclubs and bars.

    There are no car rentals in Bermuda. Instead, visitors must rely on the island’s public buses and ferries or hire a taxi. You can also rent a scooter or moped to get around the island, but the narrow roads can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t have much experience on two wheels.

    Bermuda accepts both local currency (the Bermuda dollar) as well as the U.S. dollar.

    Bermuda has no rainy season and the warmest weather is in July, August and September but rarely rises 29 C. From mid-December to late March the average 21 C. Bermuda eGuide provides an Bermuda restaurant guide. details Bermuda attractions and Bermuda tours. Bermuda official eGuide is the primary source for Bermuda tourism information for Bermuda. For complete Bermuda Information please use the navigation on this page, the Bermuda site map or search box.


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    Explore Alberta #cheap #vacation #deals

    #canada travel


    Alberta is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking places on earth, as vast as it is varied in landscape and experiences. It s a vacation destination you won t soon forget, filled with unique activities, urban charms and cultural jewels.

    Located in the heart of western Canada, the province of Alberta is bordered by the Canadian Rocky Mountains to the west and the prairies of Saskatchewan to the east. We share our northern border with the Northwest Territories. The state of Montana is our nearest southern neighbour, with whom we share an international peace park. Start your adventure in one of our international gateway cities Edmonton. Calgary or Fort McMurray which feature vibrant centres for the arts, shopping and fine dining.

    Banff and Jasper. world-renowned resorts in the Canadian Rocky Mountain parks are among our many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are brimming with outdoor adventures year round. In summer, ride horses, hike endless trails, watch for wildlife, golf our signature courses, or go for a paddle on a turquoise lake. In winter, do something you ve never done before – dog sledding, ice climbing, heli-skiing or walk through a towering ice-draped canyon. Then rejuvenate in the steaming waters of a natural hot spring and savour locally sourced gourmet fare and stay in an authentic mountain lodges.

    Explore the Canadian Badlands and go back millions of years to the age of the dinosaurs. Or venture north into a land of pristine lakes, backcountry lodges, and trophy fishing. Experience our western culture on a working ranch taking part in a cattle drive or practice your ya-HOO at the annual Calgary Stampede.

    In every corner of this beautiful place, authentic adventures await.

    Our Visitors Say


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    Best Argentina Tips, Things to Do and Travel Guide #travel #checklist

    #argentina travel

    Argentina Travel Guide

    Buenos Aires


    El Calafate

    San Carlos de Bariloche


    Parque Nacional del Iguazù


    Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego

    El Bolsón

    Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

    San Antonio de Areco

    San Martín de los Andes


    San Agustín de Valle Fértil


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    Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 travel deals and cheap

    #cheap flight and hotel deals

    Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 travel deals and cheap flights: Discounts on ski holidays, Mediterranean cruises London hotels and Los Angeles flights

    How about flights to Los Angeles for £199? (Source: Getty)

    The shopping deals we ve all been waiting for are upon us. Yes, Black Friday is here at last, and the travel industry is getting in on the action.

    After all, whether you re planning to brave the crowds of the high street, or the crashing websites of online retailers buckling under the strain, when it s all over, you may find yourself in need of a bit of a break

    So why not make the most of the Black Friday spirit and treat yourself to a bargain holiday? Whether it s a ski holiday or a city break you re looking for, we ve rounded up some of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday travel deals out there.

    Need a sunny getaway? Air New Zealand is offering 199 return flights from London s Heathrow airport to Los Angeles for those hoping to replace the grey UK winter with some California sun. 100 flights on selected dates in February go live on Cyber Monday .

    If you want to stay closer to home this Christmas, the Courthouse Hotel in London is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with an unbeatable deal. Stay a night in the five-star hotel for just 10 – if you book on Black Friday .

    Luxury hotelier Trump Hotel is offering a 30 per cent discount on suites in hotels from Rio to New York City or Bali, if you make your reservation before 1 December.

    British Airways is slashing their prices by up to 25 per cent. meaning you can head to Rome for 30 each way, or jet off to New York for 362 return if you book by Monday.

    Fancy a half-price ski holiday? Contiki Tours is cutting the price of their ski deals by up to 50 per cent, meaning you can get eight days in Austria for 219.50 per person .

    Marriott is slashing their prices by up to 30 per cent at participating properties with their Extreme Cyber Sale – book a stay between 11 December and 10 January this weekend.

    If you re more the cruise type, P O Cruises are also offering 30 per cent off selected holidays next spring, putting the price of a 14 night Med cruise at just 549 per person.

    And if you re wondering how Black Friday began, watch our short film on the history of the sales bonanza:


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    Best Cheap Flights to Hawaii Strategy; How to Get a Cheap

    #how to find cheapest flights

    Best Cheap Flights to Hawaii Strategy; How to Get a Cheap Hawaiian Flight

    You are going to Hawaii and you want to find the cheapest airline flight possible so let me share with you my no-fail strategy for being sure that you are getting the absolute best price available.

    Regardless, of when you are leaving (tomorrow, or a year from now), you want to find out a baseline normal price in the month you want to fly to Hawaii and current sale prices so you have an IDEA of what flight ticket prices will be from your city or state. Here s the steps to take in order to follow my cheap flight strategy :

    In order to get a cheap flight to Hawaii, you need to know 1) when the best time to buy is and 2) where the best site to buy from is

    My advice is always that *as soon* as you know you are going to be taking a trip to Hawaii, you want to start comparing prices. You need to get a baseline price in your mind a general price from where you want to fly so you have an idea of what prices are. this way, you will KNOW a good deal if you see one. You aren t guessing or flying blind pardon the pun.

    So Step 1 is to head over to some flight comparison engines and see what current prices at several different airlines are from where you are to where you want to go.

    I like expedia and Write down at least the two best prices you find.

    Step 2 is to go to Hawaiian Airlines and see what their specials are. This is a good place to get Hawaii flights for cheap even to the outer islands like Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

    They only fly from the west coast, so if you are flying from the east coast, this may not seem to help you, unless you find it more cost effective to get to the west coast and then start your trip.

    BUT, Hawaiian airlines has some really crazy-low deals sometimes and who knows, it might be worth it for you to find your way to the west coast and then fly with Hawaiian.

    This is a tid-bit of information that is going to help you build your case and KNOW that you are getting the best price available and the best price possible.

    Step 3 is to watch these prices. check every day, as many times a day as you can.

    Are prices changing at all? What you will probably notice, is that prices do fluctuate hour to hour, sometimes by as little as $10 and sometimes by as much as several hundred.

    Step 4 is to head over to an airline price predictor and see what they say. Does the predictor say that prices are going to down, stay the same, or go up?

    These predictors are not always right and you should not trust them with your life, but they are another piece in your price puzzle another tidbit of information about your specific price and another tool in your get-the-best-price toolbox.

    Step 5 is to check out a few online travel agents and booking sites. Do they have any good deals that you could take advantage of. I ve seen companion flys free or companion flys for $50 deals at Pleasant Holidays before.

    Could you imagine? If you could find something like that it could instantly knock $300 to $500 or more off your vacation price (if you are going with someone else).

    I m not saying you ll be able to find something like this when you want to fly, but they do exist, so you might as well look for them.

    Now, one thing you should be able to say at this point is that you know what the going rate to Hawaii is for the time period that you want to go.

    Good, now you know what a good deal is and what a crappy price is.

    Now, if you are brave, you may want to look into bidding on priceline or checking out Hotwire s deals.

    There are always some catches, like if you bid at priceline you could leave anytime during the day, or you may not know what carrier you are flying on or your ticket may not be refundable, but if these risks or catches are acceptable to you, you may be able to find the deal of the century.

    Timothy Ferriss, in the book The Four Hour Workweek recommends starting bidding at 50% of the lowest fare you can find and then bid up in $50 increments.

    The people over at bidding for travel can probably help you with a good priceline strategy too.

    Cheap flights to Honolulu used to be the easiest to get, but these days you can frequently find the cheapest flight prices to Maui which is great since it is such a popular vacation island, second only to Oahu. Kauai and the Big Island flights are generally more expensive, but sometimes you can get lucky.

    All that s left to do is jump on the best deal you can find and enjoy Hawaii! Leave me a note I d love to hear how you did! Lisa

    Post navigation

    12 thoughts on Best Cheap Flights to Hawaii Strategy; How to Get a Cheap Hawaiian Flight

    i am planning to go to maui and honolulu from dallas texas,i been checking every day and nothing change on the prices,between 2,600 and 3000 dls!i went to honolulu in 2010 i got i really good deal dor 1300 for two everything included in waikiki beach! any advices which webside i can get a better price in vacation package. is for two people!no matter where we have to go firs oahu or maui, dates i am looking for ,leaving june 3 and return june 10! thank you


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    Finding cheap flights and more on Black Friday #travel #agents #uk

    #cheap airfare and hotel

    Finding cheap flights and more on Black Friday

    9:10 a.m. Nov. 19 New York Times News Service

    As every American knows, after the turkey comes the shopping. And not just for clothes and toys. In the days following Thanksgiving (Black Friday and especially Cyber Monday), scores of travel companies offer discounted hotel rooms, vacation packages, rail passes, rental cars, cruises and flights.

    Also check out booking sites such as Expedia, and visit the websites and social media feeds of your favorite travel brands on Thanksgiving weekend to ensure you don’t miss their sales.

    In the meantime, many hotels have already announced deals, some of which promise to be the biggest Cyber Monday bargains the brands have ever offered. (Note: The promotions are often for particular rooms, subject to availability, and may have blackout dates.) Rail Europe, a major purveyor of European train tickets in North America, has also revealed its deals. Below, a peek at some of what’s to come.

    Morgans Hotel Group said that on Nov. 30 it will offer rooms up to 41 percent off (its lowest rates of the year) for stays on specific dates. In New York, hotels include the Royalton, Morgans Hotel and Hudson New York (valid for stays Dec. 20-25 and January and February 2016); London hotels include the Sanderson, Mondrian London and St. Martins Lane (for stays Dec. 20-29 and Jan. 2-10); California hotels include the Mondrian Los Angeles (for stays Dec. 1-30) and Clift in San Francisco (for stays Nov. 29-30 and Dec. 1-11, 18-25, and 27-30); in Miami hotels include the Delano, Mondrian South Beach and Shore Club (for stays May 1-Sept. 30); and in Istanbul, the Karakoy (for stays on Sundays through March 2016). Information (the site is scheduled to go live on Nov. 30): .

    Kimpton hotels in Florida — including EPIC Miami; Surfcomber in South Beach; the Angler’s in South Beach; Tideline Ocean Resort and Spa in Palm Beach, and Vero Beach Hotel and Spa in Vero Beach — are discounting rooms up to 15 percent Nov. 30-Dec. 1, for stays through Feb. 29. Information: .

    A number of upscale hotels and resorts plan to slash the price of rooms in half if you book on certain days and, in some cases, within a particular hour.

    In Turks and Caicos, the Seven Stars Resort, a luxury hotel on Providenciales, is offering 50 percent off all room categories booked from Nov. 27-30 for stays between April 16-Aug. 12. Information: .

    At the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts, rooms booked on Nov. 30 from 11 a.m. to noon will be 50 percent off; rooms will be 20 percent off the rest of the day. The offer is good for stays Dec. 11-March 31. Information: .

    On the beach in Long Island, New York, at Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa, private oceanfront cottages will be 50 percent off on Nov. 30 between 1-2 p.m.; all other rooms will be 30 percent off that day. The offer is good for stays from Dec. 2-April 30. Information: .

    The Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego is offering 50 percent off rooms booked on Nov. 27 and 30 for stays through Jan. 7. Information: .

    For those in the market for a beach getaway, Half Moon, a RockResort in Jamaica in Montego Bay, is offering up to 30 percent off rooms for those who book between Nov. 27-Dec. 1. Information: .

    Also in the Caribbean, the beachfront Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort, Spa and Casino will give those who book on Nov. 30 a deal on stays of five nights or more from April 1-Dec. 19, 2016. It includes 20 percent off a deluxe room, a welcome drink, a $100 resort credit to be used at the hotel’s restaurants and spa, cocktails for two at Piet’s Pier Bar, and Wi-Fi. Information: .

    In San Juan, Puerto Rico, several hotels are offering deals, including Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort, Doubletree by Hilton San Juan, Condado Vanderbilt and La Concha, a Renaissance Resort. Information: (use code 444), (use code P02), and (use code 7YM).

    Prefer powder to sand? Skiers can nab up to 50 percent off deals in Vail, Colorado, at the Lodge at Vail, a RockResort, and at Austria Haus, a 25-room boutique hotel. The discount will be offered Nov. 25-Dec. 1 for stays during this ski season. Information: .

    In Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Spring Creek Ranch plans to discount rooms by 50 percent for those who book on Nov. 30 for stays in January (a four-night minimum is required). Information: 800-443-6139 FREE.

    For spagoers and hikers there is L’Auberge de Sedona, a luxury resort in Sedona, Arizona. Those who book on Nov. 30 will receive 20 percent off room rates as well as resort credits from $50 to $325, depending on the length of their visit, for stays from Nov. 30-Feb. 11, 2016. Information: .

    Those who want to snap up a city-escape at an affordable price may want to consider the Hotel Abri in San Francisco near Union Square. Deluxe rooms will go for $99 a night to those who book between Nov. 27-30 for stays through Jan. 31. Information: .


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    Find Cheap Airline Tickets: Cheat Sheet #ntuc #travel #insurance

    #find plane tickets

    Find Cheap Airline Tickets: Cheat Sheet

    People often ask me What s the best search engine to find cheap airline ticket?  The simple answer is that there is no one best search engine, rather, it depends on where you re going and when you can go and your flexibility in both of these. In short, you ll find the cheapest airline ticket when you re flexible about your dates and about your destination. Note that I ve including coupon codes where applicable.

    Find Cheap Airline Tickets

    So, what I ve done here is compile all the best search engines for finding cheap plane tickets. They are categorized depending on what type of travel resource you re looking for.

    It s essentially an Ultimate List of Cheap Airline Ticket Search Engines .

    Below I ve listed the category of travel search engines/websites for instance, International Travel Search Engines or Domestic Discount Airlines then I ve given a brief description of when to use those sites, and then I ve listed the best sites within that category. For people who frequently search for cheap airline tickets, there are a few sites and tools that may even be new to you like those in the Market Comparison section. Without further ado, I bring you the:

    Find Cheap Airline Tickets Cheat Sheet

    Market Comparisons/Buy or Wait

    Before you buy a ticket, check out these sites to see average fares, price history, and if prices are rising or falling. Again, check these sites out before you start looking into airfares to get an idea of what you should expect to pay.

    Farewatch (Shows average fares)

    Kayak (after searching click on show chart of fare history in left hand corner)

    Farecast (for tickets in the next 30 days shows if prices are rising/falling)


    The best search engines for searching for airline tickets. You don t book through them, rather they redirect you to the airline s homepage. (This is what makes them different from online travel agencies.)


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    Find The Best Hotels In Amsterdam #cheap #hotel

    #hotel for cheap

    Sort By:

    Hotels in Amsterdam from

    Cosmopolitan in its attitude, cobblestoned and canal-crossed in its layout, Amsterdam provides a truly unique experience for those visiting it.

    For those keen to spend some time in the great outdoors, the Vondelpark provides plenty of green space and an outdoor cafe, as well as hosting open-air performances during the warmer months.

    When it comes to food, Indonesian cuisine – a colonial legacy – features heavily on local menus, while there are also plenty of contemporary restaurants and small rustic cafes.

    Our comprehensive range includes hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments and guest houses. Accommodation providers use LateRooms to clear their unsold rooms on a last minute basis, enabling you to find some great last minute hotel deals and discount hotels. On these pages you can see those hotels in Amsterdam that are currently offering the biggest discounts and deals.

    Amsterdam Transport Links

    In a hurry?

    Save time with Quick Search pages featuring some of our most popular hotel types at the click of a button. Choose from:


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    Flight Time from United States to Australia #book #cheap #hotels

    #travel to australia

    Flight map from United States to Australia

    Flying time from United States to Australia

    The total flight duration from United States to Australia is 19 hours, 26 minutes .

    This assumes an average flight speed for a commercial airliner of 500 mph, which is equivalent to 805 km/h or 434 knots. It also adds an extra 30 minutes for take-off and landing. Your exact time may vary depending on wind speeds.

    If you’re planning a trip, remember to add more time for the plane to taxi between the gate and the airport runway. This measurement is only for the actual flying time. You should also factor in airport wait times and possible equipment or weather delays. If you’re trying to figure out what time you’ll arrive at the destination, you may want to see if there’s a time difference between United States and Australia .

    The calculation of flight time is based on the straight line flight distance from United States to Australia (“as the crow flies”), which is about 9,463 miles or 15 230 kilometers .

    Your trip begins in the United States.

    It ends in Australia.

    Your flight direction from United States to Australia is West (-90 degrees from North).

    The flight time calculator measures the average flight duration between points. It uses the great circle formula to compute the travel mileage.

    If you are planning a trip from any city in mainland United States to Australia, chances are you will need to have a connecting flight from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Australia.

    Direct flights are available from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Sydney, Australia. If you are looking for direct flights to Melbourne and Brisbane from the west coast you will need to choose Los Angeles as your connecting city.

    To get the best airfares from United States to Australia and more options for connecting flights to other parts of Australia, choose a flight that gets into Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport (SYD) or Melbourne Airport (MEL).

    For affordable flights within Australia you may choose Virgin Australia, Jetstar or Webjet Australia. Another way to save is by purchasing a Qantas Walkabout Air Pass. This Air Pass allows you to customize your trip to over 60 destinations in Australia. You can use the Air Pass with Qantas codeshare flights operated by Jetstar, Alliance Airlines, Qantas Link or Air North.


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    Flights to Sydney- cheapest deals on Sydney holidays #cheap #flights #hotels

    #cheapest flight deals

    Flights to Sydney- cheapest deals on Sydney holidays

    Traveling to Australia is always a fun for travelers. There are some of the best places to visit in Australia such as Melbourne, Perth and the most prominent Sydney. Sydney is a foremost comprehensive metropolis and also an important center for economy in the Asia-pacific. Sydney is an attractive city tat hosted the millennium first Olympics and lived true to its sporty city tag. It continues to allure and host many global events. The city is delimited by nature and national parks, which broaden into the suburbs and right to the shores of the harbour.

    To get the most out of a fantastic vacation we recommend you to book cheap flights to Sydney window seat. This fabulous city is no matter day or night it always remains beautiful and good-looking. Sure, but Sydney is also arty, sporty, boozy, funny, stylish…the perfect paramour!

    Sydney is not only famous in Australia but it is one of the liveliest places in the world. Sydney is also famous as the most costly cities around to live.  It’s little speculated that Sydney causes a brain drain on the rest of Australia. Like New York, London and Berlin, this is a place that draws in anyone who’s got something remarkable to say. Australia’s best musos, foodies, actors, stockbrokers, models, writers and architects herd to the Harbour City to make their mark, and the effect is glittering: a hyper energetic, ambitious marketplace of the soul, where anything goes and the whole thing usually does.

    Sydney is cosmopolitan, fashionable, vibrant etc. no matter what adjective you write for this city, it is always fantastic and a nice place for holiday. There are famous landmarks like the Sydney’s Opera House, lively beaches and rich flora and fauna. Flights to Sydney give you an opportunity to travel to this fantastic place at the cheapest price possible.  These ingredients make this city a gem to travel. Of course, the juncture for all this commotion is just as imperative as the performance itself. Iridescent Sydney Harbour is the city’s supreme asset, while Sydney’s ocean beaches and lush parks sustain as much life as the city streets. Add à la mode bars, grungy pubs, breezy cafes and glass-walled restaurants to the equation and you’ve got a town with the perfect balance of outdoor and indoor, natural and contrived.

    There are various cheap Sydney flights boking available to get the most out of your holiday n Sydney. Explore the cities panoramic view from harbor, get dumped by breakers at Bondi, chew chicken’s feet in Chinatown, max out your credit card in Paddington, drink countless beers in Balmain, queue-jump for Opera House tickets and ignore dawn’s break at a Kings Cross club. Sexy, spirited and abidingly self-confident, Sydney is a bonfire of the vanities just waiting for you to light the match.

    Anjelina is a specialist content writer at  flights  to sydney   for business development. If you want to know about Sydney Flights then you must visit or call 0203 142 5160for book your cheap flights for sydney .


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    Free Travel Tips to India – Travel Guide Help for Online

    #travel to india

    When it comes to traveling to India. you can never know enough. MakeMyTrip, one of the leading corporate travel consultants, would like to make your travel experience pleasant and hassle-free with important information to ensure a smooth travel experience in India.

    For your convenience, we have provided contact information for important airlines, tour places in the US and India including phone numbers and website addresses. In addition, to expedite your holidays. we give you helpful information about security restrictions at airports along with the dos and don’ts of traveling in India.

    Another aspect of travel, which constantly seems to be changing are Visa Rule in Indias for various countries. We help make things easier by detailing Visa regulations through major transit hubs en route to India.

    The most common question travelers have is about baggage allowances. We provide detailed specifications on baggage allowances including size and weight restrictions for adults, children and infants.

    Read more about these and other travel tips for an enjoyable journey! MakeMyTrip, one of the leading corporate travel consultants, for more information on summer holidays and tour places in India. Click Here.


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    Sell, Buy, or Rent Timeshare with Travel – Leisure Group #cheap

    #travel leisure


    If you have found timeshare points, week or weeks you want privately transfer. Travel Leisure Group offer both private individuals and businesses a full legal transfer service at very reasonable prices. The question many private buyers and sellers ask is “why do I need a conveyancing service?” Find out more

    Customer Alert

    Mid Surrey Sales

    A company calling themselves Mid Surrey Sales have been calling Travel Leisure clients saying they have a buyer for their Timeshares and Points. The callers are named as Peter Melrose and Nick Lowe.

    They claimed to have sold for large sums and are charging in excess of £1600 to process the sale. So far two people have parted with money

    Our up to date list of television appearances and media advertisements can be found here .

    We Have Moved

    Travel and Leisure Group are delighted to announce that we have expanded to a larger premises and will be trading from the new offices as of Monday 16th November 2015. Still local to the town of Sudbury, Suffolk, Travel and Leisure Group’s new location is in the centre of town allowing for ease of access and a larger local presence.

    We hope our new location in East Street, Sudbury, Suffolk will serve us well for many years to come allowing us to continue providing the high standard of service in the Timeshare Resale industry that we have become so well known for. For our existing customers we ask that you please bear with us while going through this transition.

    Our contact details remain the same so any clients wishing to contact us can still do so using our online Contact Us form and telephone numbers. Alternatively customers can visit us at our new premises. Please find directions on our Contact Us page.

    We are very excited about the move and look forward to welcoming both new and existing clients to our new offices.


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    Freedom Travel, the Isle of Man s Number One travel agent

    #freedom travel

    About Freedom Travel, Isle of Man

    Freedom Travel has been operating for over 16 years. Throughout this time Freedom Travel has expanded from an initial shop in Douglas, Isle of Man into our current status as one of the UK’s largest truly independent travel companies. Freedom Travel remains committed to providing competitive travel while maintaining high levels of service to all our clients.

    About Freedom Travel Holidays, Isle of Man

    Freedom Travel Holidays is one of the UK’s largest independently owned specialist tour operators, looking after the arrangements of thousands of clients each year, to a wide range of destinations throughout the UK, across Europe and beyond. All our departures originate in the UK and Ireland.

    Freedom Travel Holidays was established in 2003, and since then has grown to become a leading supplier of direct holidays.

    Freedom Travel is the company that looks after all air-inclusive arrangements, and holds an ATOL licence, 6042, ensuring that your monies are perfectly safe when you travel with Freedom Travel.

    Why Book with Freedom Travel?

    Freedom Travel’s 100% independence from any one tour operator allows our travel consultants to select the most appropriate travel for your needs. We can select any holiday package / flight from any tour operator to ensure you get the best value for money.

    We are travel agents for Thomson, Thomas Cook, Cosmos, Airtours, First Choice, JMC, Libra, Kuoni, Hayes Jarvis, Virgin, Crystal, Seguro, Neilson. and more. Booking at Freedom Travel combines the best qualities of an independent travel agency – experienced travel consultants taking personal responsibility for meeting your travel needs – with an ability to negotiate the best deals from all tour operators due to our purchasing strength. We pass on our discount, and our 16 years of experience in customer satisfaction, to you every time you book your travel with us.

    About Freedom Travel’s Websites

    Freedom Travel owns several major UK websites.


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    France Car Rental: Cheap deals with Sixt rent a car #china

    #cheap rental cars

    Car Rental Regions

    Sixt provides premium car rental services across France. With our extensive fleet of luxury and economy vehicles we can easily satisfy your France mobility needs. We offer affordable rates on top brand, top quality vehicles to get you where you want to go in comfort, style and ease.

    Car Rental in France with Sixt

    With nearly 100 braches throughout the country, Sixt makes it easy and convenient to rent a car from anywhere in France. Whatever your plans or purpose for your car rental, you will find a suitable rent a car in our up-to-date and well maintained fleet of vehicles. You can make sure your France car rental meets all your needs by including useful extras to your reservation. Book a GPS, child seat, additional driver and more when you reserve your rent a car online or over the phone. Please be aware we can only guarantee you to receive a vehicle in your chosen car category, not a specific model.

    Rules of the Road in France

    There might be road rules and regulations in France that differ from what you are used to. Here are a few tips to make sure you drive safely in your Sixt rent a car.

    • In France, everybody drives on the right side of the road.
    • Unless marked otherwise, when at a crossing you should yield to vehicles coming from your right.
    • You are not permitted to turn right on a red light unless there is a flashing amber arrow permitting you to do so.
    • Wearing seat belts is mandatory for the driver and all passengers.

    Keep in mind that while driving your rent a car in France, it is a good idea to place your rental paperwork in a safe place. Your paperwork will act as your insurance and license to drive should you need to provide it.

    Where to have fun with your Sixt car rental in France

    When you rent a car in France, one of the places that you definitely want to travel to is La Route Des Grandes Alpes (The French Alps). This breathtaking drive from Evian to Nice provides some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world. France is also a world-class destination for wine lovers as people from all over the world come to tour the historic vineyards of Burgundy. Plus it is home to fabulous cities known for their culture and cuisine such as Paris and Lyon. Without doubt, France is home to some of the most beautiful roads and attractions and with your rent a car from Sixt you can fully experience each destination.

    * more than 70 car rental locations in France!


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    Free Travel Agent Magazine #travel #shop

    #travel magazine


    Travel Agent Magazine

    Travel Agent Magazine is the leading publication serving travel professionals and has been the established leader in the travel trade for almost a century. By keeping in touch with agent needs, and boasting the largest circulation of any trade magazine, Travel Agent has consistently evolved and led the way for readers and marketers alike. Publishing every two weeks in print, supplemented with substantial daily, and weekly online delivery of news, supplier profiles, destination guides, marketing / sales programs, and educational material, Travel Agent’s portfolio of print and online products provide agents the tools in ways agents can use to sell more travel, more effectively.

    Travel Agent Magazine is the preferred trade publication of the agent community* and boasts not only a powerful readership but one that’s active and engaged. Its readers are responsible for driving nearly half of all agent bookings!** Because of its reputation in the industry, Travel Agent Magazine has become the publication of choice for agents nationwide.


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    Gap Years, Backpacking & Traveling in Europe #cheap #hotels #and #flights

    #traveling europe

    United Kingdom

    The perfect destination for both travellers who are just passing through and see the sights or those who want to stay and find their own niche in local life and earn some money while doing so!


    France has plenty for the student traveller. Paris is a repository of history and culture just head for the Louvre and go from there!


    Take a trip to beautiful Italy. Famous for romance, pizza, wine and sunshine what more could you want?


    Looking for something different for your gap year? Here in the south east of Europe, between Romania and Ukraine is Moldova.


    Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe and boasts an incredible range of landscapes over 17 regions or autonomous communities.

    Gap year Europe

    Head to Europe for great food, great fun and and some of the world s most incredible sights and cities. Check out France and Spain for some Mediterranean flair and then if you re looking for something a bit diiferent hear east to Russia, or Moldova (situated between Romania and Ukraine)

    Adventure travel Europe

    From the last outpost of Communism (the self-declared republic of Transdniestr in Moldova), to the lava fields of Kamchatcka in Russia, or skiing in the Alps, adventure travel in Europe has so many choices.

    Student travel Europe

    Europe has plenty for students, backpackers and young people. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the cultural hotspots of Paris and Moscow, where art and music have influenced the world, or want to explore the nightlife of Chisinau in Moldova, student travel in Europe is a short trip away.

    Volunteer work Europe

    There are a number of ways to give back to local communities, through volunteer work in Europe. There are valuable and rewarding projects teaching English, or working with underprivileged or neglected children. In Europe, there are few better ways of get more deeply involved in the local culture than volunteer work.


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    Germany & Switzerland Tours, Vacation Packages–Germany & Switzerland. #hkb #travels

    #germany travel

    Germany & Switzerland Tours – Escorted Travel

    Escorted tours of Germany & Switzerland feature a professional English-speaking tour manager to handle all of your needs. Maximize comfort and value, while taking advantage of the camaraderie that comes with traveling as a group.

    Air & Land: $2089* Land Only: $1349 2 Mainz, 1 Baden-Baden, 2 Lucerne, 1 Innsbruck, 2 Vienna Tour Type: Escorted Season: Nov ’15 – Mar ’16

      10 Day Classic Switzerland

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $3059* Land Only: $2299 2 Lucerne, 2 Geneva, 2 Zermatt, 2 Lugano Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr – Oct ’16

      11 Day Classic Central Europe

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $2499* Land Only: $1599 2 Budapest, 3 Vienna, 2 Prague, 2 Berlin Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr – Oct ’16

      11 Day Crown of Central Europe

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $2289* Land Only: $1349 2 Prague, 2 Munich, 1 Salzburg, 2 Vienna, 2 Budapest Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr – Oct ’16

      11 Day Germany, Switzerland & Austria

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $2459* Land Only: $1649 1 Mainz, 1 Heidelberg, 2 Lucerne, 2 Innsbruck, 1 Salzburg, 2 Munich Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr – Oct ’16

      13 Day Classic Germany

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $2969* Land Only: $2049 2 Frankfurt, 1 Cologne, 1 Hamburg, 2 Berlin, 1 Dresden, 1 Nuremberg, 3 Munich Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr – Oct ’16

      13 Day Northern Italy, Switzerland & Austria

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $2879* Land Only: $2349 2 Lecco, 2 Lucerne, 1 Innsbruck, 1 Salzburg, 2 Vienna, 2 Venice, 1 Milan Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr – Sep ’16

      15 Day Kaleidoscope of Central Europe

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $2939* Land Only: $1999 2 Warsaw, 2 Krakow, 2 Budapest, 3 Vienna, 2 Prague, 2 Berlin Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr – Oct ’16


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    GE Group Travel #mexico #travel #deals

    #group travel

    Welcome to GE Group Travel

    GE Group Travel is an executive management company that specializes in all corporate travel destinations at wholesale pricing. Our reliable destination associates are experts in handling travel arrangements and are eager to put their experience to work for you and your organization.

    We are your partner every step of the way and we have the answers to all of your travel needs.

    Relax as our expert staff saves you time and money, while serving your needs with the utmost attention to detail. Our exquisite taste and preferences, all at wholesale pricing, has left our clientele raving about our service and always coming back for more.

    To book your accommodations with the best wholesale travel and event planning company in the industry, contact us today.


    100% satisfaction

    We have a history of happy clients. We strive to provide the best rates and customer service so that you are assured your trip will go exactly as planned.


    Pricing and Availability


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    Galapagos Islands – Galapagos Tours – Galapagos Cruises – Galapagos Travel

    #galapagos travel

    The Once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos Islands

    There is a reason why the Galapagos Islands are on most savvy travelers’ “bucket-lists.”

    Located just 600 miles off the Ecuadorian coast, the Galapagos Islands are one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Nothing can prepare you for a visit to this exotic masterpiece of Mother Nature. The Galapagos archipelago is made up of thirteen main islands, six smaller islands and more than 100 islets and tiny rock formations sticking their heads above the sea just far enough to support the tenacious lives that cling to them.

    The Galapagos are every bit as miraculous and magical as people have been saying ever since explorers and pirates first landed on those volcanic shores 500 years ago. These “enchanted islands” feel supremely ancient, visiting is like stepping on a newly born Earth. Rippling waves of long-cooled lava meet the sea, where spectacularly camouflaged Iguanas sneeze seawater after a dip beneath the waves, with small salty geysers spouting in front of their eyes. Enormous land tortoises roam the islands like primitive sculptures moving to their own primeval rhythms.

    Nature’s incredible generosity has provided a distinct giant tortoise species for each and every volcano! Coral-colored flamingos hover overhead, while flightless cormorants dance their ancient tangos, and blue-footed boobies stare undaunted as fascinated visitors step gingerly around their nests.

    Lucky explorers who visit here can splash in the waves and revel at the chance to play tag with precocious sea lions, or snorkel through air-sculpted lava tunnels with sea turtles and penguins – far, far away from either of the Earth’s frozen poles. This is an other-worldly sort of place, quite literally bursting with life and waiting to be explored.

    But if you think that enjoying such wild pleasures requires sacrificing all comforts – think again! The Galapagos play host to a wide variety of seagoing vessels to suit every taste and pocketbook: from luxury motor yachts, to catamarans and sailing ships, all giving you an inkling of what it must have been like when Charles Darwin and his colleagues sailed these very same waters in years gone by.

    For any “land lovers” in the crowd, or those who just like to kick back and relax, the Galapagos Islands are dotted with little pockets of civilization – some with selections of very comfortable hotels and lodges – as well as bars, restaurants and some charming boutiques. Indeed, island-hopping can be great on its own or as an extension to your cruise.

    At Surtrek, we’ve had an intimate relationship with the Galapagos Islands for years, therefore we can guarantee that your island experience meets your expectations and hopefully exceeds them. We are committed to exceptional, detail-orientated service. So, fill us in on what you want, what you need, your budget and what your interests are. then just relax and leave the rest to us. We will find the best Galapagos Islands tour for you.


    Politically, the Galapagos Islands constitute a province of Ecuador, with their capital being Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. The Galapagos Island archipelago consist of thirteen large volcanic islands, six smaller islands and 107 cays and islets – all distributed close to the earth’s equator.

    Travellers are continually attracted by the appeal of these “enchanted islands.”


    The Galapagos Islands were declared a World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve  by UNESCO  in 1978.


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    Gateway travel #travel #car #seat

    #gateway travel

    Whether you are experienced or a beginner, you have come to the right place. Statistics shows that the best way to reduce your fixed cost and increase your revenue is to partner with a host travel agency.

    Gateway offers all the tools you ll need to build a successful business and achieve your financial goals. A successful host agency will provide the training and tools to assist their agents achieve success.

    Gateway Travel, LLC does just that; we provide quality service to our agents as they strive for success. A partnership with Gateway Travel, LLC allows you to work from home.

    Our professional and courteous Corporate Staff are available to provide support when needed.

    As an Independent Travel Agent with Gateway Travel, LLC you will realize a savings benefit of thousands of dollars.

    You will also have access to educational opportunities and tools needed to build wealth and higher commission.

    We offer various networking benefits 80% of the Travel Commissions Travel Training Enrollment Income Retail Profits Performance Bonuses Passive Income through our Compensation Plan Residual Travel and Bonus Overrides Receive Compensation through our Train the Trainer Certificate Programs.


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