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Best Websites to Find Cheap Flights

Searching for cheap airline tickets? Ever wonder if you’re getting the best price on your ticket? These are the best websites to find cheap flights.

Use one of these sites and you won’t second-guess yourself, “Did I get a good deal?” “Was this the cheapest ticket?” “Could I have paid less for my flight?” Because you’ll know you got the lowest price on your ticket.

Best Websites to Find Cheap Flights

Booking cheap airline tickets can be hard even if you know tips on finding cheap flights. You could spend hours searching for the lowest prices on airline tickets. Or you can use this handy list. These are the best websites to find cheap airfares.

1. Google Flights

Google Flights is one of the fastest and easiest websites to find cheap flights. It’s the first website I check when looking for airline tickets.

Enter your travel details to see all the airlines flying from those cities on that date. It’s that simple.

The calendar function is your best friend if your travel dates are flexible. You instantly know which days offer cheaper flights. No more having to reenter dates and refresh the page. If only searching for hotels were this easy.

Google Flights popular destinations section shows tickets to the top three places most people travel.

Not sure where you want to go? Use Google Flights Explore Destinations feature to search prices for airline tickets to every city on a set travel date. This is why I LOVE Google flights.

The Explore Destinations feature is a great tool if you are looking for a mileage run. Or want to find the cheapest ticket anywhere. You can use it for spontaneous travel. Or as a planning tool to book a romantic/fun/special getaway for cheap.

Ready to book? Click the pink “SELECT” button to book your flight on the airline website. Google Flights lists the phone number if you have to call and any airline phone service fees.

Some airlines like Spirit let you “book on Google.” It’s seamless and easy. Your information gets prepopulated (auto-filled) when you’re signed into your Google account.

Pro-tip: Certain discounted airlines like Southwest and Frontier aren’t shown on Google Flights.

2. SkyScanner

The SkyScanner website lets you search for the lowest priced airline tickets. Like Google Flights, they offer both a popular destinations and explore features and is easy to use.

The “show whole month” link takes you to their calendar feature. You can search for the lowest price on each day. Like a traffic signal, green means go (lowest), yellow is caution (moderately priced), and red indicates stop (highest price). If you prefer a bar graph, click on the “Chart” link.

SkyScanner isn’t an online travel agency, so you can’t book your ticket on the site. Pay for your flight from the airline website by clicking the green “Select” button.

Pro-tip: Download the app (Apple or Android) so you can search for cheap flights while on the go. And never miss an airfare sale!

Searching for cheap airline tickets is quick on Expedia. With its simple interface and ease of use, it’s no wonder that they are one of the world’s largest travel agencies.

Because Expedia is a travel agency, you can book your ticket on their website without having to get redirected to an airline site. Google Flights used to let you book international flights on Expedia. When they redesigned the site they removed that option. A total bummer because it was convenient and saved having to also search on Expedia.

Pro-tip: Booking airfare, hotel, and/or car rental? You can save time and money when you booking a package on Expedia.

4. ITA Matrix

ITA Matrix is a robust and powerful website for finding cheap flights. It’s easy to use for simple flight searches. Enter your travel details and you get 17 pages of ticket options from the cheapest fare to the most expensive.

But if you want to harness ITA Matrix’s full capacity there’s a bit of a learning curve. And you can’t buy your ticket from ITA Matrix. Once you find the lowest priced airline ticket, you have to find the same information on a site like Expedia. Or give the information to a travel agency or the airline, both of which may charge you a fee to book.

Pro-tip: ITA Matrix is best for searching for flights to get the most miles while paying the least.

Momondo searches thousands of airlines to find you the cheapest ticket. The best part? You don’t have to use tricks like incognito aka hiding your browser to find the cheapest airline prices.

The quick tabs, “Cheapest,” “Quickest,” “Best,” and “Custom” make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Flexible travel dates? Use the calendar.

Momondo’s calendar feature doesn’t list days, instead, they use a bar graph. The yellow bar indicates your travel date and price. Look for a shorter blue bar to find a lower priced ticket.

Because Momondo is a travel aggregator you can’t book on the site. You’re redirected to the airline or an online ticket agency like Expedia.

Pro-tip: Momondo works in countries like China that ban Google.

6. FlyerTalk

You can find cheap airline ticket prices on the mileage run deals on FlyerTalk. FlyerTalk is a comprehensive online forum serving the frequent flyer community. You don’t have to be a frequent flyer to use the site.

Got a question about an airline loyalty program? You can usually find the answer on FlyerTalk. FlyerTalk is easy to use and navigate.

The forum offers two sections for flight deals: mileage run deals and Premium fare deal (Business Class and First Class).

You have to go to the airline website or an online travel agency like Expedia to book your ticket.

Pro-tip: Always check the Premium fare thread. Sometimes you can find a First Class ticket that’s cheaper than a coach ticket!

7. The Flight Deal

If you’re an impulse buyer, you’ll love The Flight Deal. The team at the Flight Deal writes code to scrape airline sites and find interesting airline ticket deals.

Some deals are legitimate offers while some may be mistake fares. You have to book these flights through the airlines or on sites like Expedia.

Not all the fares are great deals. Do a little research before you book. As the Flight Deal’s says, “Just because it’s a great fare doesn’t mean it’s a great deal.”

Pro-tip: If you can’t find the deal on the airline website or Expedia. DO NOT CALL the airline. That is the quickest way to kill a deal. The offer could be dead. But if you aren’t sure, reach out to your favorite blogger (me or someone you know.

You can easily search for cheap flights on Kiwi. Kiwi has a huge database of flights and looks for tickets on all airlines including low-cost carriers.

Like Google Flights and SkyScanner, Kiwi offers an explore feature so you can search for the best-priced flight to anywhere in the world.

Kiwi allows you to add multiple airports to your search (as does Google Flights). This is a great feature because you get more choices.

Search for flights by roundtrip, oneway, multicity, and nomad (beta). Think of nomad as a multicity search on steroids. It’s the nontech version of ITA Matrix.

Some flights shown on Kiwi involve using different airlines. There is some risk in booking with separate airlines. Especially if there are flight delays or cancelations. This could cause problems if you check bags.

Kiwi’s flight guarantee protects you from flight delays, cancelations, and schedule changes. You can choose another flight or get a refund on the unused tickets. They’ll also cover the costs of getting you to another airport, hotel (overnight delays longer than 8 hours), and food (4-hour delays).

Not only is Kiwi easy to use but you can buy your ticket on Kiwi. You don’t have to click through to an airline or other online travel agency.

Pro-tip: Turn off your popup blocker because Kiwi offers discounted promo codes.

9. AirWander

AirWander lets you find the cheapest airline ticket that includes stopovers! Who doesn’t love being able to see another city or country?

Unlike a layover or connection, a stopover let you visit another city for 24 hours or longer. AirWander is the only website that searches for stopovers. It’s like getting two tickets for the price of one!

These types of tickets usually involve booking flights on multiple airlines like Kiwi. But unlike using Kiwi, when you book through AirWander you can stay over in other cities. So instead of only having a 5-hour layover in a city like Seattle or Miami, you can spend the entire day.

Finding a stopover is easy. Select your departure and destination city, enter your date, and click on the stopover box. You’re shown a list of all stopover cities and the cost.

When ready to book you’re redirected to the airline website. If you check bags you’ll have to pick them up during your stopover.

Pro-tip: AirWander is a great tool to search for stopovers for award tickets. You can’t use your miles or points on AirWander. You have to call the airline once you’re found allowable stopovers.

10. Airfare Watchdog

Airfare Watchdog uses real-time data to find you the lowest price on airline tickets. You can search by specific date, lowest fares, cheapest month to fly, top fares.

Pro-tip: You can’t purchase your ticket on Airfare Watchdog. They direct you to sites like Expedia and other airline fare aggregators like SkyScanner.

11. Scott’s Cheap Flights

Like The Flight Deal, Scott’s Cheap Flights uses code scraping to search for flight deals and mistake fares.

Scott’s Cheap Flights is an email subscription service. They offer a free service (you get 1/3 of the offers) or a paid service for $39 a year.

Pro-tip: You can find the same flight deals for free on sites like The Flight Deal and Flyertalk.

12. Hipmunk

Hipmunk is a straightforward way to search for airline tickets. The site is easy to use but lacks a calendar feature or airfare comparison. You have to trust that they are showing you the cheapest prices.

Use the Show me “mileage” feature to show how many miles you’ll earn on your ticket. Note: not all airlines show miles earned.

If you don’t care about miles, you can view amenities, Wi-Fi options, aircraft type, and baggage information. The baggage feature was the least helpful. On a recent search, of the 126 flights listed, only one showed baggage information.

As with other travel aggregators like SkyScanner, you don’t buy your ticket on Hipmunk. You’re redirected to another site, usually a discount online travel agency to book your ticket.

Pro-tip: These sites may not offer the same guarantees or protections are booking through an airline or through a large site like Expedia.


Looking for the best websites to find cheap flights? Stop spending hours searching. These 12 sites offer the lowest prices on airline tickets.

From easy to use sites like Google Flights, SkyScanner, and Expedia to the more complicated websites like ITA Matrix. You can save money on airline tickets when you use these sites and tricks to save money on airline tickets.

Want to get more bang for your buck? Use AirWander to book a stopover on your ticket. No complicated code, IT degree, or search required!

If you’re not ready to book, you can set a travel alert. Most of these sites will notify you if the prices change. With price alerts, you won’t miss out on an airfare deal or mistake fare.

Have I missed any? Which are your favorite websites to find cheap flights?

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Winning sites guys! Gotta have your go-to sites to keep flights costs down. We just flew Auckland to JFK in NYC for a bit North of 600 smackers. 2 flights, 4 hour Honolulu layover, bananas. Amazing how cheap flights are these days. Rocking post!

Thanks, Ryan! $600 is a great deal. How long are you “home” for?

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