Jan 14 2020

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An article on travel


from short trips to traveling the world
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16 Things Europeans Find Weird About America

I flew to California this summer to visit a friend in San Diego and see what life is like in the USA. Well I can tell you, the Americans do have some strange habits! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Californian lifestyle, that’s why I’m still here, but.

Characteristics of an Expat

Is there such a thing as ‘the typical expat’? My first reaction is to say no because I believe every person is different and therefore so is every expat. But I do believe we have certain things in common, a certain way of looking at life at least that.

What it Feels Like Leaving a Country You Once Called Home

I have worked in 10 different countries and will probably add a few more to that list in the years to come. All of those countries were my home for a while. Be it weeks, months or years, I created a daily routine, built friendships, had favorite dishes and favorite.

Why Date a Girl Who Travels?

There is something about girls who travel… This is a funny article I came across a while ago. Occasionally I meet people, almost always women for some reason, who ask me how I plan to ever find a guy with my lifestyle. The first few times I was asked that, the.

Five Types of Expats You Will Meet Abroad

I love meeting expats for their interesting and unique stories They all moved abroad for a reason: whether to explore the world, further their career or to escape from something… There is always a story there. And although of course every story and every expat.

What is Ecotourism?

Sustainability is a hot topic that is having its effects on the travel industry as well “Green hotels”, “sustainable travel” and “ecotourism” are terms that are widely used by marketing and PR people these days. But what does it.

Why It’s a Great Experience to Move to a New Place Alone

I’m quite a shy person. I really am but I’m sure most people who know me would disagree with me on this nowadays. 12 years of traveling, moving to very diverse countries all over the world and starting numerous new jobs has changed me. I have learnt to.

The Difference Between Vacation and Travel

“Real travel is not just about seeing new things, but also about seeing things with a new and refreshed perspective.” To me, there is a big difference between traveling and going on vacation. And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with going on.

The Expat Story: How to Drop Everything And Start Over

This article, written by an expat, gives a very honest view of what it is like to leave everything behind and start over. It isn’t always easy, the grass normally turns out not to be as green as you thought it would be, and you will at some point start missing.

What Makes a Real Traveler?

“We travel not just to travel and marvel at people, places, things. That’s not just it. That was never just it for us. We travel to learn, to experience, and to feel all the spectrums of being human in this world.” This is an article I love about us.

How to get enough sleep during a flight

Anyone who has been on long distance flights knows the feeling: after ten, twenty or even more hours you finally arrive at your destination and you are exhausted. You barely slept, your body aches from sitting in an airplane seat for hours and you are most likely jet.

Are many expats still leaving Spain?

The global financial crisis was a major reason for me to leave Spain in 2008. Now, six years later, property prices have dropped massively, unemployment is unbelievably high and many of the expats I knew when I lived in Spain have long left. But what will the future.

Medical malpractice a major problem of expat life

What do you do if you need medical assistance abroad? It’s a major question many expats ask themselves. This is an interesting read about medical malpractice and medical tourism. Expats and medical tourists have no legal protection against medical.


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