Jan 14 2020

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Flight trip planner


Online Flight Planning Software & Mobile App

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With online flight planning, accuracy and speed are everything. Reliable ETEs and fuel burn estimates are critical to helping you make decisions and control costs. To get it all right, you need to account for things like aircraft performance data, global weather forecasts, routing restrictions, and navigational charges. Then there are tankering considerations and weight and balance limits that you need to know. And you can’t afford to wait.

With Universal, you get an online flight planning system that does all this for you. Create and file accurate flight plans for routes worldwide, and do it quickly and easily—all on your desktop or iPad through uvGO.

Sign up for a 15-day free trial and see what accurate flight planning looks like.

What can it do for you? A lot.

Online Flight Planning

  • Flight plan calculations and filings
  • Domestic, regional, and intercontinental legs
  • Over 200 flight plan formats
  • A massive library of stored route options—including your routes, previously and recently cleared routes, and CDRs
  • Interactive route mapping with weather overlays

Weather and NOTAMs

  • Graphical weather from an FAA-recognized EWINS
  • Worldwide satellite imagery and route weather briefings
  • Worldwide METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs
  • Radar imagery for composite U.S and site radar for all major cities across the U.S., updated every five minutes
  • Passenger and preliminary weather briefings
  • Runway analysis
  • Weight and balance
  • FIR avoidance
  • ETPs
  • GPS RAIM prediction analysis
  • EU-ETS tonne kilometre (TKM) calculations
  • Fuel tankering calculations

Cost Reduction Features

  • Optimized (best winds) flight plans for savings on time and fuel
  • Fuel tankering calculations
  • Customizable cruise burn biasing
  • Reclear flight planning
  • Summary of navigation fees / overflight charges
  • Automatic 2° and 3° burn summaries
  • Center of gravity management (weight and balance)
  • Automatic alerts for curfew violations, stage restrictions, and peak hour advisements
  • Details on restrictions, runway closures, fuel shortages, CIQ changes, and more as soon as information is made available
  • Critical security alerts and global intelligence reports

Airports, FBOs, and Ground Services

  • Worldwide airports, FBOs and ground handlers, in-flight caterers, ground transport providers, hotels, and restaurants
  • Satellite views for all airports
  • U.S. and Canada Customs contact information

Datalink and Fleet Status

We’re 100% integrated with Satcom DirectⓇ, giving you more capabilities through one flight planning system.

  • Position detail information for every aircraft in your fleet on an interactive map
  • Messaging to and from the aircraft, and access to message history
  • Direct uplink of flight plans to your FMS

Trip request comes in on a Sunday. Schedule changes at 3 AM. Life does not have to be interrupted. Manage all your missions online or on your mobile device with uvGO. And with our uvGO app, you can stay connected to critical information when internet isn’t available.

Try it today.

Sign up for a 15-day free trial and see what accurate flight planning looks like.

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