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My Trip and More provides access via the Internet, to display specific itinerary items from PNRs created in the Worldspan Global Distribution System (GDS). The avenues available for information access include:

  1. Utilizing a browser (from a desktop or laptop computer)
  2. A Palm VII Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
  3. Internet enabled Cellular Phone

The agency has the option of viewing a detailed version of their itinerary, and the capability of transmitting travel plans to another party via e-mail. A valid Worldspan record locator, and the travelers’ last name are required to access and display itineraries via My Trip and More.

There are two required fields to access My Trip and More:

  1. Passengers Last Name
  2. Worldspan Record Locator

If only one of the two required fields is provided, the following error message is displayed.

Hyphenated names do not work with this program. To access itineraries which hyphenated last names use the first last name that appears first.

If the hyphenated name (Lining-Loless) is used, the above Itinerary Search Error displays.

ETR Display

This enhancement allows for an e-Ticket Record link to be attached to My Trip and More itineraries when e-tickets are issued. The information for the e-ticket record is extracted from the Electronic Ticket Record (ETR).

When multiple names are contained in a PNR, and the e-Ticket Record link is selected, a drop down list of names displays. Select the applicable name, and the ETR is displayed.

If the fare is indicated as BT, or Bulk, or if the letters IT precedes a fare, Bulk prints in the Air Fare and Total Air Fare line.

Only participating e-ticket airlines are allowed access to e-ticket records. The following text is added under Passenger Notice:

The Electronic Ticket Record will not reflect flight reservation changes, schedules changes, or cancellations made after the electronic ticket was issued. For complete and current flight information, please refer to your My Trip and More itinerary.

ETR Link Location


The ETR only displays departure times within the itinerary. An e-ticket record link displays to the right of the e-mail itinerary link. If the e-mail itinerary link is selected, a screen displays the ETR, or a name select in the case of multiple names.

Multiple Name PNR

When multiple names exist in the PNR, a drop down list is displayed. Display the itinerary by selecting the appropriate name.

  • Changes have occurred to the e-ticket
  • The e-ticket has been exchanged, voided, refunded or multiple tickets were issued the information may not display.

E-ticket information is not viewable 7 days after the last date of travel

  • The e-ticket has not yet been issued for the flights.
  • A paper ticket was issued for the flights.

E-mail Itinerary

When the e-mail itinerary button is clicked, the address form displays. This form allows the user to e-mail their itinerary to another customer. The e-mail recipient receives a link to My Trip and More. The recipient can display the itinerary belonging to the sender.

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail
  • Recipients name
  • Recipients e-mail

E-mail Message

The message e-mailed from My Trip and More contains a link to the sender’s itinerary. The link launches My Trip and More and displays the itinerary. The following is an example of a My Trip and More e-mail transmission.

Escalation Procedures

If the CAC/TSC cannot access the site, a case is escalated to WNCC.

If the travel agent cannot access the site, but the CAC/TSC can, the travel agent is to be referred back to their ISP for assistance.

eTrak Service Request. Information shown below.

Choose the most appropriate one that best describes the problem

Information viewable in My Trip and More:

  1. Air Segments
  2. Car Segments
  3. Hotel Segments
  4. Travel Segments
  5. WOW Segments
  6. Special Service Requests (SSR Information)
  7. Itinerary Invoice Remarks
  8. Segments Associated Remarks

Internet Enabled Cellular Phones

My Trip and More provides access to an itinerary via devices such as cellular phones which support HTML. Cell phone users can access instructions to display their itineraries by clicking on the cell phone link below Wireless Access on the My Trip and More log-in page.

The following screen is displayed.

Itinerary Display

Itinerary items are sorted in date order, based on the first date in each segment. The hierarchy for a display is:

  • Air
  • Car
  • Hotel
  • Travel Segment or Tour Information

A heading, representing that portion of the trip, identifies the different parts of the itinerary

Utilizing a travel segment as part of the itinerary prompts this product to decode the associate type code as the product icon.

For example, making the entry, TNZZMK1TUR27MAY/AN-WORLDSPAN in the Worldspan PNR, prompts this application to decode the associate type code TUR to become an icon designated as the word TOUR.

Non Displayable Items

The following associate type codes are not displayed in a My Trip and More Intinerary.

Modifying a sold segment: [email protected]/[email protected] [email protected]

Sell entry: H01/NM-HUEY DAVID/G-CCCA5499800000000000EXP12-03/[email protected] [email protected]

A total of 31 characters migrate from the PNR and display in this application, and its placement appears right below the hotel property name.

Portable Digital Assistant

To utilize MY Trip and More on a Portable Digital Assistant (PDA) device (e.g. Palm VII), a user is required to download a file which allows access to the My Trip and More web page.

This file is called a Palm Query Application (PQA). The PQA can be downloaded from the log-in page of My Trip and More. Once downloaded, the PDA user clicks the My Trip and More icon which appears on the PDA screen. It displays the initial My Trip and More screen.

The following SIDS are restricted from using My Trip and More. Additional SID’s can be added at any time, if needed.

Northwest WorldWeb Reservations – US

Northwest WorldWeb Reservations – Canada

Northwest WorldWeb Reservations – Japan

Northwest E-Biz Perks

Air Outlet Center – GetThere.Com

If a PNR has been created at one of these locations, the following error response is displayed when trying to view the itinerary:


Office Administration

My Trip and More provides trip information to travelers on behalf of Worldspan’s travel agents. This information includes
e-mail confirmations, itinerary, weather forecasts for the destination or any desired cities, content information as per Worldspan’s approved content providers, and product advertising relevant to pending trips. This data is displayed to the travelers and travel agents with the look of My Trip and More.

The Administrator Login screen can be accessed two ways:

  1. URL for the Travel Agency Portal:
  2. From, click: RESOURCE CENTER, OFFICE ADMINISTRATION (under My Trip and More)

The initial Administrator username is the agency’s customer number. The password is the agency SID. On subsequent accesses, the username and password the administrator submits on the Administration page should be used. The initial username is for a one-time access only. If the customer does not know their Customer Number and/or SID, they must contact their Worldspan Account Executive for that information.

Agency Information (Administration Page)

All fields denoted by a red * are required fields. The Customer Number and all associated SID’s for the travel agency is

SUBMIT = Allows for adding, deleting, and/or changing any of the fields on the Admin page.

The Administrator has access to the Administration, Promotions and Traveler Information Tabs. The Administrator can also create Agent Administrators.

Traveler Information Page

After accessing the Traveler Information Page, agents can search by traveler e-mail address or the first and last name of the passenger to view the the traveler profile or e-mail history.

E-mail Confirmation

The traveler receives an e-mail with a link to view their itinerary. The e-mail confirmation is sent only once. If a travel agency calls and wants to know what to do about an error received from their traveler’s e-mail, have the travel agency administrator verify the customer’s e-mail address in the 5-MTT field of the PNR in Reservations Manager.

Lost Password

Click on the Lost password link. The traveler supply’s their e-mail address and click Submit. The e-mail is internally verified by MTAM to ensure it matches the one on file. The password is sent to the traveler within 24 hours. We have no control of this process. For instance, if a travel agent contacts us and asks that we speed up the process or escalate this, we are unable to. This is strictly handled by MTAM code.

PNR E-mail Remarks

Worldspan creates a set of PNR fields containing e-mail addresses and a message line for the agent or travel coordinator to use if the agent wishes to include a personal message to the client. These new fields will not show in history or microfiche.

The MT remarks fields are displayed using *RA, *M, *MA, *A, *AD and *R.

The 5MTT field is mandatory. This field generates a message to My Trip and More (MTAM).

The 5MTA/5MTM fields are sent along with the MTT field. No message is sent without an MTT field in PNR.

The 5MTT remarks display first, followed by 5MTA remarks, and then 5 MTM remarks. Each field has its own header.

  • The MTT field is a required field and must be entered in the PNR before attempting to add either the MTA or MTM field.
  • Only one e-mail address per traveler in the MTT field is allowed.
  • The e-mail address will not require a name select if there is only one traveler in the PNR.
  • If the PNR has multiple travelers a name select is required on all travelers except the first traveler in the PNR.
  • If a PNR contains multiple travelers, name select is required on all travelers except the first traveler in the PNR.
  • Worldspan defaults to the first traveler in the PNR if name select is not used when entering the first e-mail address.
  • Email addresses should be for travellers in the party only.
  • An Email is sent to each email address at the initial ET (with the exception of agencies that have the ‘Itinerary e-mail notification’ checkbox unchecked in their Office Administration Profile)
  • An Email is sent for each new email address added after the initial ET
  • An Email address can be amended after ET
  • If an email address is amended after ET then the Email is resent to the specified traveller only.
  • Email addresses cannot be deleted after the initial ET
  • The My Trip and More Script can be used to resend e-mails
  • The 5-MTA field can only be used if there is a 5MTT field in the PNR. It is recommended that the 5-MTA field is used to store and send e-mails to non-travelers.
  • The 5MTT field must contain an email address first.
  • Multiple non traveller email addresses can be stored.
  • Name select is allowed per traveller.
  • The Email address limit is unlimited for non-name select non-travellers
  • An Email is sent to each email address at the initial ET (with the exception of agencies that have the ‘Itinerary e-mail notification’ checkbox unchecked in their Office Administration Profile)
  • An Email is sent for each new email address added after initial ET
  • An Email addresses can be amended after ET
  • If the email address is amended after ET then the Email is resent to the specified
    non-traveller or traveller only.
  • Email addresses can be deleted after the initial ET
  • The My Trip and More Script can be used to resend e-mails


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