Mar 25 2020

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4319 Expedia Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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I have been an Expedia customer for years, having booked tens of thousands of dollars in various travel over the last 15 years or so. I have always been basically happy with the service. We recently took a trip to New York City, and I booked some activities through them. In this case, I had booked the One World Observatory, a Harbor Cruise and the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the guided audio tour. I didn’t double check the email receipt, because, well, why should I? The many, many times before I had always gotten what I ordered. The day of our travel I went to download our vouchers. Even though I use the app, I like having them as backup. Well, I couldn’t find the voucher for the Met. I called Expedia and we found out that in lieu of the Met, the website had inadvertently booked the One World Observatory twice.

I went ahead and re-booked the Met and the Expedia agent said he would work on getting a refund. Well, they ended up emailing me and saying that there would be no refund. I replied that this was the result of an Expedia website glitch, and they responded again, “Sorry, no refund.” I tried again going through their online customer service. I pointed out that I had been a long time customer, and at the least they could offer me a credit towards future travel. Their response? “Nope, no refund.” It was basically like, we don’t CARE if you are a long time customer and too bad if it was a website glitch, no refund. We’re talking $73 dollars, and they didn’t care one bit that they could lose a long time customer. Well, they have lost one. A company with this sort of attitude deserves to go out of business.

Booked it thru Expedia. American Airlines cancelled the flight to Daytona. Expedia gave me ridiculous choices for alternate flights (7 hours and 2 stops to Daytona Beach; no thanks). Expedia will refund the flight there with American Airlines but not back because it is thru Delta and there was no change to that flight. No Refund, No Exchange. I agree with Delta in that Expedia should be responsible and return the money for my return trip. INSTEAD the Expedia supervisor was willing to give me a 50$ voucher for a hotel stay. Hotel stay? I was flying to stay with family. Why would I need a hotel? So now I have a useless voucher for 50 bucks and am still out the remaining $54.80 for the return flight. Unreal! Be Careful when booking with Expedia. They cancel my flight and I end up paying!

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Booked a hotel for a marathon weekend through Expedia in January. Two months later called the hotel to find out if they had parking, was told I was not booked into the hotel. After 4 days of frustrating telephone calls, I was told Xpedia had to cancel the booking and I was to rebook at a much higher rate. Never again will I be using them. Their booking system sits in India and have no idea where Brighton is even located in the UK. Where the said hotel is located.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement. To make a long story short, I had to make a last minute hotel reservation for 4 colleagues and myself. I found a hotel and made reservations for 5 rooms 3 nights and a few hours later I saw a better deal and since the rooms were selling fast I decided to book 5 rooms at a different hotel. But before doing so I called Expedia to find out if I would be able to cancel without penalty which I was told I had until 6pm to cancel without penalty, mind you it was about 1:30pm.

After consulting with my colleagues we decided to go with the 1st choice therefore I went online to cancel the second hotel. As soon as I canceled the 1st room I realized I was being refunded partially so I immediately called Expedia and after reviewing the first call I placed the agent explained there was a misunderstanding because when I called to inquire about the refund policy it sounded like was actually asking just for the 1st hotel and it did not apply to the rooms I was actually trying to cancel.

I FULLY RECOGNIZE THAT I DID NOT READ THE REFUND POLICY. My issue was that I called to understand why I was being refunded only half of the price and after they explained to me the reason as to why, the agent took it upon himself to say that despite the misunderstanding I will get a refund and that he needed to get I touch with the hotel and Expedia will would get back to me. At that point I did not bother trying to cancel it myself online because he was going to take care of it.

Since I had not heard back from them I decided to call back the following day and again I was reassured that I would get a refund. So now it’s been 5 days and I received an email stating that my request is denied and that after being reassured over and over by the agents I spoke with. I called corporate at that point and I did not appreciate how I was treated as if I am illiterate. AGAIN I REPEAT. I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE FACT THAT I DID NOT READ THE REFUND POLICY however I should have not been mislead by the agent who kept on telling me I will be refunded. Had they told me from day 1 that there was a chance I would not get refunded I would have went back online and done it myself and at least get a partial refund for all 5 rooms. Corporate ended up refunding partially 2 rooms after I started getting upset. I think it’s a shame and very unfortunate. It will probably be the last time I use Expedia.

To say I am unsatisfied would be an understatement. I booked a return flight to Florida on Air Canada. I needed to change the outbound portion of the trip. Expedia for TD told me that I have to pay a $100 change fee, which is fine. But then they they told me I need to pay the current price for the return portion of my trip even though I am not changing that portion. It was going to double the price of my ticket. So I called Air Canada and they told me that was incorrect. It only need to pay for the difference in price for the portion of the trip I am changing. So I called Expedia back and told them and they said I was wrong. I asked to speak to a manager and as of right now I have been on hold for an hour. It is truly appalling.

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I booked a flight to California. The trip was 1286 but when I checked my debit card they charged me 1936. They double booked our return flight and drained my bank account. I called them 6x and waited over a week to even get a straight answer on why they took almost 700 EXTRA dollars out of my account. Then I was told I have to wait another 7 to 10 business days before I could get MY MONEY back that they had NO BUSINESS touching in the first place. No compensation for their mistake, no straight answers, just an “I’m sorry and we look forward to you booking with us in the future.” **. I will never in life book with this Horrible Company again.

I recently purchased the plan for a flight to Philly. Been using Expedia for years. My son got in a car accident, who is only a teenager. Luckily he wasn’t injured but his car totaled, it was the other driver’s fault and my son was very sore for several days and distraught. Obviously needing to take care of him, insurance claims, tow company etc, I stayed home. Apparently it’s not good enough. Maybe they should advertise “If you die we’ll refund your money” total garbage. Never using them again.

Prior to booking our flight and rental car I was told to avoid Expedia. I should have listened. Because of change my health we needed to book another flight earlier in the day. Same day, same carrier. “No problem,” we were told, “just notify the insurance company (we had the trip insurance), but first you have to cancel your first trip.” It was Sunday and the Insurance Company was closed. I called the insurance company on Monday and they have four or five forms you must complete. They want access to your complete medical history. So, because we needed to book earlier in the day due to my health we must pay for the trip, twice. What a racket!

I was book a hotel (Booking number: **) at total price of AED 150.14 and they charge me USD 150.14, in the total they steal from my credit card AED 417.84, I tried contact them, but they just don’t reply me, they just don’t care about the consumer.

I reserved a rental car from Budget through Expedia online for U$119.50, and despite the fact that it is straightforward to add a link in the web-page to both mandatory and voluntary charges, I only found out what the insurance would cost at the rental counter (U$460), neither Expedia nor Budget Rent a car have any intention to be transparent about what the insurance charges will be. It looks as though the low car-rental fees are the bait for the consumer to buy their over-priced insurance, which seems to be the source of their profit. I wrote to both Expedia and Budget, and both claim that the insurance is in line with their policies.

Had $750 credit with American Airlines. When I came to purchase a $400 ticket, I was informed that the rest of my credit would go to waste and that I would have to pay an additional $200 issuing fee. I spent over 2 hours on the phone with their call center (most of which I was put on hold for no reason) and then eventually was transferred to their corporate office. Eventually, I was told that I received wrong information from their agents and that no money would go to waste, compensation was refused, and the employee from corporate office employee was quick to hang up. I sent an email complaint to Expedia and they were unresponsive. Was able to solve my issue with American Airlines directly in 15 mins. Will never be booking off here again, they have to train their employees on their terms and conditions and stop wasting the consumer’s time for their lack of customer service training.

Very first time using Expedia, and we were double booked for our flights. I contacted them immediately and was told all was resolved only to find out they double charged our credit card for the flights. I called Expedia to have them credit back our card. They said they couldn’t do that, customer service would not send me to a manager and they were rude. Customer service informed me the airline would have a credit for us. Unacceptable! This is an airline I’ll most likely never fly again, and Expedia made the mistake. Had to dispute the charges through our credit card company. I am a pretty forgiving, but can guarantee you I will never use Expedia again to book anything!

I reserved a cruise through Expedia in December, 2018. Expedia sent me an email that stated, “YOU ARE ALL BOOKED, NO NEED TO CONFIRM.” The cruise line, ROYAL CARIBBEAN, then CANCELLED MY CRUISE because I did not pay the remaining balance two weeks later. NO ONE EVER TOLD ME! I thought they would automatically charge me the balance unless I called to cancel, after all, Expedia sent me an email that stated, “YOU ARE ALL BOOKED, NO NEED TO CONFIRM.”!

Expedia states that they sent me emails stating my cruise would be canceled. I NEVER received those emails, nor can Expedia reproduce them. We had airline tickets booked, we had hotel reservations, we had other friends going on the cruise. We found out 2 days before we were suppose to leave that our cruise had been canceled when I happened to call ROYAL CARIBBEAN about something else. DO NOT USE Expedia. They will NOT PROTECT you or give you any SERVICE OR value.

Do NOT use Expedia! Long story: We booked round trip tickets and hotel through Alaska Air VACATIONS which, it turns out is Expedia. The two companies have nothing to do with one another other than Alaska Air allows Expedia to partner with them in ticket sales. (Note: There is nothing on Alaska Air’s website that says Alaska Air Vacation is actually Expedia nor when you click on the Vacations button does it tell you that you’re being linked to Expedia.)

During our first phone call Expedia arranged our flights and hotel. We purchased super saver seats BUT paid an extra $150 for seat assignments rather than waiting until we got to the airport to get them. When we called five days before our flight to obtain confirmation documents which we had NOT received from both the hotel and Alaska Air we were told we had not purchased assigned seating and needed to pay an additional $300. Odd, because we had been given the seat numbers at the time of purchase and we had document proof of what we paid for the hotel and for the airline tickets.

Talking to the agents yielded no results. The first agent sent us to Alaska Air who, of course, couldn’t do anything because the arrangement were through Expedia. The second agent, a supervisor, argued with us. Donna kept talking over us. She interrupted, refused to listen, and did nothing to rectify the situation. We asked for her supervisor and she said there wasn’t one there at her office; that the supervisor was in another department and she did not know the name of that person. We were told she would arrange to have him call that evening.

By 9 pm there was no phone call. We called and spoke to another agent who said that the supervisor would call us between 9 and 10pm. Of course, there was no phone call and when we called back at 10pm we were told the department was closed and to expect a phone call within 24 hours which of course never came. We find it strange that Expedia expects customers to stay up all night waiting for their phone call.

Please note: Alaska Air did as much as they could including calling Expedia on our behalf. Alaska Air was very concerned about the issue because their name is associated with Expedia. Alaska Air was told by Expedia that Expedia would call us within 24 hours but of course Expedia did not. Besides that seating fiasco, be aware that Expedia did not forward to Alaska Air wheelchair and special needs accommodations that we requested. We never received a refund nor do we expect to. Apparently cheating customers is how Expedia makes a profit.


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