Mar 25 2020

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Group travel


Looking for others to travel with?

Why not join other like-minded people on an exciting GEC small group adventure!

Perfect for the solo traveler. Ideal for friends. All are welcome!

NOTE: the trips below are sorted in order showing trips with the soonest departure dates first.

Costa Rica: Eco and Adventure Group Tour – 8 Days
GROUP TOUR : May 2019 & January 2020
Get your eco and adventure juices flowing with this group tour to Costa Rica. Rappel down waterfalls, take a guided nature walk with a local Naturalist with views of the volcano, soak in hot springs, ride the top of the jungle and horseback ride.
[Trip ID: CA1098]

Egypt: Luxury Group Expedition & Nile River Cruise
GROUP TOUR : May 2019 Experience a classic adventure travel expedition with a group tour to Egypt. Explore the ancient Pyramids of Giza, Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Aswan and more in Egyptian level 5-star hotel and Nile River ship.
[Trip ID: AF1178]

Jordan: Petra, Red Sea and the Wadi Rum Desert
GROUP TOUR : June 2019 Experience one of the Seven Wonders of the World on this exciting adventure travel expedition with a group tour to Jordan. Explore amazing Petra, float weightlessly in the Dead Sea, travel by 4×4 through the Wadi Rum Desert made famous by the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” & spend a night under the stars in a comfortable Bedouin desert camp with a BBQ and traditional belly dancing show.
[Trip ID: AF1245]

Costa Rica: The GEC Friendship Group Tour
GROUP TOUR : June 2019
It’s time to celebrate the hundreds of trips we’ve done over the past 12 years and the incredible amount of friendships that have been formed. Join us in Costa Rica where it all started for a celebration of the great friendships of GEC.
[Trip ID: CA1248]

Turkey: Classic Group Trip – 8 Days
GROUP TOUR : June 2019 Explore the natural, historical and cultural treasures of Turkey on this exciting best of group expedition. Discover the amazing city of Istanbul, the capital Ankara, and of course the iconic sites of ancient Greek city of Ephesus, the stunning white travertine terraces of Pamukkale, and famous cave city of Cappadocia known for its distinctive “fairy chimney” rock formations.
[Trip ID: EU1246]

Russia: Luxury River Cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow with Optional Moscow & St Petersburg Extension
GROUP TOUR : September 2019 Join other like-minded people on a luxury ship-based exploration of Russia! Starting in St Petersburg, travel up the Volga River all the way to Moscow in 5* style and comfort! And while in Russia, why not join the optional land-based 8d/6n Pre & Post trip extension to further tour the highlights of St Petersburg and Moscow (5* Hotels & City Tours – 4d/3n St Petersburg & 4d/3n Moscow).
[Trip ID: EU1249]

Kilimanjaro Trek: Marangu Route Group Trek – 7 Days
GROUP TOUR : September 2019 Trek to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. 5* hotel in Arusha and on the Marangu Route, nicknamed the ‘Coca Cola Route’, offers relatively comfortable trekking and hut accommodations.
[Trip ID: AF1158]

Peru: Trek to Machu Picchu – 8 Days
GROUP TOUR : June & September 2019 A classic ‘must do’ for any traveler, a group trek through the Andes Mountains to Machu Picchu. Explore one of the 7 Wonders of the World, then journey back to Cusco aboard a scenic train ride.
[Trip ID: SA1162]

Peru: NON-Trek Group Trip to Machu Picchu (with optional Amazon Rainforest) – 7 Days
GROUP TOUR : September 2019 A classic ‘must do’ for any adventure traveler, a group tour from Cusco through the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu. Explore one of the 7 Wonders of the World, then journey back to Cusco via a scenic train. It’s an adventure that just can’t be missed.
[Trip ID: SA1191]

Japan: Kyoto & Tokyo via the Bullet Train (with Mt. Fuji Post-Trip Hike)
GROUP TOUR : September 2019 Explore historic and modern Japan with a group of fun, like-minded people. Explore beautiful Kyoto, travel to Tokyo via Japan’s ultra-highspeed bullet train, and visit cosmopolitan Tokyo. And we’ll end start this trip with an Optional 3 day/2 night post-trip Mt Fuji hike.
[Trip ID: AS1244]

African Volunteer Group Tour with Optional African Safari
GROUP TOUR : September 2019 Give back and donate your time by lending a helping hand where it’s needed most. Join us as we visit local schools and an orphanage. Help paint, perform minor repairs, or whatever help is needed at the time of our visit, and spend time with the students where you can deliver some much-needed school supplies if you wish to collect and bring them from home. After these 4 days of volunteering, why not experience the plains of the Great African Animal Migration with an ultimate group safari to the world-famous parks of Tanzania, including the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.
[Trip ID: AF1238]

African Safari: Luxury Serengeti Safari & Cultural Group Tour – 8 Days
GROUP TOUR : Every February & September Experience, in LUXURY, the plains of the Great African Animal Migration with this ultimate group safari to the world famous parks of Tanzania, including the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Even spend two nights in a luxury tent camp in the middle of the Serengeti. an experience not to be forgotten!
[Trip ID: AF1215]

“AROUND THE WORLD” Group Tour (Fall Itinerary) – 21 Days
GROUP TOUR : September 2019
(Click Here for Boston Globe article)
Travel Around the World on this affordable fully guided group tour (Fall Itinerary). 21 days, 6 countries, 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and 2 of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Tibet & Nepal: 13 Day Classic Overland Through the Himalaya, with Mt. Everest Base Camp
GROUP TOUR : October 2019 Travel with an adventurous group on an overland expedition through the heart of the Himalaya. This ancient overland route connects 2 very exotic cities; Kathmandu, Nepal and Lhasa, Tibet, with an overnight at Mt. Everest base camp!
[Trip ID: AS1194]

Croatia: Dubrovnik & the Islands (with optional Montenegro, Wine Tasting & Mostar Bosnia)
GROUP TOUR : October 2019 Visit the up and coming country of Croatia with GEC and discover the stunning Dalmatian Coast and the historic towns of Dubrovnik and Stone, and a day of island hopping to the Elaphite Islands. We also have optional day tours to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Kotor Bay in the country of Montenegro, the ancient and beautiful town of Mostar in Bosnia, and to the island communities of Korcula & Peljesac including Wine Tasting.

Prague, Vienna & Budapest: Group Tour – 8 Days
GROUP TOUR : October 2019 Join us on this locally guide group tour as we explore the best of Eastern Europe. This multi-city trip visits the romantic and historic cities of Prague, Czech Republic, Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary. A must do for anyone visiting Eastern Europe.

Bhutan: A Group Journey to the Himalaya’s Last Shangri-La – 10 Days
GROUP TOUR : October 2019 Ranked as the “Happiest Country on Earth” the secluded kingdom of Bhutan is regarded by many as the last Shangri La. Bhutan just recently opened its doors to tourism and allows only a handful of foreign tourist to enter the country per year. Be one of the select few to have the rare privilege to see and experience Bhutan… the last Shangri La
[Trip ID: AS1213]

AFFORDABLE ASIA: 14 Days, 5 Destinations
GROUP TOUR : November 2019 Super Affordable group tour through Asia: 14 days, 5 destinations, and starting at only $1,399!


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