Building teams to execute on a digital strategy isn’t just about hiring talent; companies have to rethink how they collaborate, manage processes, and reward people.

By Andrew Horne IT Practice Leader, CEB, now Gartner, 8/23/2017

These metro areas have seen the biggest gains in software jobs over the last five years. You might be surprised by where some cities rank, and which noted tech employer missed the cut.

By Cynthia Harvey Contributor, NetworkComputing, 8/22/2017

Transforming to a microservices architecture requires coordination across all disciplines. It won’t be easy, but it promises plenty of benefits.

By Brent Cromley Jr. SVP of Engineering, Zuora. 8/22/2017

The experience of Angelina Jolie highlights how cloud computing can help address cancer by cutting the cost of genomic sequencing and enabling data sharing.

By Marty Puranik, founder, president and CEO of Atlantic.Net. 8/21/2017

It makes sense to involve IT security with DevOps, but the integration isn’t as easy as it sounds.

By Dan Timpson, CTO at DigiCert. 8/18/2017

In its 31-year history, home shopping TV channel QVC has always faced the limitations of time — just 168 hours a week to sell its products. Here’s how real-time data feeds have changed the company’s marketing efforts.

By Jessica Davis Senior Editor, Enterprise Apps, 8/17/2017

There are three keys to embarking on a successful OpenStack initiative.

By Dave Costakos and Julio Villarreal Pelegrino, Red Hat. 8/17/2017

The likelihood of a company suffering a breach is worse than most believe. Here’s a checklist for building out a plan to deal with a breach.

By Xuyen Bowles, Sentek Cyber. 8/16/2017

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