Jan 7 2018

4 Ridiculously fun road trip games for adults #student #travel #deals

#travel games for adults

4 Ridiculously fun road trip games for adults

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Road trips are an awesome way to create memories with friends and family. Once you have the right people, all you need are some snacks, music and a few games to make it fun.

Whether you want to start your road trip off on a high note, or are winding down to the destination and need a pick-me-up, road trip games can be a great way to keep people entertained.

1. Guess Who? (10 Questions)

This game can be played by 2 passengers at a time. One passenger thinks of a person, famous or personal connection. The other person can ask 10 yes or no questions that can lead them to figure out who the person is. The best one to start with is typically “Is this person a female (or male)?” Another good one is “Do I know this person?” Based on the yes or no answers, the player can then narrow down who it might be.

2. Hot Seat

Everyone can participate in this one. The hot seat is essentially an interview game where one passenger is asked five questions by anyone else in the car and they have to answer. You can choose to allow a veto for one, so they can avoid any super-awkward questions.

3. A to Z

The objective of the game is to be the first one to spot things along the road trip that start with each letter of the alphabet in order. A for apple tree, and B for BMW will get you in the lead as the other people in the car try to catch up with their ABC call-outs along the way. Each passenger is responsible for keeping their own count, and no one can repeat the same thing twice.

4. Waze

This isn’t a standard road-trip game, but it is a way to help other drivers along your trip. Waze ( is a community-based traffic app which allows other drivers in your area to share real-time traffic tips. There are gaming aspects, like the ability to see other friends in the area, so rest stops and arrivals can be better coordinated.

I’ll be taking a long road trip from New York to Virginia Beach in September, and definitely will be doing all of these. What are some of your favorite road-trip games?

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