Aug 8 2017

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NCOA Processing Phone Append Email IQ

The challenge:
America is constantly on the move. Each year over 44 million Americans change addresses but old data typically remains in databases. This means lost opportunities, lower recovery, reduced ROI. and ultimately wasted money. And don’t forget frustration.

The solution:
Replace your old, out-of-date mailing addresses, phone numbers & email addresses with our fresh, current data. All processing is fully automated, fast & available 24.7.365.

Users gain on-demand access to NCOA, Phone Append, and Email IQ :

  • Free, friendly Support | Quick setup with minimal friction
  • 98.5% Same-day turnaround | NCOA Rush Jobs at no extra charge
  • No Setup Costs | No Long-term Contracts | No Volume or Usage Requirements
  • Ready-to-mail NCOA return data | Easy-to-use | Wholesale NCOA rates
  • 4 years worth of Individual, Family, and Business moves | Updated weekly
  • No software purchase required | Full NCOA-48 processing
  • OnDemand access: Phone Append, Email Append & Reverse Email Append
  • Fully satisfies USPS Move Update requirement
  • The web’s best high-performance National Change of Address solution

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us so good?

  • Speed: We’re fast. 98.5% same-day turnaround at
    no extra charge.
  • Pricing: Consistently the lowest minimum fees in the industry.
    Why pay more?
  • Format Flexibility: XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT, DBF,
    Tab-delimited, Fixed-width, etc. We accommodate it.
  • Automation: We’ve invested considerably into our
    in-house data automation. Put it to work for you!
  • Privacy, privacy, privacy: All processing is private confidential .

What makes us so affordable?

Simple: A belief in great rates for everyone.

We work hard to make our users happy. And pricing is an important part of this. Simply put, we treat our users as we like to be treated. Fundamentally, this means maintaining the lowest price possible instead of the highest price possible. It really is that simple. No matter if you’re a single-time user with a small list, or daily user with large volume, you’ll find the same great wholesale pricing available to everyone. And there are never, ever. extra charges.

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