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7 Ways to Book the Cheapest Flights and Save

Book ahead to save

Understandably the cheap tickets are always sold first. Airlines will release only a fixed number of cheap airfares on each flight, in the hope that business travelers and last minute customers will accept paying a premium. Use Webjet to find the cheapest day(s) to travel well in advance of departure. Search for cheap flights the moment you decide to travel and you’ll have greater access to the cheap airfares that get snapped up first. Domestic flights and international flights can be found 12 months in advance at Webjet.

Remain flexible with your flight dates

It’s amazing the difference a day makes. By searching a day before or day after your desired travel dates, you can often save a fortune. Just because the cheap tickets have all disappeared on Monday, doesn’t mean there isn’t a bargain available on Tuesday, in fact airlines will often offer their cheap airfares mid week. Use Webjet to effortlessly scan a variety of days to ensure you find the bargain flight that you’re after.

Avoid high season

Airlines will often price their tickets based on seasonality; plus organized families will often snap up the cheap flights to vacation destinations well in advance of the holiday season. If you’re savvy you can often find cheap flights on the shoulder of peak travel periods, saving you on the cost of your airfares. Or better yet, if possible, avoid travelling anywhere near the school holidays and peak season and your chances of finding cheap flights to just about everywhere will increase.

Mix and match your airlines

One of the best things about booking with Webjet is the ability to create journeys using cheap fares from a variety of airlines. If there’s a cheap Virgin America flight to your destination, but none coming back, Webjet will show you the best cheap flight on a variety of other airlines for your return flight. Webjet gives you the power to mix and match sale airfares from all leading airlines.

Think about alternate airports

In many cases flying into a nearby airport can help you find cheap flights. Whether it comes down to taxes and levies imposed by an airport, or the airlines that operate from them, airfares can vary significantly from one airport to another. Often the amount you save is well worth the short drive resulting, and could even cover the cost of a cheap rental car. Search all airports and airlines for cheap flights with Webjet.

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