Apr 9 2019

ADT Window Alarms & Home Window Security Systems

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ADT Window Alarms & Home Window Security Systems, REMMONT.COM

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ADT Monitoring: Window Alarms

Your windows are your gateway to the world. Nothing beats a cool breeze pouring in through your screen on a warm summer day, and there s no better way to pass the time than watching a quiet snowfall from the comfort of your favorite chair. So when it comes to beefing up your home’s protection, it s easy to see why window alarms are a valuable part of any security system.

ADT monitoring provides customers with an effective solution for home window security: the Points of Protection sensors that monitor your windows and doors. These sensors are just one example of the components used in ADT monitored alarm systems to help keep your home safe and sound.

Door and window alarms

Your doors and windows get more use than you probably realize. Between the change of seasons and all the in-and-out travel that takes place on a daily basis, very few days go by without your doors and windows being put to repeated use.

When you add door and window alarms to your property, you re doing yourself a big service. And while it may seem like a quick and easy DIY solution, there s actually quite a bit of expertise that goes into installing a window alarm. Leave it to ADT monitoring and the installation professionals to make sure you have the right technology in place to improve your home s safety.

The advantages of window alarms

There s a clear benefit to having door window alarms installed in your home: peace of mind. It’s not that difficult to protect your front and back doors with sturdy locks, but some thieves are cunning enough to sneak in through an unlocked window or even remove a windowpane to gain entry. When you electronically monitor your windows, you can rest assured knowing you ve covered more entryways.

Beyond the expected benefits, however, home window security can be helpful in your role as a parent and head of a household. With your ADT monitored system in disarm mode, the door/window sensors can be programmed to emit a chime or voice alert every time one is opened. That way, you’ll have an easier time keeping tabs on your young children.

When the system is armed, of course, an opened door or window will be signaled by the high-decibel alarm siren.

Additionally, door and window alarms are low-profile and low-maintenance. Once a professional technician installs them, you ll be squared away.

ADT monitoring: Beyond door and window alarms

When you become an ADT monitored home security customer, you ll get door and window security and a lot more.

Talk to a security representative and learn more. With just a simple phone call, you can select a monitoring package that includes door and window alarms plus a motion detector, keychain remote and more!

Remember, it s your peace of mind – why leave any of your bases uncovered? Take this opportunity to improve your home security. Representatives are standing by, ready to speak with you about the right ADT monitoring package for your household.

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