Jan 7 2018

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The Global Expeditions Club Around the World Travel

Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world, but figured it was impossible because of the complexities or exorbitant costs? If so, you are in for an exciting surprise!

Until recently you needed to be either a millionaire or a vagabond to travel round the world (RTW), but with Global Expeditions Club’s innovative and ground breaking Round the World Tours, the world is now yours to explore.

Designed with an emphasis on adventure, history, culture and natural beauty along with an appreciative sprinkling of relaxation our completely original Around the World Tours are designed to offer the best the world has to offer! Centered on safety, comfort, optimal weather conditions, amazing destinations, and years of in country adventure travel experience, each of our Around the World Tours (or sometimes called Round the World Tours or RTW tours) are purposefully structured with one result in mind; giving you an adventure of a lifetime!

Our goal, simply put, is to show you the world in an affordable, organized, safe and comfortable way, yet to do it in a fashion that only few could ever dream of. It’s an amazing world out there! It’s our passion to make you a part of it!

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