Jul 31 2017

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International Air Tickets

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For many travelers, the airline ticket is the biggest cost of their trip, especially for those going on long international trips, so it makes sense for many of us to find a reasonable price from the Travel Agency.

Find, book and pay for cheap flights worldwide. Flight reservations in first, business, club and economy class are all possible with international airline reservation system. All air ticket rates are subject to availability and not guaranteed until confirmed.

Major Airlines:

Malaysia Airline, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Eva, Malaysia Airline, Singapore Airlines, Continental Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Air Canada, Air India, Ethiopian Air, Lufthansa, Kenya Airways, China Airlines, Thai Airways, United Airlines, Air France, Alitalia, Czech Airlines, Korean Air, Northeast, Delta and Korean Air.

It’s wise to make sure you know the total price of your airfare, including taxes and fees, and then checking airline or Travel Agency for the same flight to make sure you have a lower price.

Airlines sell discounted Air Tickets to consolidators, who in turn sell them to travel agencies or directly to passengers below prices advertised by the airlines themselves.

Cheap Airfare Tips

  • Traveling on weekdays traditionally costs less if your travel plans are flexible.
  • Buy your air ticket as far in advance as possible. Air Fares are often lower when purchased 15, 30 or 45 days in advance.
  • Try the prices on at least 2-3 airlines. Sometimes the price differences are enormous. Remember to discount the difference for a potential loss of frequent flyer mileage points. At times you may not get full mileage points with certain discount airline fares.
  • Book travel during holidays, or other peak periods, as early as possible to get the best promotions and deals.
  • Try a connection or one stop or 2 stop flight. They are sometimes cheaper than the nonstop direct flights.

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