Feb 13 2017

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anyone used

This type of special deal is exactly why I used last time. I check their site every few weeks, and they have these specials every now and then. It s not a mistake, but there may not be a whole lot of rooms at that price. I ve noticed other sites (eg often come down to their price in the next few weeks after seeing the special deal. I figure they must all check each others prices, or get offered the same deal from the Hotel. Didn t happen last time, no one even came close, so I just booked with hoteltravel. Very happy. If it s what you are after, just book it.

Seems to be a lot of good prices floating around at the moment. It could be the current political trouble in Thailand. The Hotel owners may be scared of suddenly having no cash flow if things get out of hand in Bangkok. Happened last time too.

Hoteltravel have a price match guarantee if anyone else beats the price (good luck with that, they didn t do it the one time I tried, said they didn t get my email. ).

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