Feb 13 2017

ARC Accredited Travel Agency – Joining ARC #solo #travel

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  • Electronic financial settlement through ARC
  • A unique ARC number, used as an identifier by travel suppliers
  • Travel agency service fees through a GDS or Agent’s Choice
  • Revenue-preserving exclusive fraud prevention services and alerts
  • More than 10,000 commissionable destination activities from ARC MarketPlace
  • A premium listing in the Agency List
  • Streamlined, more efficient business processes with cutting-edge sales and marketing tools
  • Enhanced market visibility and recognition as a top-tier travel agency through Agency List File
  • Access to industry training and educational webinars
  • Access to more than 200 world-class ARC carriers
  • Up-to-date security information and fraud protection
  • As a prospective new participant, you will need to create a MyARC Account and submit the application online.
  • To avoid delays, please complete the entire application kit before submission, including attaching all materials due.
  • The non-refundable application fee is $2,000, which includes the annual fee of $210.
  • Upon receipt of an application, we will review it for completeness and compliance with Agency Reporting Agreement (ARA) requirements, typically within 10 days. An ARC representative may contact an applicant.
  • A follow-up communication will confirm the status of each application and advise the applicant of any missing information.
  • ARC will conduct an interview with agency owners and relevant personnel once the application is complete.
  • ARC will make a final decision based on a review of the interview and the application and other documentation, and we will notify you of your status.
  • Once an approval is granted, ARC’s participating carriers are notified. Some carriers may subject agents to a secondary accreditation process commonly known as Specific Appointment.

Application Requirements*

Applicants undergo ARC’s comprehensive approval process. Some requirements of ARC Accredited Agency participation include the following:

  • Your agency must be located in and authorized to do business in the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, or American Samoa.
  • You must provide a bond, letter of credit or cash deposit in the minimum amount of $20,000.
  • Your personnel must meet the standards noted in Part II-8 of the ARA. including the following:
    • One person must be designated as the Management Qualifier. The Management Qualifier is a full-time employee of the agency. Additionally, the Management Qualifier exercises daily supervision of, and responsibility for, the operations of that agency location and has the authority to make management decisions.
    • One person has completed and passed the ARC Specialist exam and will represent the agency as the ARC Specialist Qualifier.
    • Note: The Management Qualifier and the ARC Specialist Qualifier may be the same person.
  • Your agency must meet the ticketing security standards of Section B of the IAH .

How many people does it take to run an agency?

Only 1! The same person can be a Manager, an ARC Specialist, an administrator for MyARC as well as the first customer!

Do I need the bond, letter of credit or cash deposit before I apply?

No, a bond, letter of credit or cash deposit (financial guarantee) is not needed before you apply and does not need to be submitted with the application. However, the application will not be considered complete until ARC receives the financial guarantee and all other required documents.

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