Apr 30 2017

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Goa and Kerala Honeymoon Packages for the Newlyweds

Honeymoon is the best time for the newly weds to acquaint with each other from a close range. Bonds forged in the early stages of married life remain strong throughout, and form a basis for happiness and joy in the years to come. The Goa tour packages are designed to leave the couple in embrace of each other and discover the meaning and significance of togetherness. However, Goa is a favorite tourist destination for people of all ages.

The honeymoon packages allow the newlyweds to make the most of sea and sand. There is a lot of pampering through complementary services and floral decorations to throw in a romantic atmosphere which allows love to blossom. Kerala is another destination in India which is famous for pristine natural beauty and verdant surroundings. The main attraction of the honeymoon packages in Kerala though, is a stay in the houseboats in Alleppey. The calm waters of the rivers and the pristine lakes in this beautiful Indian state are ideal for living close to nature in luxury and opulence.

The house boats with cozy and comfortable furniture and facilities offers a perfect ambience for a romantic sojourn for the newlyweds. The sumptuous cuisine filled with indigenous flavors is popular among tourists. The fresh water fishes form a delicacy which is a must savor under any circumstance. However, you can ask for international cuisine,  if mild spices delight your taste buds.

Those who wish to give a kick-start to their lives together will love the beauty, tranquility, solitude and romance of both Goa and Kerala. Your Travel Parter for India

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