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SQL Server Stored Procedure – INSERT – Example

Source code to create and add sql insert stored procedure to catalog

The following example is for creating a simple insert stored procedure. You can run it through an explicit call from a host language program or directly from a DBMS query execution shell like SQL Server Management Studio or dbOrchestra.

You will note that just like in a INSERT statement you do not have to use all of the columns available when creating a stored procedure. You must however populate all columnar data associated with the PK (primary key), and columns associated with unique indexes (note: there are exceptions to this, but they will not addressed here), and columns defined in the ddl as NOT NULL .

Executing the sql insert stored procedure

Execute insert stored procedure

To run the insert stored procedure you need to supply a value to the student_id variable as well as populate all required data. In this example I have included a cross section of columns for your reference, as well as the datatype associated with the columns in our SQL INSERT.

A few thing to point out regarding the code above. Datetime and character data is entered using single quoted string. Integer data is entered without quotes. I also included all columns that were defined as NOT NULL. I also included the password column which is part of a unique index. You will note that I did not include columns for some of the non-unique indexes (soc_sec_num, other_id_num, and driver_license_num). I did this intentionally to demonstrate that they are not required columns. Having said this, in the real world one would only put indexes on columns where the intent was to actually collect the data for that column. I just wanted to make a technical point here. The pragmatic point is that you would want to expose columns that are part of indexes.

What stored row looks like after the SQL INSERT

I want to call you attention to the fact that all columns that are not referenced in the query get set to null. Also, if the schema had default values defined these would also get stored for that column when the rows gets inserted.

SQL Server Information and Resources


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CRM On Demand, Web Based CRM, Hosted CRM, Small Business CRM


So Easy You’ll Actually Use It

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For Superior Automation and Quality Customer Relationships

eSalesTrack Sales Force Automation (SFA) software from Soleran is an intelligent way to automate your sales pipelines and develop long-lasting, lucrative relationships. SFA is the fundamental requirement for any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) policy. eSalesTrack, a Soleran product, has both a user-friendly platform and international access. US-based Soleran is a company that is committed to helping SMBs improve their efficiency with on-demand, custom CRM solutions.

The web-based eSalesTrack Sales Force Automation enables hassle-free automation of these and other tasks — account management, opportunity management, event calendaring, territory management, sales forecasting, customization analytics, building of customizable dashboards, and customization analytics. Our SFA solutions can give you amazing visibility into different facets of customer relationship. So sales representatives can sell, upsell, correctly frame customer expectations, and engender renewals.

Real-time Data Access and a Great Deal More

The following are additional aspects of the eSalesTrack advantage for Sales Force Automation:

  • Analytics and real-time reports can be created. You can find out the current status of a campaign, sales quota, and conversion rates.
  • Updated, real time information about customers, leads and contacts would always be available and can be instantly accessed.
  • You can always be connected to your sales team even though they may be quite far from where you are. Even events and meetings can be arranged from anywhere and at any hour of the day.
  • You can make maximum use of all sales prospects and maximize ROI.
  • Helps to overcome dynamic challenges which could overcast sales forecasting.
  • Ensure a Positive Business Turnaround with Sales Force Automation

CRM Solutions Stay mobile and ahead of your competitors – let your CRM automate a wide range of business processes in real-time.

Take your small business to the next level with eSalesTrack web based CRM. A powerful tool from Soleran, eSalesTrack On Demand CRM makes your job easier by automating many day-to-day business tasks.

Web CRM — An Ideal Solution for Your Business

eSalesTrack web CRM system is packed with advanced features and tools to offer a complete solution for your business. Whether to automate and simplify your daily sales-related tasks, manage marketing initiatives, schedule meetings and contacts, customer follow-up, generating sales reports, eSalesTrack CRM does it all.

Our CRM solutions are effective in managing and automating many business processes including:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • Sales/Marketing Analytics

eSalesTrack’s on-demand CRM lets you work from anywhere you want and allows you to access all your information anytime, anywhere — all using just a web browser. Best of all, it is entirely customizable to suit custom business needs.

Advantages of Web CRM

  • Most advanced CRM tools updated regularly for free
  • Centralized remote enterprise database accessible online
  • Mobile, wireless and offline editions, add-ons and syncs
  • Open-source web based CRM software with custom modules
  • Integration with office software applications
  • Real-time reports and analysis with custom filters
  • Better employee and customer contact management
  • 360 degree view of customers
  • Enterprise data security and backup

eSalesTrack CRM is scalable, flexible and affordable. You no longer need to undergo the hassle of purchasing or maintaining dedicated hardware nor make any costly investments for CRM software upgrades – we do it all for you automatically. No multi-tiered pricing plans or packages, just one low price packed full of features.

CRM Cloud Work from anywhere, anytime with access to all of your information – all using just a web browser.

eSalesTrack’s CRM cloud computing platform simplifies all your business activities and helps you build better prospects for your business. We provide a convenient and flexible web based solution for your company. Our CRM application is easy to access and configure from virtually anywhere.

Manage Multiple Business Processes under a Single Roof

We understand the importance of being competitive in the business field. With our cloud CRM model, we can provide you highly interactive features which keep you fully engaged in your business activities. eSalesTrack CRM cloud computing comes with rich functionalities and integrates many different business activities under a single roof.

In the course of your business management activities, you would have to work with an extensive range of office software applications, CRM, accounting software, e-commerce and other related business management software tools. Our prime function is to group all these systems in a centralized database and make it available to our customers through their web-enabled mobile devices and computers. With this user-friendly feature, our customers can easily navigate the system features for online accounting, forecasting, payroll services, analytics, marketing, sales and other business processes.

Advantageous Features of eSalesTrack CRM Cloud Solutions

Apart from its rich functionalities, by deploying eSalesTrack CRM cloud solutions you can:

  • Gain complete control over task management
  • Prioritize your business requirements
  • Coordinate individual and group tasks
  • Obtain greater ROI

No upfront investments are required to implement eSalesTrack CRM cloud computing software in your settings. Get immediate quotes for CRM cloud at eSales Track; reach us at 1-866-765-4CRM, for further information.

Web Based CRM Automate and simplify your daily sales-related tasks including scheduling meetings, following up with customers and generating sales reports.

eSalesTrack CRM solutions are a trusted on-demand service which provides companies with a versatile range of online options to manage their business in an informed and calculated manner. Developed by Soleran, the service comes with power-packed features and tools which would help a company stay ahead of its competitors and attain the desired scalability.

Stay Mobile and Automate Tasks

The web based CRM service offered by eSalesTrack lets the user stay mobile and automates a whole range of business processes in real-time. These include sales force automation, marketing automation, campaign management, customer service management, enterprise document management and sales/marketing analytics.

Today, eSalesTrack is integrated in some of the most popular and leading firms in the US. The following features are among the many reasons why small and medium enterprises choose our platform:

  • 360 degree view of customers
  • Centralized remote enterprise database accessible online
  • Mobile, wireless and offline editions, add-ons and syncs
  • Open-source web based CRM software with custom modules
  • Most advanced CRM tools updated regularly for free
  • Integration with office software applications
  • Accessibility from anywhere at any time
  • No installation or maintenance costs
  • Better employee and customer contact management

eSalesTrack’s an All-in-one CRM

If it’s a user-friendly, customizable, stable and secure service which is required, then eSalesTrack CRM solutions more than qualifies to meet your business challenges and offers invaluable insight into your company’s current and future prospects. The SaaS (software-as-a-service) has an excellent track record of letting a business overcome its limitations and attain targeted profit and growth.


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Amethyst Holistic Training – Indian Head Massage #indian #head #massage #courses


One-Day Indian Head Massage Diploma

Indian Head Massage is based on traditional Indian massage techniques. It involves work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face using a variety of massage movements to relieve accumulated tension, stimulate circulation and restore joint mobility. Head massage revitalises the whole body, rebalancing the energy flow to the body and creating a feeling of peace and well being.

An excellent stress buster, both relaxing and uplifting, it is good for clearing the head and easing tense shoulders. Great for office workers, Indian Head Massage can be done without oil through light clothing, so is perfect for corporate work. The routine you will learn is based on the Mehta method of Indian head massage, developed by Narendra Mehta who brought the formalised treatment to the West.

  • History and principles of Indian head massage
  • Your working environment
  • Code of practice and insurance for therapists
  • Consultation process including contra-indications
  • Contra-actions and aftercare advice
  • Oils for massage
  • The Indian head massage routine
  • Anatomy physiology for Indian head massage

Course pre-requisites: none

Assessment: Observation of treatment and written assessment on the day of the course.

What’s included? All products and equipment supplied on the day, comprehensive course manual, accredited certificate.

Models: courses will still run if there is only one student but you will need to bring a friend or family member on whom to practise. It is the responsibility of the student to find a model. If there is more than one student attending you will practise on each other. All models must be over 16, and in good health (please see T C ).

Cost: 130 (Please pay a deposit of 35 to book your course; the balance of 95 is payable to your tutor)

Courses accredited by


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Criminal Cases #criminal #defense #attorney #oklahoma #city


Criminal Cases

Only the government initiates a criminal case, usually through the U.S. attorney’s office, in coordination with a law enforcement agency. Allegations of criminal behavior should be brought to the local police, the FBI, or another appropriate law enforcement agency.

The Judicial Process

Criminal cases differ from civil cases. At the beginning of a federal criminal case, the principal actors are the U.S. Attorney (the prosecutor) and the grand jury. The U.S. Attorney represents the United States in most court proceedings, including all criminal prosecutions. The grand jury reviews evidence presented by the U.S. Attorney and decides whether it is sufficient to require a defendant to stand trial.

Burden of Proof

In a criminal trial, the burden of proof is on the government. Defendants do not have to prove their innocence. Instead, the government must provide evidence to convince the jury of the defendant’s guilt. The standard of proof in a criminal trial gives the prosecutor a much greater burden than the plaintiff in a civil trial. The defendant must be found guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which means the evidence must be so strong that there is no reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime.


At an initial appearance, a judge who has reviewed arrest and post-arrest investigation reports, advises the defendant of the charges filed, considers whether the defendant should be held in jail until trial, and determines whether there is probable cause to believe that an offense has been committed and that the defendant has committed it. Defendants who are unable to afford counsel are advised of their right to a court-appointed attorney. Defendants released into the community before trial may be subject to electronic monitoring or drug testing, and required to make periodic reports to a pretrial services officer to ensure appearance at trial.

The defendant enters a plea to the charges brought by the U.S. Attorney at a court hearing known as arraignment. More than 90 percent of defendants plead guilty rather than go to trial. If a defendant pleads guilty in return for the government agreeing to drop certain charges or to recommend a lenient sentence, the agreement often is called a “plea bargain.” If the defendant pleads guilty, the judge may impose a sentence, but more commonly will schedule a later hearing to determine the sentence. In most felony cases the judge waits for the results of a presentence report from the court’s probation office before imposing sentence. If the defendant pleads not guilty, the judge will schedule a trial.


Criminal cases include limited pretrial discovery proceedings, similar to those in civil cases, but with restrictions to protect the identity of government informants and to prevent intimidation of witnesses. The attorneys also may file motions, which are requests for rulings by the court before the trial, such as to suppress evidence that could violate a defendant’s constitutional rights.

If a defendant is found not guilty, the defendant is released and the government may not appeal. The person may not be charged again for the same offense in a federal court. The Constitution prohibits “double jeopardy,” or being tried twice for the same offense.


If the verdict is guilty, the judge determines the defendant’s sentence. During sentencing, the court may consider U. S. Sentencing Commission guidelines, evidence produced at trial, and also relevant information provided by the pretrial services officer, the U.S. attorney, and the defense attorney.

A sentence may include time in prison, a fine to be paid to the government, and restitution to be paid to crime victims. The court’s probation officers enforce conditions imposed by the court part of a criminal sentence. Supervision of offenders may involve services such as substance abuse testing and treatment programs, job counseling, and alternative detention options, such as home confinement or electronic monitoring.


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Greater Manchester Police #degree #of #crime


The Economic Policy Centre www.economicpolicycentre.com has made every effort in order to ensure that the data for UkCrimeStats is accurate and up to date. However, we are aware of certain deficiencies in this data which are beyond our control. That’s because as a 3rd party developer, we do not collect the data, the Police do who then hand it over to another data company to release to 3rd party developers such as ourselves. We only download and analyse it so that you can use it. For full detail of these deficiencies, please read here.

Crime Plus ASB Breakdown for Greater Manchester Police

Crime Type and ASB Charts for Greater Manchester Police

In September 2011, Other Crime was divided into 6 categories – Drugs, Public Disorder & Weapons (which was later split further and so is not displayed here), Criminal Damage & Arson (CD “public order” and “possession of weapons”
5) Both “other firearms offences” and “other knives offences” which were in “other crime” were moved into “possession of weapons”.

Police Ranks

Police Community Support Officer

270 Neighbourhoods

Police Stations

As reported by the Police.uk API in April 2017. Note: The Police.uk API data for police stations is very incomplete.

11 Garratt Way API data incomplete

3 Church Street API data incomplete

511 Oldham Road API data incomplete

Barn Street API data incomplete

Barrington Road API data incomplete

Bell Crescent API data incomplete

Bootle Street API data incomplete

Bridge Street API data incomplete

Broadgate API data incomplete

Charles Halle Road Moss Side

Crofts BanK Road

Elizabeth Slinger Road

Manchester Road East

Moston Lane Harpurhey

Plant Hill Road Higher Blackley

Rochdale Road Collyhurst

Note: If the Police.UK API data is incomplete (indicated above, if applicable) the Police station may not show on this map:

Loading police stations.

Copyright UKCrimeStats.com 2011

Mobile Responsive conversion by TigaMedia


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Liabilities insurance #liabilities #insurance


Adamjee Insurance Company Limited (AICL) is a general insurance giant, incorporated as a Public Limited Company on September 28, 1960. AICL, one of the leading insurance companies in Pakistan, has a regional presence in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and maintains its standing through an unwavering commitment to its corporate philosophy. AICL’s competitive competency is achieved by combinations of voluminous assets, notable paid-up capital, sizable reserves, a varied portfolio and consequently, remarkable growth rates.

Motor Insurance policy is mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act. Owing Adamjee Insurance Company Limited Motor Insurance ensures that the owner of vehicle is protected from financial losses, caused by damage or theft to the vehicle and third party liability.

Fire & Property Insurance

Fire Insurance policy provides compensation to the insured person or firm in the event of damage to the property insured (i.e. buildings, stock, machinery and other contents) caused by fire, lightning.

Marine, Aviation & Transport Insurance

Marine Insurance covers damages to the shell and machinery of the vessel, cargo carried on the vessel, and also offers protection against liabilities to shipping and transport related companies.

Miscellaneous class of business offers various kinds of insurance products that include Public liability, Group Health, Personal Accident, liabilities associated with employers, insurance to financial institutions and Aviation industry and many more.


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Beard envy? Surgery may be the answer #health, #beard #envy? #surgery


Beard envy? Surgery may be the answer

  • The inability to grow a thick beard has some men turning to surgery
  • A transplant can run up to $10,000 for a full beard
  • One man says it’s the best money he’s ever spent

Take a look at Hollywood’s leading men, the White House press secretary and the hipsters strolling through Brooklyn. It’s obvious beards are in, and the inability to grow thick warm fuzz can leave some men feeling left out in the cold.

At least, that’s how it would seem from the reported uptick in facial hair transplants.

“Whether they’re filling in a few gaps or doing a complete beard construction, New York City doctors who specialize in the procedure said they’re seeing a growing number of men paying as much as $7,000 to pump up their beards,” wrote Serena Solomon, who first reported on the trend on the neighborhood news site DNAinfo New York .

But fear not, face-bald hipster men — you don’t have to live in the Big Apple to be able to sport a big beard.

In Portland, Oregon — host of the 2014 World Beard and Moustache Championship — Dr. Steven Gabel can help you get the right mustache to savor sips of craft beer and artisan coffee.

“In the Northwest here, there are a lot of men with facial hair, and they like to show it,” he said.

Gabel says his business in facial hair transplants has increased a lot over the years. People he performs transplants on usually have a beard already, he says, but have patches and want it filled out.

That’s not always the case, though.

“I saw a guy yesterday who really had no hair on his face. I did the first transplant on him about a year ago, and it is looking good,” Gabel said.

Gabel pointed out that it isn’t just hipsters looking to bolster their beards. “I get coat-and-tie types too. It’s all walks of life.”

So how does it work?

“It is a very meticulous procedure,” Gabel explained. The doctor and his technicians remove hair strands with the follicles intact from another part of the body — usually the bottom of the back of the head. It’s moved to where it is wanted on the face. Then the doctor makes a small hole in the face with a 0.8-mm blade and inserts each hair into place.

“The hard part is the angle,” Gabel said. “You have to go with the natural angle. You don’t want to put it in sticking straight out.”

Once it is all done, and the follicles are in place and the patient’s face has healed, the hair will grow in like a natural beard. You can even shave it — though why would you want to?

The procedure takes an entire day, and can run up to $10,000 for a full beard, Gabel said. Though there are risks just as in any surgical procedure, it is relatively safe.

“The most common thing that patients experience afterwards will be some temporary redness and itching to the area,” Gabel said. “Some people say it is more intense than others, and it is usually short-lived.”

Dr. Bernard Arocha recently opened an office in Austin, Texas, home of South by Southwest. an annual festival of music, film and interactive conferences. Facial hair is a small part of his business, which specializes in hair restoration, but he said he has definitely seen a beard boom in recent times.

“Procedures for mustaches, sideburns and beards have been in increased demand over the past year or two,” he said. “It’s more in vogue, stylish.”

In the city that boasts the slogan “Keep Austin Weird,” Arocha confirms his clientele is mostly young hipster types.

“That’s the demographic — 20-, 30-somethings, bohemian, artists, musicians,” he said.

James, who asked us to only use his first name for privacy reasons, had a full beard transplant done by Arocha. The 33-year-old already had something of a beard but wanted more.

“It was like beard steroids, basically,” he said.

According to James, the procedure was painless. He called it some of the best money he has ever spent.

“It’s thick enough now I actually get compliments on it,” he said. “Beards are flat-out awesome!”

In Nashville, aka “Music City,” Dr. Michael Ramsey performs facial hair transplants with PAI Medical Group .

“I would say the number of calls of people interested in beards is up fivefold,” he said.

Ramsey credits the sudden popularity of facial hair transplants to different cultures emerging in Nashville. On the one hand are the large unkempt beards modeled on the TV show “Duck Dynasty,” he says; on the other are the more stylized hipster beards.

“Nashville is a creative city, and there are relaxed styles and attitudes toward facial hair at work and in the office,” Ramsey said.

You don’t have to be stateside to get help with your face-mane. If you’re across the pond, as they say, hanging out in Manchester, England, you’ll find Dr. Bessam Farjo, founder of the Farjo Hair Institute.

“A full beard is very much a statement look, and it goes in and out of fashion,” says Farjo, who first developed and performed the procedure almost 20 years ago on a patient who had suffered from burns and wished to cover his scars.

The procedure is still predominantly used to treat men who have scarring for one reason or another, he said, but more and more clients simply wish to improve the density and coverage of their facial hair, purely for cosmetic reasons.

“The majority of men are looking to create a designer stubble look which seems incredibly popular nowadays,” Farjo said. “That being said, all it takes is for one recognized face to show off a new look for men to start considering their own facial hair.”


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ML MOVERS, INC #office #movers #san #francisco


Whether you are moving in theSan Francisco Bay Area to an apartment, a home, an entire mansion or an office, we can help you with all your labor, moving and delivery needs, from residential to commercial.

We are a family owned and operatedTrucking Company,Not a Franchise or online Broker,which is why we proudly provide outstanding personal service along with attention to details with our services.

Our movers are prompt dedicated professionals who are ready and willing to assist you in every phase of your labor, moving or delivery process. Let us help you reduce the stress related to your moving or delivery, leaving you with the piece of mind to concentrate on the other aspects of your Moving or delivery service.

Our Services Include:

We have moved houses, apartments, offices, stores, restaurants, hair salons More.

ML Movers, Inc. maintain the same high level of service that is responsible for the popularity of our residential and commercial moving division. We offer crews of full-time professional movers. modern vehicles and equipment, and an attentive customer service staff on call to handle any unexpected complications that may arise. Landlords depend on ML Movers Inc. to move and relocated heavy furniture s. We move photocopiers, file cabinets, large desks and credenza, huge heavy conference room tables, auditoriums full of chairs and music studios, and more.

Our Residential and commercial Labor, moving Delivery services are preferred by companies large and small. We maintain a large inventory of specialized commercial relocation equipment. Our new fleet of liftgate trucks and heavy duty appliance dollies will help you move large file rooms, desks, chairs, computers, conference rooms, and even small commercial removals like bars, restaurants, bakeries, barbers, beauty shops, doctors and dentists. Our charges are easy to understand.

First and Last Mile Delivery Services:

Are you a retailer trying to deliver orders directly into the hands of your consumers, quickly and reliably? AT ML Movers, Inc.’ We deliver to your customers with your company s image in mind. When you need freight moved from warehouse to their house, ML Movers, Inc. will deliver your brand as promised.

If you have a project or program that requires delivery, final placement and install services, consider using ML Movers, Inc. to complete the job for you.

We proudly provide Residential and Commercial Labor, Packing, Moving, Relocation Services to the following areas

Moving Company, Movers San Jose, CA 95122, Alviso CA 95002, San Jose CA 95129, San Lorenzo CA 94580, Santa Clara CA 95051, Berkeley CA 94704, Union City CA 94587, Sunnyvale CA 94089, Berkeley CA 94703, Berkeley CA 94701, Berkeley CA 94708, San Mateo CA 94404, Los Gatos CA 95032, San Jose CA 95196, Santa Clara CA 95054, Berkeley CA 94710, Santa Clara CA 95050, San Jose CA 95116, Castro Valley CA 94546, Palo Alto CA 94301, San Jose CA 95148, San Carlos CA 94070, San Jose CA 95138, Fremont CA 94555, Hayward CA 94544, Oakland CA 94607, San Mateo CA 94497, Castro Valley CA 94552, Sunnyvale CA 94086, Oakland CA 94605, San Jose CA 95113, Oakland CA 94610, San Mateo CA 94403, Half Moon Bay CA 94019, San Jose CA 95125, Berkeley CA 94702, Oakland CA 94611, Portola Valley CA 94028, Burlingame CA 94010, Cupertino CA 95014, San Jose CA 95127, Los Altos CA 94022, San Jose CA 95132, Emeryville CA 94608, Redwood City CA 94062, San Jose CA 95136, San Jose CA 95117, San Jose CA 95120, Oakland CA 94613, San Jose CA 95141, Oakland CA 94602, Mountain View CA 94041, Oakland CA 94615, Palo Alto CA 94306, Los Altos CA 94024, Oakland CA 94619, San Mateo CA 94402, San Jose CA 95101, Sunnyvale CA 94087, Oakland CA 94606, Redwood City CA 94063, Mountain View CA 94040, Santa Clara CA 95053, Oakland CA 94612, Los Gatos CA 95030, San Jose CA 95130, Palo Alto CA 94303, Campbell CA 95008, Fremont CA 94536, San Mateo CA 94401, San Jose CA 95119, Redwood City CA 94065, San Jose CA 95126, Hayward CA 94545, San Jose CA 95139, Pacifica CA 94044, San Jose CA 95124, Fremont CA 94539, San Jose CA 95112, Atherton CA 94027, San Leandro CA 94578, Palo Alto CA 94304, Oakland CA 94621, San Jose CA 95134, Belmont CA 94002, San Leandro CA 94579, Oakland CA 94618, Menlo Park CA 94025, San Jose CA 95135, Berkeley CA 94709, Milpitas CA 95035, San Leandro CA 94577, San Jose CA 95131, Los Gatos CA 95033, San Jose CA 95191, Albany CA 94706, Oakland CA 94603, Saratoga CA 95070, San Jose CA 95190, Mountain View CA 94043, Redwood City CA 94061, Newark CA 94560, San Jose CA 95110, Fremont CA 94538, San Jose CA 95128, Millbrae CA 94030, San Bruno CA 94066, Berkeley CA 94720, San Jose CA 95111, Berkeley CA 94707, Hayward CA 94541, Oakland CA 94609, Stanford CA 94305, San Jose CA 95123, Sunnyvale CA 94085, Hayward CA 94542, Oakland CA 94601

“Real Estate Agents’ Preferred Choice”


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California school of theology #california #school #of #theology



Full Time Faculty

Fernando Abella, DMin // Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries

  • DMin, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • MRE, Cornerstone University
  • MA, Liberty University
  • BA, Rio Grande Bible College
  • Director of Spanish Bible Program

Fred Chay, PhD // Professor of Pastoral Theology

  • DMin, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • MS, Psychology, California Western University
  • BA, Psychology, College of Notre Dame
  • Dean of Doctor of Ministry Studies

Juan Francisco Cortez, // Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics

  • MA in Apologetics, Biola University
  • BA, University of California at Irvine
  • Director of General Education Core, Registrar

Deborah Cox, MLS // Assistant Professor of Library Sciences

  • MLS, Texas State University
  • MA, University of Missouri at Springfield
  • BA, Evangel College
  • Librarian

Chris Matthews, DMin // Professor of Cultural Studies

  • DMin, Missions and Intercultural Studies, Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary
  • S.Hamilton, MA;
  • MA, Cross-Cultural Ministries, Wheaton College
  • BA, Spanish Language, University of North Carolina
  • Director, Spain Branch Campus

Peter Oh, PhD // Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages

  • PhD, Baptist Bible Seminary
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • BS, Chonnam University
  • Graduate Dean

Greg Sapaugh, PhD // Professor of New Testament and Biblical Languages

  • PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • BS, Texas A M University

Juan Ariel Sanchez, MACL // JD Assistant Professor

  • JD, Universidad Dominicana O M, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • MA in Christian Leadership Studies, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
  • BA in Law (License in Law), Universidad Dominicana O M, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • AA in Pre-Law, Universidad Dominicana O M, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Diploma of Classical, Pop, Jazz Piano (with emphasis in Composition and Music Arrangement), The National Conservatory of Music of the Dominican Republic
  • Diploma of Recording Engineering and Music Recording Production, Audio Institute of America
  • Director of Spanish Admissions

Ezequiel Serrato, PhD (ABD) // Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology

  • PhD (ABD), Baptist Bible Seminary
  • MDiv, Southern California Seminary
  • MA, Tyndale Theological Seminary
  • BA, Seminario Teológico de Baja California
  • Undergraduate Dean

Joe Wall, ThD // Professor of Systematic Theology

  • ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • BA, Baylor University

Ken Wilson, DPhil // Professor of Systematic Theology and Church History

  • DPhil, The University of Oxford, England
  • ThM, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
  • MDiv, Faith Evangelical Lutheran Seminary
  • MD, University of Texas
  • BS, Houston Baptist University

Part-Time Adjunct Faculty

Dave Anderson, PhD // Professor of Systematic Theology and Biblical Languages

  • PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • BA, Rice University
  • President, CEO

Emery Bastidas, ThD // Associate Professor of Systematic Theology

  • ThD, Universidad San Paulo
  • BTh, Seminario Evangélico Asociado

Ana María Campos, DMin // Adjunct Professor of Ministry

  • DMin, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • ThM, Seminario Teológico de Centroamérica (SETECA)
  • BA in Theology, SETECA

Mark Cancel, Mdiv // Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology

  • MDiv, Southern California Seminary
  • BA in Business Administration, National University

Francisco (Paco) Echevarria, MABS

  • MA, Biblical Studies, Southern California Seminary (SCS)
  • MA, Religious Studies, SCS
  • MA, Christian Ministry, SCS
  • BA, Biblical Studies, SCS (Spain Campus)

Ernie Frey, PhD

  • PhD, Missions, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • BA in Social Science, Wheaton College

Mark Haywood, ThM // Assistant Professor of Bible Exposition

  • JD, John F. Kennedy University
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • BA, San Francisco State University
  • Vice President of Student Services

Walt Jurek, MS // Adjunct Professor of Sciences

  • MS, Systems Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology
  • BS in Engineering Mechanics, U.S. Air Force Academy

Garry Kiker, MS // Assistant Professor of Counseling

  • MS, Educational Psychology, Texas A M University, College Station
  • BSBA, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Albert Letting III, EdD // Associate Professor of Leadership

  • EdD in Educational Leadership, Alliant International University
  • ThM, Capital Bible Seminary
  • MDiv, Capital Bible Seminary
  • MA in Education, United States International University
  • BS, Philadelphia Biblical University
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs

Bob Livesay, DMin // Adjunct Professor of Ministry

  • DMin, Talbot Theological Seminary
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • BBA, Baylor University

Lizabeth (Beth) Matthews, PhD // Adjunct Professor of Counseling

  • PhD, Professional Counseling, Liberty University
  • MA, Counseling Psychology, Wheaton College Graduate School
  • BA in Religion, University of North Carolina

Kristen Peña, MA // Adjunct Professor of Counseling

  • MA, Professional Counseling, Liberty University
  • BS, Psychology, University Of Central Florida, Orlando

Carlos Dario Peralta, Mdiv // Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies

  • MDiv, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • MA, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • BTh, Instituto Bíblico Buenos Aires, Argentina

Javier Rodriguez, Mdiv // Adjust Professor of Biblical Studies

  • MDiv, Southern California Seminary
  • BA in Christian Education, Seminario Teologico de Baja California

Ike Rhyu, Mdiv // Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies

  • DMin (post-graduate studies), Dallas Theological Seminary, (Spain Campus)
  • MDiv, Capital Bible Seminary
  • BA in Bible, Washington Bible College
  • Dallas Theological Seminary, (Spain Campus)

John Scholl, PhD // Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies

  • PhD, History, University of California Santa Barbara
  • MA, History, Western Michigan University
  • BA, History, Texas A M University

Lindsey Scholl, PhD // Adjuct Professor of Biblical Studies

  • PhD, History (Ancient Mediterranean), University of California, Santa Barbara
  • PhD coursework (Medieval and Ancient History), University of Missouri-Columbia
  • M.A. History, (Medieval Europe) University of Missouri-Columbia
  • B.A. History, Hannibal LaGrange College

Alice Thomas, MA, ESL // Adjunct Professor of English and Literature

  • MA, English, Sam Houston State University
  • BA in English, Sam Houston State University
  • AA, North Harris County College, Houston, Texas
  • National Writing Project Teacher Consultant, Lifetime Texas Teaching Certification in English and Business, ESL Certification for Secondary Education (State of Texas)

Alvin Thompson, PhD // Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies

  • PhD, Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • ThM, Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • BS in Christian Education, Biola University

Dr. Daniel Steffen, PhD // Associate Professor in New Testament Biblical Studies

  • PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • MA, Social Work, University of Illinois
  • BA, Sociology, Indiana University
  • Diploma in Spanish Studies, Rio Grande Bible Institute

Dr. Gerardo Alfaro, PhD // Associate Professor in Systematic Theology

  • PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Studies in Sacred Theology Master, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Licenciatura en Teología, The Central American Theological Seminary, Guatemala, Central America
  • Studies in Licenciatura (B.A.) in Social Studies, Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala, Central America
  • Profesorado en Teología (B.A.), The Central American Theological Seminary, Guatemala, Central America
  • Diploma in Bible Studies, The Salvadoran Bible Institute, El Salvador, Central America


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Protection of personal data – European Commission #europa,european #commission,institutions,news,calendar,organisation,commissioners,president,recruitment,contact,services,european #union,eu


Protection of personal data

In January 2012, the European Commission proposed a comprehensive reform of data protection rules in the EU .

On 4 May 2016, the official texts of the Regulation and the Directive have been published in the EU Official Journal in all the official languages. While the Regulation will enter into force on 24 May 2016, it shall apply from 25 May 2018. The Directive enters into force on 5 May 2016 and EU Member States have to transpose it into their national law by 6 May 2018 .

The objective of this new set of rules is to give citizens back control over of their personal data, and to simplify the regulatory environment for business. The data protection reform is a key enabler of the Digital Single Market which the Commission has prioritised. The reform will allow European citizens and businesses to fully benefit from the digital economy.

Whenever you open a bank account, join a social networking website or book a flight online, you hand over vital personal information such as your name, address, and credit card number.

What happens to this data? Could it fall into the wrong hands? What rights do you have regarding your personal information?

Everyone has the right to the protection of personal data.

Under EU law, personal data can only be gathered legally under strict conditions, for a legitimate purpose. Furthermore, persons or organisations which collect and manage your personal information must protect it from misuse and must respect certain rights of the data owners which are guaranteed by EU law.

Every day within the EU, businesses, public authorities and individuals transfer vast amounts of personal data across borders. Conflicting data protection rules in different countries would disrupt international exchanges. Individuals might also be unwilling to transfer personal data abroad if they were uncertain about the level of protection in other countries.

Therefore, common EU rules have been established to ensure that your personal data enjoys a high standard of protection everywhere in the EU. You have the right to complain and obtain redress if your data is misused anywhere within the EU.

The EU’s Data Protection Directive also foresees specific rules for the transfer of personal data outside the EU to ensure the best possible protection of your data when it is exported abroad.

Article 29 Working Party on Data Protection

The Article 29 Working Party, composed of representatives from all EU Data Protection Authorities, the EDPS and the European Commission, was set up under the Directive 95/46/EC. It has advisory status and acts independently.


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Beauty Therapy Courses #online #beauty #schools


Beauty Therapy Courses

What is beauty therapy?

Beauty therapy is the treatment of hair, skin and nails to enhance appearances and to repair damage. Beauty therapy treatments sometimes also include massages and other body relaxation exercises. Treatments usually take place in salons, but some beauty therapists also do house calls, work on film sets, or work backstage at live performances.

Why study beauty therapy courses?

Many people do their own hair, nails and make-up every day and wonder what the point would be of going to study beauty therapy. Like in other areas, there are some beauty therapy skills that can be self-taught, and other skills that can only be acquired through formal training. If you want to work as a beauty therapist, either by starting up your own business or by seeking employment in a salon, you will need to go for formal training in beauty therapy. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider studying beauty therapy:

You can learn how to take care of yourself and your clients.
You can learn how to perform a wide variety of beauty treatments.
You can improve your earning potential: many people are willing to pay good money for effective beauty treatments.
By completing a course in beauty therapy, you can gain formal recognition for the knowledge and skills that you acquire. Such formal recognition may increase your credibility in the eyes of both clients and employers.

Beauty Therapy Courses, Skills Academy

How do I get started with Beauty Therapy Courses?

Skills Academy makes studying and moving on to the next step in your career very easy. You can go through the list of beauty therapy courses and choose one that you are interested in. If you are not sure which course is right for you, you can get in touch with one of our friendly Course Experts: they will be able to help you decide on a course.

Where can I work as a beauty therapist?

If you are considering a career in beauty therapy, you may be able to work in one of the following places once you have completed your beauty training:

  • In a salon
  • On a cruise ship
  • At a spa or health resort
  • On film sets
  • At home (or at your clients home)

Last updated: December 29th, 2016


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Supervisory guidance for managing risks associated with the settlement of foreign


Supervisory guidance for managing risks associated with the settlement of foreign exchange transactions

This document provides guidance to supervisors and banks on approaches for managing the risks associated with the settlement of foreign exchange (FX) transactions. It expands on, and replaces, the Basel Committee’s Supervisory guidance for managing settlement risk in foreign exchange transactions published in 2000.

Since the original FX settlement risk guidance was published, the FX market has made significant strides in reducing the risks associated with the settlement of FX transactions. Substantial FX settlement-related risks remain, however, not least because of the rapid growth in FX trading activities.

The guidance provides a more comprehensive and detailed view on governance arrangements and the management of principal risk, replacement cost risk and all other FX settlement-related risks. In addition, it promotes the use of payment-versus-payment (PVP) arrangements, where practicable, to reduce principal risk.

The guidance is organised into seven “guidelines” that address governance, principal risk, replacement cost risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, legal risk and capital for FX transactions. The key recommendations emphasise that a bank should:

ensure that all FX settlement-related risks are effectively managed and that its practices are consistent with those used for managing other counterparty exposures of similar size and duration.

reduce its principal risk as much as practicable by settling FX transactions through the use of financial market infrastrucutres (FMIs) that provide PVP arrangements. Where PVP settlement is not practicable, the bank should properly identify, measure, control and reduce the size and duration of its remaining principal risk.

ensure that when analysing its capital needs, all FX settlement-related risks should be considered, including principal risk and replacement cost risk and that sufficient capital is held against these potential exposures, as appropriate.

  • use netting arrangements and collateral arrangements to reduce its replacement cost risk and should fully collateralise its mark-to-market exposure on physically settling FX swaps and forwards with counterparties that are financial institutions and systemically important non-financial entities.
  • An annex to the final guidance provides detailed explanation of FX settlement-related risks and how they arise.


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    Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal #funding, #proposal, #grant, #funding #proposal,



    This Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal was created to help empower people to be successful in gaining funds for projects that provide worthwhile social service. A major theme that runs throughout the Guide is a concern for the development of meaningful cooperative relationships – with funding agencies, with community organizations, and with the people you are serving – as a basis for the development of strong fundable initiatives. The Guide is built on the assumption that it is through collaboration and participation at all levels that long term change can be effected.

    To make this Guide as useful as possible, all suggestions have been carefully reviewed with a concern that they be easy to implement and can have the greatest positive effect on the creation of a funding proposal. (This is the same design concern that I used for the creation of the companion guide for graduate students – Guide for Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation ). Long orations are minimized and suggestions are presented in a direct and clear manner. Actual proposal examples are included so that you can easily see the different suggestions demonstrated.

    As you are going through this Guide you will probably see things that aren’t clear, need fixing, or should be further clarified. Please send them along and I will do my best to improve the Guide based upon your ideas. I try to make major revisions in the Guide at least 2-3 times each year. Your suggestions on how to improve this Guide will be most appreciated

    And finally, I receive many requests asking me to recommend a book or two that would be helpful in writing a good proposal. I’ve started to create such a listing of books I’ve identified and my review of each of them. Feel free to check out my selection of books to help with the preparation of a funding proposal .

    Enjoy using this Guide and I hope it brings you good luck as you seek funding for your ideas!


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    History of DUI Laws #az #dui #laws


    History of DUI Laws

    Across the nation, every state has rules concerning drinking and driving. Whether it is referred to as DUI (driving under the influence), DWI (driving while intoxicated), or OUI (operating under the influence), the penalties are still very serious for this offense.

    In 1910, New York became the first state to adopt drunk-driving laws was New York. California was the next state to pass driving under the influence laws, and the other 48 states soon followed suit.

    These early DUI laws simply stated that a driver could not operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated. However, inebriation was not clearly defined by the lawmakers and courts at this point.

    In the 1930s, two committees were tasked with making roads safer in the U.S. The American Medical Association created a committee to study the most common problems that lead to vehicle accidents. During this same time period, the National Safety Council set up a study to develop tests that could be used to determine intoxication. After doing research, the two groups determined that a driver with a BAC of 0.15 percent or higher could be presumed to be inebriated, while a driver with a BAC under 0.15 could not.

    As a result of the committee’s findings, 0.15 percent became the first commonly-used legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in 1938.

    DUI laws and penalties began getting stricter in the 1970s. This is mainly due to groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD). Candy Lightner was also a leader in the fight for tougher DUI laws.

    The pressure from these groups led to many changes in DUI laws, most notably raising the legal drinking age to 21 years old in all 50 states. These groups also changed the way laws were enforced by police departments – until this time, enforcing drunk-driving laws was not a priority.

    The legal limit was affected during this time. Originally 0.15 percent, it was later lowered to .10 percent. Due to federal pressure on all of the states, this limit was then further reduced to 0.08 percent.

    Zero Tolerance laws were also adopted by many states. These laws make it illegal for minors under the age of 21 to drive a vehicle with a BAC of 0.01 or 0.02 percent.

    Automatic license suspension laws were also passed across the nation. These laws allow for an administrative license suspension after failing a breath test or refusing to take the breath test altogether.


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    Cover My Face – Facial Cum Shot Porn Site #cover #my


    Cover My Face

    Reviewed: Friday, May 30, 2008 (Last Update: Friday, April 26, 2013)

    Cost: $2.95 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $59.95 for 90 Days RexMag.com Rating: 94

    When I first heard the title Cover My Face. I thought it would be just another blowjob-or-handjob-then-cum-on-my-face sites. I was wrong every girl on this site takes on at least ten guys, and then they totally cover her face in cum. Some of the hottest gang bang action can be seen on this site! Who knew? Maybe they should change the name of the site to Cover My Face Gang Bangs so it’s more obvious. I know I never would have overlooked this site for so long if it had been called that. Anyway, let’s get inside and see what Cover My Face has to offer.

    Right now there are around 120 updates on CoverMyFace.com. including photos and videos. When I first did this review in 2006 there were 30 and I remember saying I’m sure there will be a lot more by the time you read this, but even right now that’s decently plentiful – and I was right! In addition to the Cover My Face website, you have full access to the Brain Pass network with your membership. It’s not just bonus sites I’m never swayed by bonus sites. It’s an actual network membership. You’ll get a ton of sites for just one price. The full list follows.

    You can download the movies either in sections as Windows Media format (WMV) files or Quick Time format (MOV) files, or as a whole Windows Media format (WMV) file from start to finish. The videos are nice and clear not full screen or hi def, but definitely good. There’s a section that shows you all the latest videos, which is really helpful if you’ve been away for a while, or if you visit often and you want to see what’s changed since the last time you logged in.

    One of my favorite things is that it lists very conveniently on each update just how many cumshots are in each video. There are at least ten for every video, but what about 12 or 13? You can see that at a glance without ever having to click on a single link. Very nice.

    The girls on this site are really hot, and they’re major cock cravers. You can tell that they can’t get enough of these guys’ dicks. They’re grabbing them and tugging at them, shoving them in their mouths, begging for them to fuck them in the pussy and ass. They want it bad, they want it now, and they want a LOT of it! They won’t be satisfied until these guys cover their face and that’s exactly what you’ll see at the end of every single movie.

    Cover My Face definitely offers some of the hottest gang bang action I’ve ever seen. I give them an 94/100! I’m sure they will continue to update in the future and give us more and more of what we want though they have been consistent so far.

    At $29.95 per month or $59.95 for 6 months, I definitely recommend this site! You get a ton of content for your money from the world renowned Brain Pass network, and the babes on this site are truly slammin’. Get ’em while they’re hot! Cover My Face is waiting for you!

    Other Reviews of Cover My Face

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      Cum barrages fired at a woman?s face from multiple cocks is the focus of Cover My Face. Sometimes up to twenty-four guys will cum on the face of one girl. These women get their faces totally and absolutely covered by semen. This is a must see for any person into cum facial fetishes.
    • Cover my Face review by AdultReviews.com 1/20/2009 (9/10):
      Cover my Face is focused on one or more cute girls giving blowjobs to multiple guys who then cover their their faces in cum. The site delivers exactly what it sets out to do in 120+ good quality videos with plenty of blowjob and cum action. Part of Brain Pass network.

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      Payton Leigh Gets Fucked Before Bukkake Style Facial In This Photo Set via Cover My Face.
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      Liv Wylder Facialized Bukkake Style By Multiple Fat Cocks In This Hardcore Photo Set via Cover My Face.

    User Comments About CoverMyFace.com

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    April 26, 2013 at 10:37 PM


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    What Exercise Machine Works the Tensor Fasciae Latae? #tensor #fasciae #latae


    What Exercise Machine Works the Tensor Fasciae Latae?

    by JEN WEIR Last Updated: Feb 04, 2014

    Jen Weir writes for several websites, specializing in the health and fitness field. She holds a Bachelor of Science in exercise science from Montana State University, is an NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist and maintains a personal trainer certification from the American College of Sports Medicine.

    Climb your way to stronger hips. Photo Credit Joseph C. Justice Jr./iStock/Getty Images

    Located on the upper side of your thigh, the tensor fasciae latae is enclosed between layers of fascia, or fibrous tissue. This muscle works with the iliopsoas to flex your hip and with the gluteus medius and minimus muscles to abduct your hip. The tensor fasciae latea plays a key role in hip and knee stability. Several exercise machines work the tensor fascia latae to keep it strong.

    Stair Climber Machine

    Stair climber machines come in various forms but they all use the same basic concept — repetitive hip flexion. This flexion works your tensor fascia latae and iliopsoas muscles in a continuous manner. If you’re one of many who have weak hip flexors, you will feel obvious fatigue in the front of your hips after several minutes of stair climbing. With most stair climbers, you simply step onto the machine and begin to climb or push the power button to begin. Adjust the resistance and speed of the machine to match your fitness level.

    Cable Machine

    Cable machines can be used to work the tensor fasciae latae in both flexion and abduction. The resistance provided by a cable machine will significantly strengthen the muscles of your hips. Use the cable machine to abduct your hip by standing with your left side facing the machine. Attach the ankle cuff to your right ankle and transfer your weight to your left leg. Pull against the cable to lift your right leg out to the side as high as possible. Pause at the top of the movement, then carefully lower to the starting position.

    The standing cable raise works your tensor fasicae latae through hip flexion. Begin with your back toward the machine. Attach the ankle cuff to your right ankle, take a step forward with your left foot and transfer your weight to your left leg. Pull against the cable to pull your right knee forward and up until it reaches hip level. Slowly return to the starting position.

    Hip Abductor Machine

    The hip abductor machine comes in two forms: standing and seated. Both types of machines allow you to perform the same exercise. Use this machine to work your tensor fasciae latae and develop your gluteal muscles. To work out on the seated hip abduction machine, sit at the machine with your back snug against the back rest. Adjust the resistance on the machine to your fitness level. Position your legs in the pads and slowly press your legs against the pads to spread them as wide as possible. Pause, then carefully return to the starting position.

    Parallel Bars

    Parallel bars are most often used to work the arms and abdomen but are also great for working the muscles responsible for hip flexion. When you use this machine you can use your own body weight or opt for additional resistance by holding a dumbbell between your feet. Work your tensor fasciae latae by placing your forearms on padded parallel bars. Grasp the handles and press your back into the vertical pad. Begin with your legs hanging straight down. Keeping your legs together, raise your knees as high as possible by flexing your hips. Lower your legs back down until your hips are completely extended.

    Get the latest tips on diet, exercise and healthy living

    Copyright 2017 Leaf Group Ltd. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM Terms of Use. Privacy Policy and Copyright Policy. The material appearing on LIVESTRONG.COM is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. Ad Choices


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    Aladdin Carpet #aladdin, #carpet, #hardwood, #floors, #floor, #laminate, #vinyl, #ceramic, #tile,


    10 Reasons Clients Choose Aladdin Carpet Floors

    1.- History

    Aladdin Carpet Floors has been serving the DC and surrounding areas since 1986, providing unsurpassed service, value and one of the largest product selections at the lowest prices.

    2.- Top Brands Local Designer Showrooms

    We only carry the trusted and top quality brands including STAINMASTER® carpet, Karastan, Fabrica, Masland, Villeroy Boch and many more. We are within minutes from you with flexible hours and always willing and ready to serve you.

    3.- Rating

    Top Rated for Sale and Service by Washingtonian. Consumers Checkbook. Angie’s List and zero customer complaint.

    4.- Guaranteed Lowest Prices

    Based on advertised and comparable product and installation, if our price on your job is not the lowest, we will match any legitimate competitive offer plus 2% of the difference.

    5.- 0% Financing

    Buy now, pay later with our 0% Interest financing. (On approved Credit).

    6.- Our Own Trained Installers

    To make sure your installation is flawless and trouble free, we have our own on staff installers.

    7.- Immediate Installation

    Clients get the fastest turn around installation with our On-call installers.

    8.- Free Shop at Home Service

    With our Free shop at home service, we bring our showroom in the convenience of your home, you save time, money and fuel.

    9.- Experienced Staff

    Continuously trained and experienced project designers, focusing on your needs, wants values, with personalized attention to detail, who walk you through the entire project; start to finish and thereafter.

    10.- The Stainmaster Flooring Center

    We are the only Authorized Stainmaster Flooring Center® in Maryland with the exclusive rights to display STAINMASTER ULTRA LIFE® CARPET that covers all stains, pet stains and stairs. “You stain it, we replace it” (See brochure for details).


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    Dish Mexico Telefono #dish #san #jose


    Le informamos sobre el numero de telefono de Dish Mexico. Comuníquese con Dish mexico telefono 01800 detallado seguidamente por reclamaciones y consultas sobre el servicio de DISH Mexico .

    Llamando al telefono de atencion a clientesdish mexico puede consular sobre los canales , programacion. DISH movil. DISH HD y todo lo relacionado a restablecer señal dish mexico y a DISH paquetes .

    Dish México es un sistema que ofrece servicios de televisión satelital por suscripción en México

    DISH Mexico Dish Mexico atencion a clientes

    Dish telefono. 9628 3474
    Dish telefono 01 800. 01 800 123 3474
    Dish mexico telefono df. 9628 3474
    Dish atencion a clientes 01800. 01 800 123 3474

    Le ofrecemos el numero de telefono dish para que pueda informarse además sobre Dish network mexico. dish bolsa de trabajo. dish estado de cuenta. entre otras cuestiones relacionadas al servicio de Dish .

    Si desea mas informacion de contacto de dish mexico. puede acceder a la pagina oficial web de Dish en Mexico. haciendo click aqui .

    59 Comentarios to DISH

    Para aquellos que no han podido reportar pueden hablar al 040 de Telmex si quieren constatarlo o marquen el 015596283474 es gratuito ya saben contestará una grabación y después de seguir sus indicaciones le pondrán una musiquita espere asta que les contesten también me paso lo mismo pero Vale la pena al otro día llegó el tecnico.

    Maria guadalupe Reyna sagredo dice:

    1 de septiembre del 2015.- tengo todo el día marcándoles x teléfono y en mi ultima opción o para que me atienda un ejecutivo. Nunca contestan Ya que ponen su musiquita no hay quien haga caso, tienen un pésimo servicio, de operadores,no creo que en todo el día no haiga un operador o ejecutivo que conteste, no nomas es un empleado son muchos, voy hacer otro intento hoy o mañana si no tengo respuesta voy a pasar a profeco buena tarde.

    Emeterio Ismael Rosales Bernal dice:

    bueno, no tengo recepcion se prende y se apaga su moden y en los dias lluviosos efectivamente se ´pierde la señal un buen rato de 10 minutos ya hable para cancelarlo y no me dan respuesta.

    Francisco Romero dice:

    Mi contro dejo de funcionar y tengo mas de 1 mes sin poder usar el servicio Dish, que puedo hacer.

    Ismael aviles morales dice:

    Tengo mas de dos meses que mi control remoto no finciona y no me solucionan nada en atencion a clientes su servicio es demasiado malo por favor necesito respuesta este es mi numero del cel 2291200202


    que pesimo servicio tengo 8 semanas que solicite la cancelacion de su servicio y todavia no pueden pasar a recoger sus equipos, lo malo que me siguen cobrando, creo que a proposito lo hacen. por otro lado tambien pesimo servicio telefonico ningun telefono sirve y cuando entra la llamada nos tardan mas de 1 hora en decirnos que en 5 dias habiles pasan a recogerlos y sigo en las mismas


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    New BMW Cars #new #uk #bmw #cars,uk #bmw #cars,buy #new #uk


    New UK BMW

    A Brief history of BMW

    BMW can trace its history all the way back to 1913, when a Bavarian named Karl Rapp started an aircraft-engine shop in Munich named Rapp Motoren Werke. 1916 saw Rapp Motoren Werke securing a contract to supply a large number of V12 aero engines to Austro-Daimler, as a result, Rapp needed to find a backer to finance the companies expansion and the Bayerische Motoren Werke � BMW as we know it � was formed. Unfortunately BMW expanded too quickly and financial difficulties followed leading to Rapp resigning and Franz Josef Popp � a leading industrial tycoon � who laid the foundations for the BMW company that is known today.

    For the next few years BMW concentrated on the manufacture of aircraft engines until in 1919 with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles restrictions were placed on German companies manufacturing parts for the aero industry, as a result, BMW diversified to manufacture components for the rail industry. 1923 saw BMW finally make their first move into the automotive industry with the introduction of the R32, a motorcycle that would go on to hold motorcycle world speed records throughout the 1930’s.

    Buoyed by this success, BMW purchased a small car manufacturer (the Eisenach Vehicle Factory) in 1928 and by the 1930’s had begun production of sports and touring cars. The culmination was the BMW 328 roadster, a car that has been named one of 25 finalists for Car of the Century by a worldwide panel of automotive journalists.

    The Second World War ending saw BMW’s main factories being dismantled by the allies and diversification was once again the name of the game, a brief foray into kitchen and garden equipment followed, with the introduction of a new motorcycle in 1948. The 1950’s saw a move back into the car market, although with no marked success, however with a change of direction that saw BMW concentrating on sports sedans and compact touring cars, the 1960’s saw a an increase in sales that meant BMW was beginning to compete with its rival Mercedes � Benz. Sales peaked in 1986, but with the collapse of the Berlin Wall a whole new marketplace opened up and BMW capitalised and as a result outsold Mercedes for the first time in 1992.

    BMW are now regarded as one of the premium car manufacturers with a combination of outstanding engineering and a fantastic build quality the Bayerische Motoren Werke has come a long way since its humble beginnings all those years ago.


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    BBRY Stock Price & News – BlackBerry Ltd #blackberry #ltd. #stock


    BlackBerry Ltd. BBRY (U.S. Nasdaq)

    P/E Ratio (TTM) The Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio, a key valuation measure, is calculated by dividing the stock’s most recent closing price by the sum of the diluted earnings per share from continuing operations for the trailing 12 month period. Earnings Per Share (TTM) A company’s net income for the trailing twelve month period expressed as a dollar amount per fully diluted shares outstanding. Market Capitalization Reflects the total market value of a company. Market Cap is calculated by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the stock’s price. For companies with multiple common share classes, market capitalization includes both classes. Shares Outstanding Number of shares that are currently held by investors, including restricted shares owned by the company’s officers and insiders as well as those held by the public. Public Float The number of shares in the hands of public investors and available to trade. To calculate, start with total shares outstanding and subtract the number of restricted shares. Restricted stock typically is that issued to company insiders with limits on when it may be traded. Dividend Yield A company’s dividend expressed as a percentage of its current stock price.

    Key Stock Data

    P/E Ratio (TTM)
    EPS (TTM)
    Market Cap
    Shares Outstanding
    Public Float

    BBRY has not issued dividends in more than 1 year.

    Latest Dividend
    Ex-Dividend Date

    Shares Sold Short The total number of shares of a security that have been sold short and not yet repurchased. Change from Last Percentage change in short interest from the previous report to the most recent report. Exchanges report short interest twice a month. Percent of Float Total short positions relative to the number of shares available to trade.

    Short Interest (07/14/17)

    Shares Sold Short
    Change from Last
    Percent of Float

    Money Flow Uptick/Downtick Ratio Money flow measures the relative buying and selling pressure on a stock, based on the value of trades made on an “uptick” in price and the value of trades made on a “downtick” in price. The up/down ratio is calculated by dividing the value of uptick trades by the value of downtick trades. Net money flow is the value of uptick trades minus the value of downtick trades. Our calculations are based on comprehensive, delayed quotes.

    Stock Money Flow

    Uptick/Downtick Trade Ratio

    Real-time U.S. stock quotes reflect trades reported through Nasdaq only.

    International stock quotes are delayed as per exchange requirements. Indexes may be real-time or delayed; refer to time stamps on index quote pages for information on delay times.

    Quote data, except U.S. stocks, provided by SIX Financial Information.

    Data is provided “as is” for informational purposes only and is not intended for trading purposes. SIX Financial Information (a) does not make any express or implied warranties of any kind regarding the data, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use; and (b) shall not be liable for any errors, incompleteness, interruption or delay, action taken in reliance on any data, or for any damages resulting therefrom. Data may be intentionally delayed pursuant to supplier requirements.

    All of the mutual fund and ETF information contained in this display was supplied by Lipper, A Thomson Reuters Company, subject to the following: Copyright © Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved. Any copying, republication or redistribution of Lipper content, including by caching, framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Lipper. Lipper shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.

    Bond quotes are updated in real-time. Source: Tullett Prebon.

    Currency quotes are updated in real-time. Source: Tullet Prebon.

    Fundamental company data and analyst estimates provided by FactSet. Copyright FactSet Research Systems Inc. All rights reserved.


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    Best UK Equity and Bond Funds #oeics, #unit #trusts, #fund #prices,


    Welcome to Morningstar.co.uk!

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    Registered Hemscott users can log in to Morningstar using the same login details. Similarly, if you are a Hemscott Premium user, you now have a Morningstar Premium account which you can access using the same login details.

    Morningstar.co.uk contains data, news and research on shares and funds, unique commentary and independent Morningstar research on a broad range of investment products, and portfolio and asset allocation tools to help make better investing decisions.

    For more information:

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    Registered Hemscott users can log in to Morningstar using the same login details. Similarly, if you are a Hemscott Premium user, you now have a Morningstar Premium account which you can access using the same login details.

    Morningstar.co.uk contains data, news and research on shares and funds, unique commentary and independent Morningstar research on a broad range of investment products, and portfolio and asset allocation tools to help make better investing decisions.

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    Executive Function – Self-Regulation #executive #leadership #traits


    Executive Function Self-Regulation

    Watch the Overview Video

    Executive function and self-regulation skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. Just as an air traffic control system at a busy airport safely manages the arrivals and departures of many aircraft on multiple runways, the brain needs this skill set to filter distractions, prioritize tasks, set and achieve goals, and control impulses.

    When children have opportunities to develop executive function and self-regulation skills, individuals and society experience lifelong benefits. These skills are crucial for learning and development. They also enable positive behavior and allow us to make healthy choices for ourselves and our families.

    Executive function and self-regulation skills depend on three types of brain function: working memory, mental flexibility, and self-control. These functions are highly interrelated, and the successful application of executive function skills requires them to operate in coordination with each other.

    Each type of executive function skill draws on elements of the others.

    • Working memory governs our ability to retain and manipulate distinct pieces of information over short periods of time.
    • Mental flexibility helps us to sustain or shift attention in response to different demands or to apply different rules in different settings.
    • Self-control enables us to set priorities and resist impulsive actions or responses.

    Children aren’t born with these skills—they are born with the potential to develop them. If children do not get what they need from their relationships with adults and the conditions in their environments—or (worse) if those influences are sources of toxic stress —their skill development can be seriously delayed or impaired. Adverse environments resulting from neglect. abuse, and/or violence may expose children to toxic stress, which disrupts brain architecture and impairs the development of executive function.

    By focusing on real-life daily situations such as bedtime and mealtime, the Ready4Routines intervention seeks to strengthen executive function skills in adults and children, while also increasing predictability within young children’s lives.

    Providing the support that children need to build these skills at home, in early care and education programs, and in other settings they experience regularly is one of society’s most important responsibilities. Growth-promoting environments provide children with scaffolding that helps them practice necessary skills before they must perform them alone. Adults can facilitate the development of a child’s executive function skills by establishing routines, modeling social behavior, and creating and maintaining supportive, reliable relationships. It is also important for children to exercise their developing skills through activities that foster creative play and social connection, teach them how to cope with stress, involve vigorous exercise, and over time, provide opportunities for directing their own actions with decreasing adult supervision.

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    Oktoberfest Tulsa #colleges #in #tulsa #ok


    Willkommen bei Oktoberfest in Tulsa!

    Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa celebrates an authentic Bavarian culture in the heart of Oklahoma, and represents an incredible setting patterned after Oktoberfest Munich in Bavaria, Germany. Scheduled for October 19 22, with a private, Corporate Night evening on Wednesday, October 18, Oktoberfest presents international German bands, Bavarian delicacies, authentic arts and crafts as well as games and competitions for the entire family. Entering its 39th year, you ll enjoy große (huge) quantities of bratwurst, German beers, Bavarian cheesecake, great music and thousands of your friends together at one place at the new River West Festival Park with 40,000 square feet of new tents, stages and more.

    Named a 2016 Top Ten Oktoberfest as ranked by USA Today and as well as by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, Linde Oktoberfest Tulsa has just been named by Orbitz as one of the five Largest Oktoberfests in America!

    Corporate Night Tables go on sale to previous participants on June 20, and will open to the general public on July 6!

    Oct 19


    • 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
    • Opening Ceremonies
    • German Bands, Bier and Food
    • Das Glockenspiel, Dorfrocker
    • $10 general admission

    Oct 20


    • 11:00 am 1:00 am
    • Dorfrocker, Das Ist Lustig,
    • Das Glockenspiel
    • Euro Disco
    • Free admission until 4:00 PM courtesy of Zeeco!

    Oct 21


    • 11:00 am 1:00 am
    • Games and Competitions
    • Siegi s World Championship Sausage Eating Contest
    • Dorfrocker, Das Ist Lustig

    Oct 22


    • 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
    • Dachshund Dash and Costume Parade
    • Biers and Food from Bavaria
    • $10 general admission


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    The Graduate School #university #of #vermont #graduate #school


    The Graduate School at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, works with prospective graduate students, current graduate students. and faculty and staff to contribute to the success of graduate education at UT. Whether you are seeking admission or preparing to graduate. the Graduate School website has what you need.

    Current News from the Graduate School

    New One Stop Hours – One Stop Student Services continues to make significant improvements to support students. Starting Monday, July 31, One Stop will update its service hours to better meet the needs of students and families. These changes are being made so that One Stop staff are available to help more people during different times of the day. The new service hours will be:

    • Phones: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday–Thursday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday
    • Walk-Ins: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday–Friday

    Getting a Parking Permit – If you’re a graduate student starting at UT this fall, and you plan to have a vehicle, you may want to get with Parking and Transit Services to get your parking permit. They can tell you how to get a permit and what your permit gets you at the Parking and Transit Services site.

    Registration Open for Best Practices in Teaching – The Best Practices in Teaching program provides opportunities to discuss teaching-related issues with new and experienced faculty and peers from across the university. Topics range from preparing a syllabus, to addressing classroom civility, to being a mentor. View the full list of topics and get more details about the program and what would be expected of you. Registration is open to the first 30 participants, to register early!

    New Graduate Student Orientation – The Graduate School and the Graduate Student Senate are looking forward to meeting new graduate students at the 2017 New Graduate Student Orientation on Tuesday, August 8, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. If you have not RSVP’d for this event, there’s still time. Just go to tiny.utk.edu/rsvp-orientation and let us know you’re coming. For more details about the orientation (where, when, what, etc.), visit our Fall Orientations page.

    Graduate Student Summer Travel Grants Available – Graduate students working on their dissertations in humanities fields can now apply for summer travel fellowships through a new program offered by the UT Humanities Center. The fellowships help UT graduate students travel to library and museum archives in order to examine ancient manuscripts, read through court records or an author’s personal papers, or listen to one-of-a-kind audio recordings related to a historical event. A limited number of fellowships of up to $1,400 are available for summer 2017 to PhD students at the dissertation stage of their degree program. For more information, email the UT Humanities Center.

    Getting Around UT in June – Parking and Transit Services has issued their June edition of Getting Around UT (Page 1 /Page 2 ), as well as a map that reflects the road closures due to construction, especially near Circle Park, and the impact on visitor parking.

    MFA Program Among Best Drama Schools for Acting Degree – UT recently received national recognition for its Master of Fine Arts program in theatre. The Hollywood Reporter ranked the program 20th among the 25 best drama schools for an acting degree. “We are proud to be ranked among the best master’s degree in theatre programs in the country,” said Jed Diamond, associate professor of acting. “The Department of Theatre has a particular strength in the way our educational programs are so fully integrated with a professional producing company, the Clarence Brown Theatre.” Find out more about the MFA program in theatre in Tennessee Today.

    Explore the Graduate School

    Graduate School Forms

    Preparing to Graduate?


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    Associates degree in dental assisting #associates #degree #in #dental #assisting, #your


    • A Rewarding Career

    A career of helping people improve their dental health will be rewarding and enormously satisfying for you. No two days will ever be the same and your job will continuously renew itself. This is a career that will always be in demand by the dental profession and in need of well-trained and caring dental assistants.

    The job opportunities for trained dental assistants are excellent in today’s marketplace. In most areas, there is an acute shortage of dental assistants. Dental assisting is a career that allows you the freedom to work anywhere throughout the world. No matter where you move, there will always be a job opportunity for you.

    About ADAP

    Our courses are conducted 3 to 4 times a year. Except for certain holiday weekends, each session runs 10 consecutive weeks. Students will receive eight classroom/clinical hours of instruction per week for a total of 80 hours of instruction.

    Read More Being a graduate of the Auburn Dental Assisting Program has enabled me to work successfully. I learned the basic skills I needed to facilitate in gaining additional knowledge I must use in my current position. Thanks to everyone who went the extra mile for me. – Trish C. Like Us on Facebook

    Why Choose Us

    We are the Premiere Dental Assisting Program in the East Alabama and West Georgia Region.
    Your tuition covers everything

    One class tuition payment covers everything required for a full years course. learn more


    Take advantage of our Early Enrollment Special by booking a month before the first day of class. Payment options are available.


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    Facts about Pet Insurance #caps #insurance


    Facts about Pet Insurance

    If you have a dog, cat, or other pet, you probably visit the veterinarian on a fairly regular basis. As those vet’s bills can really add up, a number of companies sell insurance for all types of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, exotic birds, reptiles, potbelly pigs and various rodents.

    Pet health insurance policies are similar to human health insurance policies in that they include annual premiums, deductibles, co-pays and caps. Cost of coverage is based typically on the animal’s age, health profile and the level of care you choose. Generally, older animals cost more to cover—and some companies have age limits. Also there may be exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and some insurers will deny coverage to certain breeds that are prone to hereditary conditions (e.g. hip dysplasia).

    There are three types of pet health coverage available.

    These plans are similar to human health insurance policies and are sold by companies licensed and regulated by the states where they do business.

    Traditional health insurance is available in three levels of coverage:

    This is the least expensive option; it provides the lowest reimbursements for procedures, and will help pay for accidental injuries, poisonings and illnesses (including cancer). These policies typically include an annual deductible, caps on reimbursements per accident or illness as well as on total reimbursements per policy term.

    b. Comprehensive Coverage

    This coverage is costlier than Basic, but offers more generous benefits—reimbursements for accidental injuries, emergencies and illnesses, and coverage for office visits, prescriptions, diagnostic tests, X-rays and lab fees. These policies feature lower annual deductibles and cap reimbursements per accident and illness, as well as on total reimbursements for the policy term.

    c. Pet Well Care Protection

    This type of plan reimburses for preventive care, including physical exams, flea and heartworm prevention and vaccinations. While there is no deductible for well care, there is a nominal deductible for other medical services.

    There are two other types of insurance available from veterinarians and other businesses not regulated as insurers: HMO, which offers reduced rates prices on vaccinations, spay/neuters, dental cleaning, routine check-ups, and other services.

    And Discount Plans. which offer savings on a range of products and services—from pet supplies to surgery and hospitalization—but only when purchased from a network of participating vendors.

    Beyond health coverage, there are also other types of insurance protection for pets.

    Life and Theft Insurance

    Life and Theft coverage is designed to insure the lives of highly valuable, and is typically purchased by zoos, and the owners of championship cats, dogs, horses and police dogs. The policy reimburses owners of stolen animals, and pays a death benefit if an animal dies during transport or other covered events.

    Homeowners and Renters Insurance

    Check your homeowners or renters policy to see what coverage they provide for pet owners, including:

    • Liability Protection
    • If your dog bites someone, causing injury, and you are sued, homeowners and renters policies provide liability protection to defend you in court. However, most homeowners insurance policies will exclude any dog with a history of biting and aggressive behavior.

    In addition, types of dogs that have been classified as dangerous breeds are restricted by many homeowner associations—and a growing number of communities require owners of these breeds to carry additional liability coverage.

    Also covered under the personal property section of standard homeowners and renters policies are items that you purchase for your pets. So, if Fido’s favorite cashmere dog coat is stolen or damaged, you’re covered!


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    Crime Scene Investigator Careers, Jobs and Degree Information – Criminal Justice


    Criminal Justice USA

    How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator

    Crime scene investigators are forensic technicians and forensic scientists who collect data and evidence from scenes where a crime has taken place. They look for fingerprints and DNA samples and also take photographs of the crime scene. As part of their responsibilities, criminal investigators must write reports and record observations. Sometimes they may be required to draw or recreate scenes as well. Once they have gathered all the information that they need, crime scene investigators usually go on to work in a laboratory, where they analyze evidence and use results from their analyses to help narrow down suspects and criminal methods.

    Minimum Qualifications

    Crime scene investigators should be emotionally strong and prepared to gather evidence from a variety of criminal scenes, including areas where violent crimes have taken place. They should be highly organized with strong communication and writing skills. In addition, they should be comfortable working in laboratories with computers and different types of technology. The most qualified crime scene investigators will have excellent problem-solving skills as well.

    Education Training

    Before candidates can qualify for crime scene investigation positions, they should consider earning a degree. The best degrees for crime scene investigation are bachelor s degrees in forensic sciences or natural sciences. Class work should include mathematics, biology, and classes to develop critical thinking as well as laboratory skills. Students should learn how to write reports and record observations as well. Due to the fact that crime scene investigators work in teams, classes should also include group work and encourage the development of good communication skills. The best crime scene investigation programs will also provide classes in psychology.

    However, earning a degree is not enough to qualify a crime scene investigator for independent responsibilities. All potential crime scene investigators need to be trained. Therefore, many law enforcement agencies have crime scene investigators start their careers as assistants to experienced investigators. While under such an apprenticeship, trainees will learn how to use laboratory equipment and analyze different aspects of a crime scene. In most cases, crime scene investigators will be given an exam before they can qualify for independent work.

    Career Statistics

    As part of the hiring process, crime scene investigators will undergo interviews and background checks. Their skills with laboratory equipment may be assessed as well. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), crime scene investigators also known as forensic science technicians earn around $51,570 annually. The top 10% earns approximately $82,990 yearly, while the bottom 10% earns around $32,900 yearly. Exact salary figures will vary based on experience, education, location, and the employer. The BLS also reports that the field is projected to grow by 19% by 2020.

    Sponsored Schools Sponsored Schools

    How to Become a

    Criminal Justice USA

    Copyright 2017. Criminal Justice USA. All Rights Reserved.


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    Health Analytics – CAPITA Healthcare Decisions #health #care #analytics


    Health Analytics

    Health Analytics is now part of Capita Healthcare Decisions. The company was acquired by Capita in June 2016 to bring population health management capability to its range of market-leading analytics and benchmarking services.

    We are the same Cambridge team offering the same unique and innovative solutions to meet some of the NHS’ most complex challenges but are now working alongside CHKS health data specialists to develop exciting new products that will support the NHS vision for an integrated health service with a single view of the patient and the local population.

    What we do

    We link patient data from primary, secondary, social and community care to create a ‘single point of truth’ for health economies, allowing you to dramatically improve patient outcomes and service efficiency.

    Our solutions

    We specialise in applying integrated healthcare data to create proven solutions that enable providers and commissioners to manage patient care and services across boundaries.

    Our unique tools will help you make more informed decisions about individual patient care, create integrated service pathways, reduce costs and improve financial and contract management.

    Why us?

    We are tried and tested in the NHS. We have an exceptional track record of realising quality and finance benefits very quickly for patients, services, organisations and health economies. We achieve this by thinking differently about the problems you face.

    Our team

    Our Cambridge-based team of healthcare software developers has extensive NHS experience and a track record of working alongside providers and commissioners to create solutions that deliver immediate benefits.

    With backgrounds in health, telecoms and engineering the team brings a wealth of technical and healthcare knowledge, offering innovative thinking and new approaches to tackling complex NHS challenges.

    Contact us

    39 Cambridge Place
    CB2 1NS


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    What is records management? Definition from #e-discovery #definition


    records management

    Records management (RM) is the supervision and administration of digital or paper records, regardless of format.

    Records management activities include the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposal of records. In this context, a record is content that documents a business transaction. Documentation may exist in contracts, memos, paper files, electronic files, reports, emails, videos, instant message logs or database records. Paper records may be stored in physical boxes on-premises or at a storage facility. Digital records may be stored on storage media in-house or in the cloud.

    Download this free guide

    Download: Top FAQs regarding the impact of 4 common compliance regulations

    IT operations are sometimes unexpectedly affected by major audit regulations – is your IT team prepared? Explore the critical role your IT team plays in ensuring compliance and review the penalties for non-compliance by downloading this FREE e-guide, which covers any questions you might have regarding 4 major legislative regulations.

    By submitting your personal information, you agree that TechTarget and its partners may contact you regarding relevant content, products and special offers.

    You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy .

    The goal of records management is to help an organization keep the necessary documentation accessible for both business operations and compliance audits. In some small to mid-sized businesses, spreadsheets are used to track where records are stored, but larger organizations may find records management software suites that are tied to both a taxonomy and a records retention schedule to be more useful. Such software suites may be marketed as enterprise information management (EIM ) products that are capable of helping an organization to manage both records and ordinary content.

    This was last updated in August 2014

    Next Steps

    Continue Reading About records management

    Related Terms

    EDRM (electronic discovery reference model) The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is a framework that outlines standards for the recovery and discovery and of. See complete definition electronically stored information (ESI) Electronically stored information (ESI) is data created, altered, communicated and stored in digital form. See complete definition predictive coding Predictive coding software can be used to automate portions of an e-discovery document review. The goal of predictive coding is. See complete definition




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    Business Office Manager – Healthcare Salaries by education, experience, location and


    Business Office Manager – Healthcare Salaries

    Alternate Job Titles: Business Office Manager – Healthcare

    Fastest internet speed in world #,pictures, #photos, #cbs #news #photos, #cbs


    Top 10 fastest cars in the world

    10. Lamborghini Aventador

    What are the fastest automobiles on the planet? CBS Miami took a spin and crunched the numbers for us, producing this list of the slickest speedsters on the road. You may be surprised by some of the names on this list, but one thing that is no surprise is the inclusion of Lamborghini. The venerable Italian carmaker has a reputation for speed, and their Aventador is the best of the bunch. The Lamborghini Aventador can reach a speed of 220 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 secs.

    10. Lamborghini Aventador

    The Lamborghini Aventador can reach a speed of 220 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 secs, according to CBS Miami. In addition to speed, the Aventador was recently named the best luxury car on the market by the high-class lifestyle magazine “The Robb Report.”

    9. Aston Martin one-77

    British automaker Aston Martin is known for its style. But they’re no slouch in the speed department either. The Aston Martin One-77 can reach a speed of 220 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds.

    Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    9. Aston Martin one-77

    Aston Martin One-77 can reach a speed of 220 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds. With 750-horsepower in a V12 engine, it’s no surprise that the One-77 makes it on CBS Miami’s list.

    Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    8. Noble M600

    Another British car designer makes the list in the eighth position. Though perhaps not as famous as Aston Martin, Noble Automotive makes up for their lack or recognition with pure horsepower. The Noble M600, seen here, can reach a speed of 225 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds.

    Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Richard

    8. Noble M600

    The Noble M600 can reach a speed of 225 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds, according to CBS Miami. Expensive and exclusive, only fifty M600s see production every year.

    Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Richard

    7. Gumpert Apollo

    It was only a matter of time before a German company made the list. Gumpert might not be the first name that comes to mind when thinking about German automakers, but these specialty supercar stylists are the only to make the list. The Gumpert Apollo, seen here, can reach a speed of 225 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 3.0 seconds.

    Credit: Jens-Ulrich Koch/AFP/Getty Images

    7. Gumpert Apollo

    The Gumpert Apollo can reach a speed of 225 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 3.0 seconds, according to CBS Miami.

    Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur is the official name for the carmaker. As you can probably guess, they are dedicated to manufacturing sports cars.

    Credit: Jens-Ulrich Koch/AFP/Getty Images

    6. Zenvo ST1

    One doesn’t usually think of Scandinavia when talking about high-performance driving machines. But getting through this list may change your mind. Hailing from Denmark is the Zenvo ST1. The Zenvo ST1 can reach a speed of 233 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds.

    6. Zenvo ST1

    The Zenvo ST1 can reach a speed of 233 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds, according to CBS Miami. It’s one of the fastest cars in the world. But is it even the fastest car in Scandinavia?

    5. Koenigsegg CCX

    Just a short hop north from Zenvo is the Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg. These carmakers deal only in hyper-fast, hyper-expensive speed machines.The Koenigsegg CCX can reach a speed of 245 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds.

    5. Koenigsegg CCX

    The Koenigsegg CCX can reach a speed of 245 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. Expect to pay the price for all this speed. Koenigsegg supercars are some of the most expensive in the world.

    4. 9ff GT9-R

    One way to make a super-fast car is to take one that’s already zippy and improve on it. The Porsche 911 is a classic example of speed and style. German car tuning company 9ff took a 911 and made it even faster. The 9ff GT9-R can reach a speed of 257 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds.

    4. 9ff GT9-R

    The 9ff GT9-R can reach a speed of 257 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds, according to CBS Miami. One sure way to increase speed is to reduce weight. The GT9-R looks like a million bucks on the outside, but with all the amenities stripped from the interior you may be in for a bumpy ride.

    3. Koenigsegg Agera R

    Koenigsegg against makes the list with another super-charged supercar. The Koenigsegg Agera R can reach a speed of 260 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds.

    3. Koenigsegg Agera R

    The Koenigsegg Agera R can reach a speed of 260 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds. The Agera pumps out over 900 horsepower, and its carbon fiber body makes it lightweight, aerodynamic and very pretty to look at.

    2. Hennessey Venom GT

    Another example of taking something that works and making it better. Houston, Texas-based car tuners Hennessey Performance Engineering took a (heavily modified) Lotus Exige chassis, threw in a (heavily modified) Corvette engine, and kept tweaking until they had the Venom GT. The Hennessey Venom GT can reach a speed of 260 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds.

    Credit: Joe Windsor-Williams/VenomGT.com

    2. Hennessey Venom GT

    The Hennessey Venom GT can reach a speed of 260 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, according to CBS Miami. These cars can fly, but are they worth the wait? Only ten Venom GTs see production every year, so you’ll have to sign up soon to lock down your next supercar.

    Credit: Joe Windsor-Williams/VenomGT.com

    1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

    We finish the list where we started: Italy. Bugatti is a brand synonymous with speed and style (and price). The fastest car in the world, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, can reach a speed of 267 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds.

    Credit: Feng Li/Getty Images

    1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

    The fastest car in the world, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, can reach a speed of 267 mph, and go from 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds. The Bugatti Veyron tops lists wherever it goes. It comes in a variety of styles, but it’s only the Super Sport (which, as its name suggests, is built for pure speed) which makes in on CBS Miami’s list of the ten fastest cars in the world.

    Credit: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images


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    Software Developer Cover Letter Example #junior #software #developer


    Software Developer Cover Letter Example

    Updated November 11, 2016

    If you are applying for a job as a software developer, you will likely need to send a cover letter along with your resume submission. Think of your cover letter as a place to showcase your most relevant skills. For instance, if the job calls for experience in a certain programming language, you can mention your certification or projects you have built using that language.

    Companies may be interested in how you work with others and how you would fit in with the company culture. in addition to your coding knowledge.

    The cover letter also offers you an opportunity to explain why you are interested in this particular position, at this particular company.

    See below for an example of a cover letter for a software developer position. Use this as a starting point and inspiration while crafting your own letter. Also, review a resume for a software developer.

    Software Developer Cover Letter

    Your Name
    Your Address
    Your City, State, Zip Code
    Your Phone Number
    Your Email

    Company Name
    City, State, Zip Code

    Dear HR Manager:

    This letter is to express my interest in your posting on Dice.com for an experienced Software Developer. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Master’s degree in Information Technology, and hands-on experience using .Net languages to create and implement software applications, I am confident I will be an asset to your organization.

    I enjoy being challenged and working on projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set, as continuing to learn new languages and development techniques are important to me and the success of your organization.

    Your listed requirements closely match my background and skills. A few I would like to highlight that would enable me to contribute to your bottom line are:

    • Highly skilled in designing, testing, and developing software
    • Thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms
    • Knowledgeable of back-end development best practices
    • Hands-on software troubleshooting experience
    • Proven track record of proper documentation for future maintenance and upgrades

    I’ve attached a copy of my resume that details my projects and experience in software development. I can be reached anytime via my cell phone, 555-555-5555 or via email at name gmail.com.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity.

    Your Signature (hard copy letter)

    Software Developer Resume

    Firstname Lastname
    Home 555-555-5555 | Cell 555-123-4567
    lastname.firstname email.com
    567 North Street
    Boston, MA 02108

    Hero Tech ,SoftwareDeveloper
    June 20XX – Present

    Software Developer on the HeroTech.Net technology team. Duties include:

    • Development updates to reporting engine using VB.net and ASP.NET.
    • Support releases developed in ASP.
    • Assist in the refinement of software developing methodology used throughout the company.

    ABC Associates. Software Engineer
    October 20XX – June 20XX

    Software Engineer/Project Manager on the San Manager team. Duties included:

    • Developing the latest release of San Manager using C and Java.
    • Assisting in the framework design of San Manager using J2EE technologies.
    • Managing development work done in our India Tech Center.

    ABC Associates. Bootcamp
    June 20XX – September 20XX

    Member of the ABC Associates bootcamp program – an intensive 3-month leadership, management, and development training program for choice software engineers – covering advanced topics in software engineering, project management, and leadership training.

    XYZ Polytechnic Institute. Boston, MA
    Master of Science – Information Technology
    May 20XX

    XYZ Polytechnic Institute. Boston, MA
    Bachelor of Science – Computer Science
    May 20XX

    Languages: C , Java, C. Net, SQL
    Applications: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse
    Application Server: JBoss, Tomcat
    Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux
    Database Systems: SQL Server, MySQL, Ingres
    Certifications: CCNA, Unicenter Certified Engineer

    Sending an Email Cover Letter

    If you re sending your cover letter via email, list your name and the job title in the subject line of the email message:


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    Electronic Medical Records #electronic #medical #records #benefits


    Electronic Medical Records

    “The new self check-in kiosk at Lakeside has been a very positive addition to clinic operations. We have received excellent feedback from both patients and staff. Patients are happy because it is a simple interface that rapidly, accurately and privately accomplishes the check-in routine. The staff are happy as it has unloaded a large portion of one of their most time consuming tasks, allowing them the ability to devote more time to the complex tasks that are not so easily automated. We have been pleasantly surprised by everyone’s acceptance of this added functionality”

    – Dr. Bill Haver, Managing Partner, Lakeside Medical Clinic

    “While there are still people who appreciate registering in person with a receptionist, a high volume of patients are very enthusiastic about the convenience and ease of using the kiosk. The touch screen terminal is so user-friendly, patients of all ages seem very comfortable with it”

    – Warner Kabatoff, General Manager, Lakeside Medical Clinic

    “Moving from one software to another is a big deal. However once we saw the power of Accuro, the vote was unanimous. Each Physician could see that the future benefits of this system were going to be huge!”

    – Tom Malone, Chief Executive Officer, Winnipeg Clinic

    “I knew that implementing Accuro EMR across the community would not only facilitate efficiency of workflow, but would allow physicians to make informed decisions based on the bigger picture. With a tailored system, enabling physicians to take control of the system, we now have total care over each and every one of our patients”

    – Dr. Harold Nyhof, Vice President, Medical Services, North Eastman Health Association (NEHA)

    “As one of the physicians in the largest and busiest clinic in Nova Scotia, with over 15 years of experience on an EMR, I was naturally very cautious about switching to another EMR platform. I was very impressed with our transition to QHR’s Accuro EMR and very relieved that what QHR promised, they delivered. QHR was able to completely import my 15 years of electronic data in a very structured format. I have been very pleased with the transition and the interfaces with the lab and diagnostic imaging which were created. I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO RECOMMEND ACCURO.”

    – Dr. Robert Oliver, Woodlawn Medical Clinic, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

    Connect With Us


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    Litman Gregory Masters Funds #gregory #dodge


    Litman Gregory Masters Funds

    *Sharpe Ratio is measure of a fund’s return relative to its risk. The Sharpe ratio uses standard deviation to measure a fund’s risk-adjusted returns. The higher a fund’s Sharpe ratio, the better a fund’s returns have been relative to the risk it has taken on. Because it uses standard deviation, the Sharpe ratio can be used to compare risk-adjusted returns across all fund categories.

    Performance quoted represents past performance and does not guarantee future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance of the funds may be lower or higher than the performance quoted. To obtain standardized performance, please clickHERE

    Litman Gregory Masters Funds investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses must be considered carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other important information about the investment company, and it may be obtained by clicking here or a free hard copy is available by calling 1-800-960-0188. Read it carefully before investing.

    Each of the funds may invest in foreign securities. Investing in foreign securities exposes investors to economic, political, and market risks and fluctuations in foreign currencies. Each of the funds may invest in the securities of small companies. Small-company investing subjects investors to additional risks, including security price volatility and less liquidity than investing in larger companies.

    The International Fund will invest in emerging markets. Investments in emerging market countries involve additional risks such as government dependence on a few industries or resources, government-imposed taxes on foreign investment or limits on the removal of capital from a country, unstable government, and volatile markets.

    Investments in debt securities typically decrease when interest rates rise. This risk is usually greater for longer-term debt securities. Investments in mortgage-backed securities include additional risks that investor should be aware of including credit risk, prepayment risk, possible illiquidity, and default, as well as increased susceptibility to adverse economic developments. Investments in lower-rated and non-rated securities present a greater risk of loss to principal and interest than higher-rated securities. Derivatives may involve certain costs and risks such as liquidity, interest rate, market, credit, management, and the risk that a position could not be closed when most advantageous. Investing in derivatives could lose more than the amount invested.The Alternative Strategies Fund may make short sales of securities, which involves the risk that losses may exceed the original amount invested.

    Investment in absolute return strategies are not intended to outperform stocks and bonds during strong market rallies.

    Merger arbitrage investments risk loss if a proposed reorganization in which the fund invests is renegotiated or terminated.

    Leverage may cause the effect of an increase or decrease in the value of the portfolio securities to be magnified and the fund to be more volatile than if leverage was not used.

    i – The Morningstar Rating for funds, or “star rating”, is calculated for managed products (including mutual funds, variable annuity and variable life subaccounts, exchange-traded funds, closed end funds, and separate accounts) with at least a three-year history. Exchange-traded funds and open ended mutual funds are considered a single population for comparative purposes. It is calculated based on a Morningstar Risk-Adjusted Return measure that accounts for variation in a managed products monthly excess performance, placing more emphasis on downward variations and rewarding consistent performance. The top 10% of products in each product category receive 5 stars, the next 22.5% receive 4 stars, the next 35% receive 3 stars the next 22.5% receive 2 stars, and the bottom 10% receive 1 star. The Overall Morningstar Rating for a managed product is derived from a weighted average of the performance figures associated with its three-, five-, and 10-year (if applicable) Morningstar Rating metrics. The weights are 100% three-year rating for 36-59 months of total returns, 60% five-year rating/40% three-year rating for 60-119 months of total returns, and 50% 10-year rating/30% five-year rating/20% three-year rating for 120 or more months of total returns. While the 10 year overall rating formula seems to give the most weight to the 10-year period, the most recent three-year period actually has the greatest impact because it is included in all three rating periods. Litman Gregory Masters Alternative Strategies Fund was rated against the following numbers of Multialternative funds over the following time periods as of 6/30/2017: 243 funds in the last three years, and 154 funds in the last five years. With respect to these Multialternative funds, Litman Gregory Masters Alternative Strategies (MASFX) received a Morningstar Rating of 5 stars and 5 stars for the three- and five-year periods, respectively. Ratings for other share classes may be different. Morningstar rating is for the Institutional share class only; other classes may have different performance characteristics. The Investor share class received a 5-star rating for the Overall and 5-year period, and a 4-star rating for the 3-year period.

    The Litman Gregory Masters Funds are registered for sale to residents of the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.Virgin Islands, and information on this site is intended only for such persons. Nothing on this site should be considered a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell shares of any Litman Gregory Masters Fund in any jurisdiction where the offer or solicitation would be unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction.

    Diversification does not assure a profit nor protect against loss in a declining market.

    While the funds are no-load, management fees and other expenses will apply. Please refer to the prospectus for further details.

    Mutual fund investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible.

    Multi-investment management styles may lead to higher transaction expenses compared to single investment management styles. Outcomes depend on the skill of the sub-advisors and advisor and the allocation of assets amongst them.

    2017 Morningstar Inc. All Rights Reserved. The information contained herein: (1) is proprietary to Morningstar; (2) may not be copied or distributed; and (3) is not warranted to be accurate, complete or timely. Neither Morningstar nor its content providers are responsible for any damages or losses arising from any use of this information.

    Past performance does not guarantee future results.

    The Litman Gregory Masters Funds are distributed by ALPS Distributors, Inc.


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    Laminar Flow Hoods, Exhaust Hood, ISO 5 Hood #laminar #flow #inc


    Cleanroom Hoods

    We understand you may have questions about the products and services offered by CAS. Please fill out the following form and you will be promptly contacts by a qualified member of our staff.

    Cleanroom Hoods

    Laminar Flow Hoods

    Hoods offer particle-free work areas designed to increase productivity. Laminar air flow protects the product or process from contaminants introduced by many sources such as personnel, equipment or from the product itself. Our standard Laminar Flow Hoods and Table Top Laminar Flow Benches are a cost-effective solution for isolating critical applications.

    ISO 5 Compounding Hoods

    ISO 5 Hoods for laboratory applications can provide either horizontal or vertical air streams; Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods are recommended for applications where the process generates vapors, solvents, chemicals or other fine powders. In some cases where noxious fumes are being used, a vertical flow hood should be utilized. Flow hoods may be floor or table top mounted depending on the available space. If vibration is a concern, a table top unit would not be suitable. Make sure to select a hood that provides adequate space for your process. A congested hood can also obstruct the air flow and increase particle accumulation.

    Class II Biological Safety Cabinet / Hoods

    Probably The World’s Most Advanced Energy Efficient, Quiet, and Compact BioSafety Cabinet

    The Airstream Class II Biological Safety Cabinet is an effective solution in providing operator, product and environmental protection within laboratories and industrial facilities. With the presence of its DC ECM blower, this is the most energy efficient Class II BioSafety Cabinet in the world with 70% energy savings compared to AC motor. It also features stable and self-compensating airflow, despite building voltage fluctuations filter loading. Its large performance envelope in an open declaration of possible safe operating airflow values. Certified EN 12469, Esco Airstream Class II Biological Safety Cabinet also has antimicrobial coating on all its external and internal painted surfaces.

    Fume Hoods

    We specialize in Polypropylene Fume Hood Exhaust units fabricated from white polypropylene, an extremely durable and non-corrosive thermoplastic; highly resistant to most acids, solvents and other liquids. Units are made to order in five basic sizes. The basic console fumehood requires a remote exhaust system. Unit consists of a white polypropylene structure with a sliding adjustable clear acrylic sash, internal fluorescent lighting, front panel for controls, a solid reinforced work surface with front lip, removable rear baffles for cleaning, and hinged vented doors for storage below the work surface. Our Constant Volume Bypass Fume Hoods are also available with vertical sliding counterbalanced face shields.

    Solvent Hoods

    Construction Solvent Hood 16 ga. 304 type stainless steel with a # 4 polish finish and reinforced table top. Adjustable rear wall baffles for exhaust air. Reinforced work surface for heavy loads. Vented storage cabinet. /-0.5 static pressure drop across hood. Hoods fabricated with all internal plumbing, electrical and instrumentation complete as per customer requirements. Mechanical leg leveling. Rear exhaust plenum terminates at 10 dia. Collar(s). Angled sliding face shield. 12 opening at face. 6 -8 hood shield in 2 sections with center support guide. Also available in Epoxy painted steel, Polypropylene and 316L Stainless steel as required.

    Wet Process Fume Exhaust Hood

    We offer the WPS Series Wet Process Fume Exhaust Hood units that are designed as free-standing with vented base cabinets. It is designed for use in semiconductor research and manufacturing where process tanks, rinsers, heated baths require large sophisticated control modules. The nitrogen purged upper head case compartment located above the work surface is designed for these process equipment control modules to keep them at eye level within easy reach of the operator. By employing retractable clear PVC safety shields, efficient capture velocities can be maintained at significantly lower cfm. These units operate with an exhaust blower (by others) to provide a means of removal of toxic fumes and odors. Adjustable baffles on the rear wall allow for proper balance of fumes through the cabinet. Many options are available for this unit such as heated baths, dump rinsers, ultrasonic baths, sinks, gooseneck faucets, Di Spray Guns, Nitrogen Guns, etc.

    Please contact one of our specialists at CAS to request a no-obligation quote on any of our hood products.


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    How to save on flights: 11 ways to find the best

    #great flight deals

    11 Ideas for How To Save on Flights

    I’ve always heard conflicting advice on paying  for a flight. Some swear you need to book as early as possible to get the best price, while others say last-minute deals are the best bargain. Even though this remains unpredictable, there are still great ways you can save on airfare. When you are booking your next flight, keep these eight money-saving tips in mind to get the best price for airfare:

    Shop midweek.

    Just like there are certain days at the grocery store that always seem to have a bargain, you’ll see the same is true with with airlines. Many airlines release sales on Tuesdays and Wednesdays since they are the least popular days of the week people are shopping for flights. “Monday night is when the major airlines announce sales. This triggers airlines to try to match those sales on Tuesday,” Rick Seaney, CEO and co-founder of FareCompare.com says. Once one airline posts deals, others will do the same to compete. Scope the scene Tuesday afternoon for a low ticket price.

    According to Susanna Zaraysky, author of Travel Happy, Budget Low. if your departure or return dates are flexible, use airfare search engines to play around with various dates to get affordable tickets. If you can be flexible with the dates and time you travel, it is a huge advantage to saving money on flights. Sometimes booking a day later, or even an hour later, can end up saving you a great deal. Search various dates and times you are available to travel. Some airlines, like Southwest, offer an entire calendar to make it easy to spot when the best time to fly is. Flexibility also comes into play if you don’t mind getting a connecting flight, since many people are so opposed to the idea.

    Be a nanny on flight seriously.

    If you have any childcare experience, sign up to be a nanny on your flight. Parents sign up at Nanny in the Clouds if they need assistance caring for their child or children while checking bags, getting settled, and in the air flying. For you, simply type in your flight information and see if there are parents in need of an extra hand. From there, you set your wage and literally get paid while you fly.

    Choose another airport.

    The same way you are flexible with when you travel should also be applied to where you are traveling to and from. Sometimes choosing a different airport can end up saving hundreds of dollars and be well-worth traveling the extra distance. I had relatives coming to visit me in Chicago that flew into an airport one hour south of me to save several hundred dollars. Since they were renting a car anyway, the money they spent on gas and the time were worth it.

    Check deal sites AND airline websites.

    Standby websites like Orbitz  and CheapTickets.com  (and a host of others) offer an overview of what the lowest prices are out there. This is a great start, but a big mistake that people make is not looking at the airline’s actual website too. Airlines want you to book through their site, so they often offer a deal that the travel search sites don’t know about. Also keep in mind that many airline rewards are only offered if you book through their website.

    Get the package deal.

    The interesting thing about the search sites mentioned above, is they allow you to book your hotel stay and book your rental car as well as a flight. Booking things together in a package can easily add up to a discount. Sometimes, you don t even have to do it at the same time. For example, CheapTickets.com offers users booking a flight a promo code good for a 15 percent discount on your hotel. That said, shop around and price each item separately to see if you are truly getting a deal.

    Keep an eye out on for a lower price.

    You’re excited for your trip, you find a good deal and book your tickets, and you anxiously await take off. But do you ever check back to see if the price went down? I’ll admit that I used to never check back, until I found one day that the price had significantly dropped. Once you book your ticket, watch for the price to go down. If it does, contact the airline to see if they will give you a refund or credit for the difference.

    Book a red eye flight or flight with stops.

    It may be late, but booking a red eye flight is most likely going to be significantly cheaper. And on that same page, flights with multiple stops will cost less. Sure, it is much more convenient for a nonstop flight, but if you can save hundreds of dollars, it could be well worth the trouble.

    Watch for hidden fees.

    The best way to save money is to know what you are actually spending. You might see a good deal, but with hidden fees, it can turn out to be much more expensive than you think. Some things you can be charged for include: checking bags, booking fees, food and drink on flight, boarding early, or premium seating. Find out what is included and not included before you book. Also, find out the airline’s policy on changing flights. Some airlines can charge a change fee of $170 plus your new flight’s difference if you need to change your flight.

    Keep an eye out for sales and promotions.

    Airlines are always offering deals, sales, and other promotions throughout the year, especially during off-travel times. Sign up for airline e-mails to hear about these money-saving offers and receive coupons or promo codes. Also, follow airlines on Twitter and Facebook to hear about deals as well.

    Use a credit card to your advantage.

    Using a credit card in a smart way can score you free flights or reduced airfare when you fly. If you’re in the market for a new credit card, consider applying for one through an airline. They’ll offer free flights or a ton of bonus points. Plus, when you use your card, it results in points toward free flights.

    How do you find inexpensive flights?


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    HKB Travels Time Table 2015, Schedule, Routes, Fare, Bus Timings Enquiry

    #hkb travels

    HKB is the best

    About HKB Travels

    About HKB Travels

    HKB Travels started its journey in 1999, and has come a long way offering bus services to travellers in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. It is a well known inter-city bus service in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

    HKB Travels Bus type

    With a fleet of over 20 buses including Multi-axle Volvo and Sleeper and Semi-Sleeper buses in both A/c and Non A/c categories, it operates in all major routes in at least three states including Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. HKB Travels operates over 24 bus services on 14 routes daily.

    HKB Travels Online Booking and Ticket Booking

    Tickets can be booked online on the official website of the company and also through various leading online travel agencies, by using credit cards, debit cards or net banking.

    Regular Routes of HKB Travels

    Some of the important routes of HKB Travels are Mumbai to Hyderabad, Hyderabad to Mumbai, Hyderabad to Annavaram, Hyderabad to Rajahmundry, Annavaram to Hyderabad, Tuni to Hyderabad, Bangalore to Hyderabad, Hyderabad to Pune, Hyderabad to Bangalore, Pune to Hyderabad, Hyderabad to Vishakhapatnam, Rajahmundry to Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam to Hyderabad and Hyderabad to Tuni.


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    Holiday Travel #gap #travel

    #travel holidays

    Holiday Travel Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

    The holidays are steeped in family traditions – opening presents at first light on Christmas Day, napping during the football game on Thanksgiving, lighting the menorah during Hanukkah, inching the car through a traffic jam on the interstate and standing in an airport line that just doesn’t move.

    holiday travel

    happiness and minimize coal-in-the-stocking grief, follow these helpful

    holiday travel tips

    compiled by ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents). Some of the most travel-wise people in the world, ASTA members know the secrets that will help you and your family arrive at Grandma’s house full of holiday cheer.

    ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Before the Holiday Travel Begins

    Contact a travel agent well in advance of your trip to secure the lowest-priced airline seats, hotel rooms and rental cars that usually sell out quickly for holiday travel. Be aware that prices generally escalate during the holiday season, as demand is higher.

    Packing light saves time and energy when it comes to filling the trunk with fragile bags packed with gifts or racing to fill the last empty space in the overhead bin. Some airlines place special restrictions during the holidays and allow only one carry-on, so less luggage is vital. For detailed tips on how to pack wisely, click here .


    holiday travel tip

    for packing lighter is to ship your gifts to your destination ahead of time. Allow at least two to three weeks for your package to arrive, for the holidays are hectic times for courier services like UPS and Federal Express.

    Before leaving, be sure to secure your house. Lock all doors and windows, and don’t forget to set the alarm. Also, give your home that lived-in look to repel potential burglars by having a friend collect your mail, setting lights on timers and not leaving details of your trip on the answering machine.

    Now Dasher, Now Dancer – Flying During the Holidays

    Without a sleigh and eight reindeer, your holiday travel plans will most likely bring you, and millions of others, to the airport. But fear not – with a few precautions and a little TravelSense, your pre-flight schedule will be absent of anxiety.

    First, avoid peak travel days. As your travel agent will tell you, the busiest days to fly are those immediately before and after the actual holidays. Book your flights two days before and after Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

    Your travel agent can secure you a non-stop flight, or one involving the fewest connections and stops. Every time your plane touches the ground during peak travel times, the possibility of delays due to inclement weather or air-traffic problems increases. Also, aim to book morning flights, which tend to be delayed less often than afternoon departures.

    If possible, have a friend drive you to the airport, or take a shuttle or public transportation. Shuttle services generally pick up guests early to ensure a timely arrival. If you drive and park at the airport lot, do not leave any valuables, such as CDs, or GPSs in plain view. Also remember to put jumper cables in the trunk in case the battery dies during your trip.

    Take the worry of getting to the airport completely out of the equation by staying at an airport hotel the night before an early flight. The additional sleep is well worth it. In some cases, hotels will allow guests to leave their car in the hotel lot for the duration of their trip, so make a few calls to discover which hotels offer this valuable service.

    As flights are sometimes overbooked during the holidays, it’s critical to check in early. Domestic travelers should arrive at the airport two hours prior to departure, while international travelers should arrive three hours in advance. Spending an idle hour in the gift shop is much more fun than missing your flight by ten minutes.

    If you do not send your gifts ahead, then do not wrap them before the flight. With safety a priority for all airlines, security personnel will need access to all items. Pack collapsible gift bags to be used as wrapping upon arrival.

    Keep a positive attitude, but also be mentally ready for setbacks. Delays happen, and airlines do the best they can to keep their schedules on time. Bring water and snacks, an inflatable pillow and eye mask, a good book, your favorite CDs, MP3 player and a deck of cards. Boredom is the true enemy in these situations, so be prepared to conquer it!

    Turkeys Can’t Fly – Holiday driving Tips for Navigating the Open Road

    Most Americans tend not to stray too far from their family’s roots, making long drives on the interstate an integral part of the holiday ritual.

    The first step to ensure a smooth car trip is to keep your car in good working order. As temperatures drop during November and December, being stuck on the side of the road while waiting for an overworked tow-truck driver is not the place to be. Before you leave, have a qualified mechanic check all the car’s vitals: brakes, battery, fluid levels, tire pressure, light bulbs and any parts that need regular maintenance.

    As with all long-distance winter road trips, it’s wise to bring emergency equipment, such as a first-aid kit, flashlight, blankets, drinking water and snacks, along with flares and jumper cables. An ice scraper and chains for the tires will also come in handy. While a white Christmas is great for the memories, it’s not ideal for winter driving conditions.

    Pad your schedule to allow plenty of time for the drive. Like shopping malls, the roads are busiest on the days right before and after the major holidays. If possible, take an extra day off to reduce the chances of being lodged in a traffic jam.

    Once on the road, drive carefully, patiently and stifle any burgeoning impulses of road rage. Try not to view other cars and traffic signals as personal obstacles. Work with your fellow drivers and not against them. Indicate during lane changes and give everyone plenty of room. Also, be forgiving when someone demonstrates reckless driving.

    Don’t leave valuables in your car. Pack all items, especially brightly wrapped packages, in the trunk. If afraid of squashed bows, wait until you arrive to wrap the gifts.

    Overall, try to make driving fun, and view it as part of the holiday, not as a chore. If traveling with children, get everyone involved by singing or reminiscing about favorite past holidays. The ride will be over before you know it, and you’ll actually look forward to the drive back home.

    Giving Thanks – Arriving Safely Is Thanks Enough

    If Santa can travel safely year in and year out, so can you and your family. Just remember these tips from the friendly travel agents at ASTA. With a little TravelSense, everyone will be home for the holidays with warm memories to share.


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    Home – Global Tours – Travel #tibet #travel

    #tours and travels


    Private Jet Charters

    Interested in Jet Charters? Our associates at CHELSEA AVIATION GROUP will get you there in ultimate style, comfort, and safety. and excellent value!

    GTT Travel Gift Cards and more.

    a perfect gift for anyone

    Give the golfer in your life a great golf vacation. and a great putting stroke! Our new ACCUPUTT indoor putting training system is guaranteed to improve putting accuracy by at least 50% in 30 days! (results validated in independent consumer test by GolfTest USA)

    Sunny Vacation Destinations


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    Holiday rep job description #allianz #travel #insurance

    #travel rep

    Holiday rep job description

    %img src=”http://www.totaljobs.com/careers-advice/job-profile/travel-leisure-jobs/%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp%3E/media/tj/jobseekers/careers-advice/inflatable-ball.ashx” /%

    So, what will I actually be doing?

    Tour operators require reps to work throughout the summer and winter seasons to ensure that holiday makers have an enjoyable trip. You’re the first point of contact for customers so be prepared to answer questions and resolve problems.

    Your day will usually start with meeting the excited new arrivals at the airport and overseeing transfers to their accommodation. From there your duties may include:

    • Giving an introductory talk on the facilities and the area
    • Accompanying holidaymakers on excursions
    • Helping to arrange entertainment
    • Completing paperwork (yes, even reps have admin )

    Of course, holidays rarely run completely smoothly and you may need to deal with unexpected dilemmas from lost passports to medical emergencies, so be prepared to deal with anything.

    %img src=”http://www.totaljobs.com/careers-advice/job-profile/travel-leisure-jobs/%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp%3E/media/tj/job-descriptions/search_for_jobs_like_this.ashx?w=508 h=98 as=1″ /%

    Find holiday jobs now

    See all of our current holiday vacancies or sign up to have new holiday jobs emailed directly to you.

    The finer details.

    The summer season runs from April to September and the winter season (ski reps) work October to December. And it’s not as easy as it looks, definitely not a nine to five position, you’ll be on the go for 12 hours a day, six days a week.

    So what can you do when the holiday season is over? People who love working as a holiday rep can progress to becoming team leaders or resort managers. Others find work as a travel agent or tour guide. The skills you learn as a holiday rep (customer service. time management, events organising) are transferable to many other careers so it looks great on your CV .

    Money, money, money

    Newcomers will earn about £450 to £500 per month while more experienced reps can earn up to £800 per month. But there are plenty of bonuses including:

    • Free accommodation
    • Reduced or free meals at the hotel
    • Free flights to and from your location
    • Reduced holiday costs from the tour operator

    The good points.

    “Being your own boss while in a lovely destination and helping clients to get the most out of their holiday. Clients are generally very grateful for any help you can offer, from taking them to hospital if a child has had an accident to pointing them in the direction of the best beaches and good restaurants,” say the reps at Sunvil Holidays.

    If that wasn’t enough, you’ll have the chance to learn a new language, meet a range of different people and, as entry requirements are very flexible, gain valuable work experience. what’s not to love?

    and the bad

    “Flight problems and delays. There is so little that you can do and the airport very quickly becomes a very unpleasant place to be. Trying to get accurate information for your clients is a nightmare!”

    If you’ve ever gone away and seen the reps leading a pub crawl, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was all sunbathing and partying, but it you’d be wrong, it’s as much hard work as it is fun.

    Is there study involved?

    There are no set requirements to become a holiday rep but many tour operators are looking for four GCSEs (grade C or above) and experience working in customer care. You also need to be aged 18 plus (sometimes this can be 21 and over).

    Applicants with.

    • A qualification in the industry (such as a BTEC Diploma in travel and tourism)
    • A working knowledge of one or more foreign languages
    • Administrative experience

    . will find themselves a step ahead of the rest. A qualification in childcare is essential for anyone wanting to work as a children’s rep running holiday clubs.

    Once your application has been successful you’ll need to complete an intense 2 to 4-week induction course run by the tour operator. The course will cover subjects such as health and safety, dealing with customer complaints, organising excursions and exchange rates.

    OK, I’m interested. But is it really the job for me?

    Anyone with a love of travel, bags of energy. plenty of initiative, polished customer service skills and lots of patience will make a first-class holiday rep.


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    Holiday Extras #travel #sweepstakes

    #travel extras

    Travel Extras

    Ensure a stress free holiday with The Co-operative Travel

    In the excitement of booking your holiday we bet you have forgotten something… whether that’s how you are getting to the airport or that you can’t spend GBP in the USA, whatever it is, we can help… just consider this page your friendly, one stop holiday extras search!

    Booking your holiday extras with Co-operative Travel means you stick with a brand you can trust. We offer all of our extra services at competitive rates; from airport parking, hiring a car or transfers to your hotel.

    All of our products are fully bookable online, and your search will include quotes for everything in one go… all you need to do is pick what you need… easy!

    Check out our rates for:

    Booking the holiday extras above are simple… all you need to do is complete the one stop search form on the left, ensuring you state your flight and resort details, and we provide everything that you need to enhance your holiday!

    We can also book other extras over the phone such as lounge passes or airport hotel stays. ensuring a cosy sleep and no traffic worries the night before you fly. so just give us a call on 0844 800 7010.

    You can also earn your membership points on certain holiday extras too!

    What is Cash Passport Travel Money Card

    Travelling abroad, pop into one of our high street locations for all of your travel money needs. Our exchange rates are competitive, so there is no need to shop around.


    Avoid the queues in resort by booking your attractions before you travel, take advantage of our competitive rates and relax knowing how much spending money you will need to take with you. Click for more info

    Resort Services

    Our resort services help when you need assistance whilst abroad. You like to think everything will run smoothly but in case of emergency it is nice to know you have support. Click for more info

    Want to venture out and explore a bit more of the country you are visiting? The freedom attached to driving means you can explore the hidden nooks and crannies. Click for more info


    If you want a trustworthy, friendly, solution to ensure you get safely from the airport to the hotel…. why not book your transfers through The Co-operative Travel. Click for more info

    Airport Car Parking

    We ensure guaranteed security for your vehicle no matter how long you are away and best of all no waiting around in the cold in your flip flops.


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    Halifax UK #surf #travel

    #travel insurence

    Travel insurance

    Halifax Travel Insurance is sold, administered and underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc.

    Bags packed. Milk cancelled. Don’t forget your travel insurance. Here’s what we offer

    Single trip travel insurance – Cover for you and up to 9 other people for one trip lasting up to 183 days which must leave from and return to the UK.

    Annual multi-trip travel insurance – Covers you and up to 9 other people for any number of trips. To a maximum of 60 days each time you travel (winter sports cover is limited to 24 days per year). All trips must leave from and return to the UK.

    And here are just a few of the things we cover

    Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply. In particular there are important conditions relating to health which may affect your cover. Cover is not available if you are over 76 years old. For full details of the cover take a look at the policy booklet (PDF) and frequently asked questions (PDF).

    Lloyds Bank Insurance Services Limited (No. 968406) registered in England and Wales at 25 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7NH. Lloyds Bank Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Halifax name and logo is used under licence.


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    High School in Australia #simpsons #travel

    #student travel australia

    High School in Australia


    Welcome to Australia!

    Greenheart Travel s high school program in Australia provides the opportunity to participate in exciting school-based activities such as drama productions, music bands, weekend sports and adventure activities, while immersing yourself in the Aussie way of life. Learn to speak Australian slang and try a bit of Vegamite in a friendly community set in one of South Australia’s unique regional landscapes. Experience life in the land down under and start your High School Australia application today!

    Studying in the South Australian hills will allow you to experience the many wildlife parks where you can cuddle with a koala and feed a kangaroo! Exploring the Adelaide Central Business District will allow you to visit the Adelaide Central Markets and the Adelaide Zoo!

    In between visits to art galleries and museums, check out the South Australian beaches! They are perfect for swimming, fishing, snorkeling or surfing.

    Your host family might take you to visit surrounding sites such as Kangaroo Island, Remarkable Rocks, or Flinders Ranges, the largest mountain range in South Australia with plenty of walking trails and opportunities to spot native wildlife!


    Check out a typical school day in a South Australian high school:

    8.30am: Arrive at school. Home group for attendance and daily notices.

    8.30am 10.45am: Lessons such as English and Information Technology

    10.45am: Recess (a short break for a drink and snack)

    11.00am 12.45pm: Lessons such as Geography and Mathematics

    12.45pm: Lunch (time to eat lunch with your friends, attend activity clubs, music lessons or sport practice)

    1.30pm 3.30pm: Lesson such as Home Economics and Science

    3.30pm: School finishes. Many students are involved in after school sports or music bands.

    Greenheart Travel Global Explorer Scholarship

    All of us at Greenheart Travel feel that traveling abroad is a life-changing experience that shapes students to become global leaders, and we’re excited to offer the opportunity for high school students to experience full cultural immersion through our Greenheart Travel Global Explorer Scholarship opportunities. Scholarship winners will be chosen based on academic merit and financial need, as well as a submitted writing sample and photo essay.

    Learn more on our scholarship page about how you can apply for a $3,000 Global Explorer Scholarship for a trimester program in Australia!


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    Health Information for Travelers to Puerto Rico (U. S. ) –

    #travel to puerto rico

    Vaccines and Medicines

    You should be up to date on routine vaccinations while traveling to any destination. Some vaccines may also be required for travel.

    Get travel vaccines and medicines because there is a risk of these diseases in the country you are visiting.

    Ask your doctor what vaccines and medicines you need based on where you are going, how long you are staying, what you will be doing, and if you are traveling from a country other than the US.

    You can get hepatitis B through sexual contact, contaminated needles, and blood products, so CDC recommends this vaccine if you might have sex with a new partner, get a tattoo or piercing, or have any medical procedures.

    • Travelers involved in outdoor and other activities in remote areas that put them at risk for animal bites (such as adventure travel and caving).
    • People who will be working with or around animals (such as veterinarians, wildlife professionals, and researchers).
    • People who are taking long trips or moving to remote areas in Puerto Rico
    • Children, because they tend to play with animals, might not report bites, and are more likely to have animal bites on their head and neck.


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    How to Score Cheap Airline Tickets. #travel #info

    #search for cheap airline tickets

    How to Score Cheap Airline Tickets


    Start your search for cheap airline tickets 4 months before your trip IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. Experts believe the airlines start to tighten up their schedules at this time, attempting to get the most seats sold. Clearly, waiting to buy airline tickets 14 days or fewer before the flight is a bad idea because fares will be steep. Airlines know last minute flyers are their bread and butter, and they’ll always be around bringing in the big bucks.

    Visit the popular travel discount web sites like Priceline, Orbitz, Expedia, and the popularly named Cheaptickets. Just remember, once you purchase an airline ticket on one of these sites, good luck making a change on it without incurring a hefty surcharge. These sites used to be the one stop shop for airfare, but they’ve stopped offering the deep discounts of the past. A stop on these sites is worth your time, however, in case they have some type of special running.

    Go to the individual airline web sites. Most of the airlines are desperate – some are even filing Chapter 11, while others are barely making it month to month. The airlines want your business, and they’d rather have fliers come straight to them, instead of hiting the discounters first, so they are offering the lowest and best prices directly on their web sites. In addition, you are in a better position to change your flight for a minimal fee if you buy directly through the airline. In fact, Southwest charges nothing! (As an aside, many hotels are doing this as well.)

    Search the airline sites on the weekend. In general, airlines tend to update their site content multiple times during the week, but only once per day on weekends, and many times sales show up on Friday nights. If you search early Saturday morning, you’ll find that elusive deal you’ve been searching for.

    When searching, leave the dates you want to fly flexible. Of course, your dates are probably NOT flexible, but you need to do this so you can see the lowest fares possible. You will waste time if you’ve already found the rock bottom price, yet you continue searching and searching.

    Pick a flight that leaves on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Also, make sure you extend your stay long enough that you are at your destination overnight on a Saturday. This one change to your trip can save you mega cash on airline tickets.

    If nothing seems to turn up a cheap airline ticket, speak to a travel agent. Many times, they can drum up a deal that the average joe can’t even get near. As a plus, they are lightening fast – travel agents know the airfare system since they deal with it daily. Use this valuable resource to your advantage.


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    Health Insurance for Travel to Canada #cheaphotels.com

    #insurance travel

    Health Insurance for Travel to Canada

    Protect your health and your wallet with travel insurance. (Photo: Travel documents image by Nikolay Okhitin from Fotolia.com )

    Related Articles

    Your U.S. health insurance policy will most likely not cover you if you are traveling in Canada. The chance that you might need medical assistance while you are on vacation or on business travel to Canada is a lot higher than you might think. As much as 50 percent of those traveling to other countries will need to seek health care that is not covered by their home health insurance policy.

    Why Consider Travel Health Insurance

    Whether you travel frequently or just one time to Canada, you will want to explore the concept of obtaining health insurance that will cover you and your family members while you are traveling. Not only will you be protected if any unexpected medical issues arise, you will also have a helping hand to assist you with choosing a good provider in the unfamiliar area that you are traveling to in Canada. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car crashes are the number one reason people need to go to the hospital while they are visiting Canada. If you have traveler s medical insurance, you can focus on getting the medical attention that you need in this or other emergencies, instead of worrying about the bills that you are incurring.

    Canada s Health System

    Canada has a public health care system called Medicare. It offers free essential medical services for all Canadian citizens and permanent residents. If you are planning to become a legal resident of Canada, you will only need traveler s health insurance until you qualify for Medicare. In British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick you have to wait three months from the time you apply for Medicare for your coverage to begin. In the other provinces your coverage begins as soon as you apply.


    If you are not eligible for Medicare, you will have to pay out of pocket for all medical expenses unless you have purchased traveler s health insurance. You will have several choices regarding traveler s health insurance plans, depending on your specific needs. You can purchase a short-term plan or a long-term plan, depending on the length of your trip. You can choose a plan with a high deductible or a low deductible, and you will be able to elect extra travel benefits as well with most plans.

    Traveler s Insurance as Supplemental Insurance


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    Health Information for Travelers to Costa Rica – Traveler view #travel

    #travel to costa rica

    Vaccines and Medicines

    You should be up to date on routine vaccinations while traveling to any destination. Some vaccines may also be required for travel.

    Get travel vaccines and medicines because there is a risk of these diseases in the country you are visiting.

    Ask your doctor what vaccines and medicines you need based on where you are going, how long you are staying, what you will be doing, and if you are traveling from a country other than the US.

    You can get hepatitis B through sexual contact, contaminated needles, and blood products, so CDC recommends this vaccine if you might have sex with a new partner, get a tattoo or piercing, or have any medical procedures.

    Although rabies can be found in bats and other mammals in Costa Rica, it is not a major risk to most travelers. CDC recommends rabies vaccine for only these groups:

    • Travelers involved in outdoor and other activities in remote areas that put them at risk for bat bites or other animal bites (such as adventure travel and caving).
    • People who will be working with or around animals (such as wildlife professionals and researchers).

    There is no risk of yellow fever in Costa Rica. The government of Costa Rica requires proof of yellow fever vaccination only if you are arriving from a country with risk of yellow fever. This does not include the US. If you are traveling from a country other than the US, check this list to see if you may be required to get the yellow fever vaccine: Countries with risk of yellow fever virus (YFV) transmission .

    For more information on recommendations and requirements, see yellow fever recommendations and requirements for Costa Rica. Your doctor can help you decide if this vaccine is right for you based on your travel plans.


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    Health Information for Travelers to Thailand – Traveler view #flights #tickets

    #travelling to thailand

    Vaccines and Medicines

    You should be up to date on routine vaccinations while traveling to any destination. Some vaccines may also be required for travel.

    Get travel vaccines and medicines because there is a risk of these diseases in the country you are visiting.

    Ask your doctor what vaccines and medicines you need based on where you are going, how long you are staying, what you will be doing, and if you are traveling from a country other than the US.

    When traveling in Thailand, you should avoid mosquito bites to prevent malaria. You may need to take prescription medicine before, during, and after your trip to prevent malaria, depending on your travel plans, such as where you are going, when you are traveling, and if you are spending a lot of time outdoors or sleeping outside. Talk to your doctor about how you can prevent malaria while traveling. For more information on malaria in Thailand, see malaria in Thailand.

    Although rabies can be found in dogs, bats, and other mammals in Thailand, it is not a major risk to most travelers. CDC recommends this vaccine only for these groups:

    • Travelers involved in outdoor and other activities in remote areas that put them at risk for animal bites (such as adventure travel and caving).
    • People who will be working with or around animals (such as veterinarians, wildlife professionals, and researchers).
    • People who are taking long trips or moving to remote areas in Thailand
    • Children, because they tend to play with animals, might not report bites, and are more likely to have animal bites on their head and neck.

    There is no risk of yellow fever in Thailand. The government of Thailand requires proof of yellow fever vaccination only if you are arriving from a country with risk of yellow fever. This does not include the US. If you are traveling from a country other than the US, check this list to see if you may be required to get the yellow fever vaccine: Countries with risk of yellow fever virus (YFV) transmission .

    For more information on recommendations and requirements, see yellow fever recommendations and requirements for Thailand. Your doctor can help you decide if this vaccine is right for you based on your travel plans.


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    Heena Tours and Travels – Incompetent staff #parveen #travels

    #heena tours and travels

    Heena Tours and Travels Incompetent staff

    I and my friend had visited Heena tours and travels office to inquire about their ladakh trip on 10th July. We were told that there were 3 people scheduled for 7 august. We spoke to the gentleman over there and after confirming that they will organise the tip for us even if we are two people. After getting all the dates verified by them we booked our airline tickets from mumbai to leh and back.

    When we went to pay the tour cost at their ghatkopar branch we were told that the tour had been cancelled. At first they refused to make travelling arrangements for us. However after some haggling they did agree.

    Just two days before only when we inquired about our travel arrangements they said that they would be unable to make the arrangements for us.

    My friend and I have suffered a huge loss because of them as we had to cancel our airline tickets. They had also deposited our cheque which was cleared by the bank. They provided a lame excuse that there is curfew in Ladakh. Every one knows that inspite of the upheaveal in Kashmir Ladakh never has a curfew. We called up the hotels over there and had inquired. Though they returned the money. we had to suffer a huge loss due to the cancellation of the air tickets.

    I would not recommend anyone to travel by heena tours and Travels. They have a very incompetent staff who are not aware about the tours being conducted. They just know how to provide lame excuses and to pull wool over people s eyes.

    2 Comments Updated: Nov 10, 2015


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    Heena Tour & Travel Contact Details, Contact Number, Office Address #inn

    #heena tours and travels

    Heena Tour Travel Contact Details

    (No Ratings Yet)


    Heena Tour Travel was started in 1987 by the cooperation and far sightedness of Shri Jitendra N. Shah, Shri Prabhulal R. Joshi and Shree Manoj N Shah. Today after 26 years of existence it has evolved to grab a position among the leading Travel Agencies in India. The company has earned a name for being pioneers in group tours, fixed departure and extraordinary honeymoon trips. Specifically their honeymoon packages are scrupulously planned and pristinely executed providing newly wedded couple an ambience of romance and aroma. In addition to all these, the Travel Agency also caters to the requirements of the Individual Traveller, by offering the services of Hotel bookings, Transport bookings, and Airline ticketing. Hence they have given out their Contact Details along with their Contact Number so as to offer the best travel service to their clients. Heena Tour Travel Contact Details has been mentioned below for further communication.

    Heena Tour Travel Head Office 


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