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BAD travel Agent

Do NOT book from SUPER TRAVELS! I book a tour with them and paid $1000 for 2 to Perth only to be told that they cannot find hotels for me. I told them to find any hotels and say I don t mind topping up the money. They told me to wait for 5 days and after I called after 5 days, they ask me to wait another few days! It is like less than a month to my tour date. I asked for a refund and I was told to wait for 2 weeks. There is always a penalty when a customer pull out of a tour booking and that penalty is based on the number of days to the tour date, then why is that tour agencies can get away with it when they have accepted a booking by a customer and yet not deliver it when it is less than a month to the tour date?

Super Travel is ONLY good for booking of Coach to KL. THAT ALL

Going to perth? U should be able to plan the whole trip urself, using the ever efficient Internet Portal.

S$1000 for 2? That s for 4day 3nite? And does it cover any tours? Which month would that be for? If it covers Tours During a Peak Period, that could explain why Super Travel cannot book any Hotel for U, cos they prolly under quote U ^___^.

The last time I did most of Perth (Self-Planned) 7Day 6 Nite, I spend only S$1250 travelling on SQ (slightly off peak with Airticket + Hotel + Guided Tour == All booked separately). Aussie is very easy, U dun even need those travel agency to do the booking nowadays.

In ur case, if U have not manage to get Super to refund U in Full, I would advise U to make a report with NATAS, so that if Super were to penalise U later for cancellation, U got a backup for it is their inability to deliver their service with the constant delay, which could have let U replan the whole trip.

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