Jun 9 2018

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Expert guide to Bermuda

N ot in the Caribbean – contrary to popular belief – Bermuda actually lies in the North Atlantic, 650 miles (1,046 km) east of North Carolina. It is 21 square miles in area and made up of a crescent-shaped chain of 181 islets, rocky outcrops and islands.

With its pastel-coloured cottages and lush greenery, Bermuda is delightfully pretty and benefits from plenty of sunshine for most of the year. Dating back to 1609, when it was first discovered by shipwrecked English sailors, the links are still clear to see – from the colonial buildings dotted across the island and a range of old-style British pubs to the serving of traditional English afternoon tea in many hotels.

Bermuda is a dream for golf lovers, with world-class courses across the island and there are also some excellent restaurants. The charming Waterlot Inn and Tom Moore’s Tavern both date from the 17th century and have excellent reputations for fine dining.

History buffs will enjoy the colonial and maritime heritage of the Royal Naval Dockyard and the old town of St George, which is a Unesco world heritage site with quaint old cottages, winding lanes and evocative names such as Shinbone Alley and Aunt Peggy’s Lane.

The Bermuda National Trust looks after historic houses, gardens, cemeteries and nature reserves. Among the most interesting are Verdmont, a 300-year-old house with classic Bermuda cedar furniture, and the 64-acre Spittal Ponds nature reserve, one of Bermuda’s most spectacular open spaces.

Among the other delights are pink-tinged sand beaches [the pink is crushed coral from the surrounding reef) plenty of opportunities for sailing, diving and sports fishing, and a warm welcome from the Bermudian people who pride themselves on their good manners.

Bermuda travel

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