Feb 13 2017

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Reviews of Best & Less Travel

Hi Guys,

Avoid booking anything with this agency!!

I booked mine and my wife’s tickets from Best and less travel parramatta. We have travelled quite a bit and booked through many agents but this was absolutely the worst experience we had.

After reaching airport, we were told our ticket is not valid. They had put some wrong details in the ticket. When i called them I was told to wait for couple of minutes and the management staff would call in couple of minutes. After waiting for abt 15 mins I called up again. When I explained the problem. the first thing I was told was “Please come back. we will try to get you to tomorrow’s flight. It is not our fault. The airline might be doing this coz the flight is full”. After arguing for a while they asked me to handover the phone to the customer service staff of the airline only to offend the staff so much that they denied to offer any help as they talked rudely to the staff. I was again assured they would call back in couple of minutes but that never happened.I had to call them again after about 20 minutes and I was told they would be calling shortly. By this time we were already with in an hour of flight time and the boarding had already started.

Every time I called their office, I had to go through IVR then waiting coz they are attending to others and every time a different person picked the call and I had to explain the issue from the start. When the management staff finally called abt 45 mins before flight I asked them if I can get their mobile and they replied “No”. I told them it’s so critical and takes me about 10 mins of wait to get to you via IVR but that didn’t convince them. I was told by their staff “We can’t give their number”.

Finally after requesting the airline staff multiple times my wife finally checked in 33 minutes prior to the flight time with absolutely no help from best and less travel.

The worst part of all of it was they were not apologetic in any way, if anything they were rude. They did not even bother to call me and check if the issue was resolved. It’s been more than a month since this happened and they have not bothered to apologise even once on phone or mail. The way they handled all of it was far from being polite.

The prices they offered were not exclusive and the service was absolutely worst. So if u guys are planning to book through them think twice as you might be in any sort of trouble due to their unprofessionalism and you can be rest assured they won’t be of any assistance whatsoever. They would make the matter worse if anything as they did in my case.

I would definitely never book via them even if they offered me half price.

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