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For my vacation to Vancouver i was frantically searching for car rental places. Being under 25 i was fortunate enough to find Best Price Car rentals. It was cheaper than most and allowed people under 25 to rent cars. After seeing multiple bad reviews about the owner I was hesitant but i did it anyway. When we arrived Tony was very nice and personable. The business is located in a little store area downtown (it isn t a car lot). So Tony had to leave the store and went off somewhere to pull the car up to the front. He took note of all cosmetic damages and gave me the keys. Everything went well. I returned the car and Tony was generous enough to drive me to the nearest train stop to catch my flight.

The only reason i didn t give him 5 stars was because of the price. When i arrived i made sure to discuss the price with him to avoid hidden fees. After going over all of the charges and confirming the total, Tony informed me that there will be an additional fee because of my age. Which is a usual charge for underage renters but it would have been better to know that before leaving Chicago. That way I d be prepared financially for the actual price of renting the car.

This was hands down the worst experience renting a vehicle I have ever had. Firstly, they are liars. If you don t read the rest of this review just know that you are dealing with LIARS. and the vehicles are garbage.

The details:

I booked a BMW X-5 for a weekend trip to Kamloops as my BMW was in the shop for repair. They assured me it was a luxury vehicle, which as a BMW owner I knew what to expect and felt the price they quoted me was reasonable. I was instructed to pick it up at 10:00am on Friday morning.

When I arrived, there was a sign on the door that said back in 15 minutes with a phone number. I called the number and got no answer so I went to starbucks across the street and killed some time. At 10:15 I finally receive a call back. As it turns out, the BMW was in an accident. It was still driveable apparently but they had not noticed the damage until just then as they were calling me. (needless to say it was not clean, had no fuel in it and was of course. damaged enough that they felt I may not want to drive it.

And they were right. The bumper was hanging off the front of the vehicle and a good stiff bump would have likely knocked it right off. (Luxury weekend vehicle indeed).

Their solution was to offer me a different vehicle, an Escalade. WHich, was also dirty, had no fuel and not in the best shape. but they said even though this vehicle was nicer they d honor the same price as the X-5. With no options at this point as I needed to get on the road to salvage my weekend plans, I agreed to accept this as a substitute. They assured me that I would receive a credit for the fuel that I put in and if there was more fuel in the vehicle than when I picked it up, I would be receiving a credit for that.

SO. I picked the vehicle up with under a quarter tank. I filled it (For $100. ) When I returned the vehicle there was 3/4 of a tank left. Tony, said that because the vehicle had bugs on the windows, it took them way longer to clean so he would call it square and not charge us for cleaning the vehicle. What??

I have never in my life rented a car where I was back-charged for cleaning a rental car. We had left nothing in the vehicle, it was in no worse shape than when we picked it up (except the $75 of extra gas in it).

When I argued this point he then claimed that we used more kilometers than allowed. We purchased 800 kilometers. The trip is 355 kilometers each way – so we were WELL under our limit. I explained this to him.

His next response was epic. We are nice guy – we do good business – we are square .


The vehicle was not what we were promised – even if the BMW was not damaged, it was a dirty damaged beater.

We were upgraded to a gas guzzling piece of garbage which was also dirty and had no gas in it.

Neither vehicle would have had gas nor been cleaned for us when we picked it up

so it appears we are expected to fuel it, clean it and eat the cost of extra gas when returned.

They promise to work it all out after, but they are LIARS.

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