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Best Socks For Travel How Many Socks Do You Need?

“How could you possibly fit a year of clothes into a 32 liter bag?”

“I could never have only a few changes of clothes in my bag. Didn’t that get gross? At the very least it got boring, right?

I hear you. I really do. I didn’t think it would be possible either.

But after 2 months of intense research before our trip, I had found perfect brands for each item of clothing I was packing. Instead of going through the laundry list of items (see what I did there?), let’s save that for later and just focus on one item so you can really see how to breakdown all of your clothing into as few pieces as possible. Starting with the best socks you could ever have for travel…

Best Socks For Travel

Quick: If you were going to travel on a week-long vacation, how many socks would you pack? What about for 2 weeks? Now what about for a whole year?

Before my year of travel, I would have said 5 pairs of socks for one week, 8 for 2 weeks, and maybe 10-12 for a year.

Is that about what you said?

But after way too much research on footwear in November of 2011, I realized that if I spent more money than normal on an actually nice pair of socks, I could make do with less pairs A LOT less.

So what is the best brand of socks for travel and how many did I buy?

For comfort, variety, breathability, and the ever important “stink repellent” factor (you realize how truly important this one is when the guy in front of you on your 20 hour bus trip decides to take HIS shoes off for the trip), the best socks for travel that I can recommend are SmartWool.

I bought 3 types of SmartWool socks for a total of 4 pairs.

What I packed and what I recommend are the PHD Ultra Light Micro’s for running when on the road. They also are great when walking around cities and keeping your feet nice and cool.

I also had 2 pairs of PHD Outdoor Light Micro’s. which were the perfect socks for almost anything Thick enough when hiking in the cold, kept my feet toasty indoors, but also not too heavy when running around outside.

I also packed one pair of SmartWool’s Mountaineering Extra Heavy Crew socks which were awesome. Super thick with lots of cushion, these socks were great on cold hikes.

The best part about these socks?

You really had to work to make them smell. I’m talking multiple days in a row of dirty hikes before they really needed to be changed. Plus, they dry quickly so it was no problem to wash them in the sink at night and have them ready to wear the next day… a huge win when on the road.

My Ultra Light’s were for running and really hot days. The Outdoor Light’s were for everyday use which is why I had two. Then the Extra Heavy’s were for the long hikes and cold days when the extra cushion and warmth were a huge help. I had every situation covered.

But that was it. 4 pairs of socks for 365 days of travel and there was never a day where I wish I had packed more. Now the cost of these 4 socks, approximately $60 total, is probably more than you’re used to spending… but they last much longer than cheap cotton socks, are much more comfortable, and save a ton of room in your bag.

Your Tur n: If you have yet to travel, how many socks do you think you would pack? If you already have done a long-term trip, how many socks did you end up bringing? Does anybody think they have a brand better than my SmartWool’s (I seriously doubt it)?

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