Jul 26 2017

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Knowledge Before You Go

Brazil is a vast country and there are many different Brazils within Brazil. Even the most basic understanding of the country’s history, culture and people can go far in enriching your entire travel experience. A relatively painless way to gain valuable insights into Brazilian history is by reading the historical novel Brazil by Errol Lincoln Uys (Silver Springs Books, July 1, 2000, ISBN 0916562514). New editions are available at and they also often have used editions advertised for sale. Additionally, You Tube contains a wide range of Brazilian videos and slide shows.

You may also want to visit the Brazilian government’s tourism page [in Portuguese but soon available in English] for more information about various areas and locations you may want to consider visiting in Brazil.

Knowing as much as you can about the particular area you plan to visit in Brazil before you get there will make your entire trip more rewarding and enjoyable. If your Brazilian travel plans span different states or areas, you also may want to consider buying and carrying a Brazilian road map (bought either before you go or as soon as you arrive in Brazil) because it will help your better understand where you are at any given moment.

Where to Go in Brazil

If you are contemplating a trip to Brazil, it could be for any number of reasons. For some, it could be to experience and enjoy the hundreds and hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches. For others, it could be to experience the wonders of the Amazon, the wildlife of the Pantanal, the awesome power of Foz de Igua u (Igua u Falls) or the historical charm of old cities like Ouro Preto. For still others, it could be to experience the music, cuisine and heritage of Brazil’s 500 year old culture. It doesn’t matter if you are drawn by the allures of Rio de Janeiro or simply want to kick back and enjoy the delights of a freshly made caipirinha and do nothing. Brazil is a big country and there are places, people and things that will be of interest to even the most jaded traveler. Brazil is more than a country, it is a sensation unlike almost anywhere else on the planet.

To successfully plan any trip requires that you have sufficient information. Many Brazilian travel guides (such as those published by Lonely Planet. Fodor’s. Frommer’s. Michelin. etc. as well as many online resources) describe areas of interest throughout Brazil and have a lot of specific information and descriptions. These resources can provide invaluable information when planning your trip. Additionally, many cities, states and areas in Brazil have English web sites packed with information and resources. Just do a search on Google, Yahoo or your favorite search engine for a specific state, city or locale.

Other places to start gathering information can include merely searching on Google for the Brazilian topics ypou are interested in. Additionally, Brazilian Tourism . another Brazilian government web site (in English), p rovides a broad range of information about various areas and locations you may want to consider visiting. Additionally, many travel agents are well versed in traveling to and in Brazil and can advise you about specific locations that may be of interest to you. There are also official Brazilian government Tourism offices locations in the US and UK that can be contacted for information:

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