Jul 27 2017

Career – Travel Nurse at Fresenius Medical Care #travel #thailand

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Comprehensive benefits

When you join Fresenius you’ll be entitled to benefits that are considered some of the best in the industry. You’ll earn 1 full week of PTO for every 13-week assignment you complete. You’ll also enjoy free private housing, travel reimbursement, health, dental and vision benefits.

  • Highest pay for travel dialysis professionals
  • Free private housing with all the amenities or a generous housing stipend
  • Paid time off and paid travel
  • Meals and incidentals allowance
  • Referral bonuses
  • Comprehensive health/dental/vision

Discover a career as a Travel Nurse with Fresenius. You’ll enjoy great customer service, top pay and assignments across the United States, including Hawaii—and be empowered to make decisions with real impact.

Interested in learning more about becoming a Fresenius Travel Nurse? Please feel free to call us at 877-259-5259 to speak with a recruiter or apply now to get started on your application.

Elizabeth Miracle, RN

“I feel very lucky to have found this company. As an FMC travel nurse I am able to meet my goals of providing compassionate care to a very special group of people. It’s fun to travel to different places and work with a variety of people knowing I will be appreciated where ever I go. Work has never been this enjoyable.”

Ankit Shukla, RN

“When I wanted to realize my dream of travel nursing, Fresenius Travel was there to make my dream a reality. Since I was already a nurse working with Fresenius, the move into the travel division was quite convenient and made it much easier to become a traveling nurse. The fact that I can move state to state and work with the same company, makes working with the Fresenius Travel Nursing division worthwhile, convenient and fun. I have been with the travel division for over three years now and have loved every moment of it.”

The recruiters I have worked with in the Travel Nursing Division at Fresenius Medical Care have always been kind and responsive to whatever needs I have had as a Traveling nurse.

When the Travel Nurse Division first moved from Colorado to Massachusetts, I was a brand new traveler, but the staff in the travel division made the transition seem easy.

Chris Wilson, Area Manager

“From November 2011 through May 2012, the Western North Carolina Region started four contracts for acute services in the greater Charlotte, NC area. To write the task was challenging would be putting it mildly. The support of the BioMedical Dept. Education Dept. and Inventory Dept. were priceless. The one crucial area of support we needed was nurses; we simply did not have enough to support the explosion of growth. That’s when I turned to our Fresenius Healthcare Recruiter, Janeen Neale.

Janeen completely understood our situation and was prompt to send the RN “cavalry” we needed! As the treatments grew each month (exponentially in one acute unit), I called on Janeen again for support. And again she delivered.

I realize the expense that our region incurred because we utilized this terrific resource, but when you are demonstrating to your customers (i.e. hospitals) that we are the experts they believe us to be and that we know all about hemodialysis, the investment in a Fresenius Travel Nurse is worth it! Each nurse brought their UltraCare Customer Service skills to the front lines and delivered exceptional care to our patients. What more could you ask for?

To the Travel Nurses who have served with us and still are, you have been nothing but a Blessing to our patients, our customers and to the rest of the Fresenius gang! With that said (written), I wish to give a heartfelt Thanks to the following Travel Nurses: Genene Mooney, Michelle Deadwlyer, Ericka Walker, Mark and Holly Hamilton and Corey Gatling. All of you are a welcome part of the Team!”

Donna Bates, RN

“In one year my confidence in my abilities of being a dialysis nurse has drastically risen. Our company has the best recruiters! Our company benefits outweigh the competitors. As far as traveling: I have hiked mountain paths as the fog rolled away to meet the morning sun; I have stood at the mist of Niagara Falls; felt the crisp of fall breaking while I was nestled up on a deck, which rested on the edge of a calm crystal-clear lake surrounded by mountains in Maine; I watched the sun rise over the ocean while waiting for my whale-watching tour to begin. My life is a new beginning.”

Lisa Almand, RN

“My name is Lisa and I have been a registered nurse for 32 years. I began employment with FMC in 2004, and transferred to the travel division one year ago. I have never regretted the decision to travel, and highly recommend it to anyone considering it for themselves. My recruiter is amazing, and always searches for areas in the states that I want to visit. She always sends me holiday wishes, and contacts me on a regular basis to ensure things are going well. I was in Colorado during the wild fires and she called to make sure I was alright. Even though she is miles away, I always feel like she is right there every step of the way. Ani in payroll will always make sure your reimbursement is accurate and timely. I have worked with staff from other companies, and I can assure you that FMC screens their employees and seek only the best of the best. There is a very high expectation of travelers, and the need is great.”

So if you want a new adventure, and love dialysis as I do. come join the FMC team. It is a decision you will not regret making!

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