Sep 10 2017

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How Can I Find Cheap Travel Insurance?

By Nancy Parode. Senior Travel Expert

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Question: How Can I Find Cheap Travel Insurance?

How much should I spend on travel insurance?

That depends on how much you can afford to lose. If you want to protect your travel investment, buying a cheap travel insurance policy isn t necessarily the best way to go.

Travel insurance is like any other type of insurance. Underwriters use complex algorithms to determine how much coverage to offer and what each policy will cost.

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When you describe your travel plans, either on a travel insurance website or over the telephone, these details and the amount of coverage you need determine how much you will pay.

Before you buy a cheap travel insurance policy, consider these questions. Write down your thoughts as you go; this will help you consider each travel insurance policy s coverage and exclusions.

  • What kind of travel insurance do you really need? Are you worried primarily about trip cancellation, or do you need coverage for hurricanes, emergency medical evacuation. financial default or overseas medical treatment?
  • How much did you pay for your trip? Could you get your payment back if something went wrong before departure, or is this amount non-refundable?
  • Are you healthy, or do you have pre-existing medical conditions? If you are currently under treatment for an illness or health condition, you will need to buy a policy that offers coverage for pre-existing conditions. This will, unfortunately, add to the cost of your travel insurance policy.
  • Would you like the option to cancel your trip before your departure date if you are worried about weather problems, novel H1N1 flu (swine flu) or family emergencies? Again, you ll need to buy special coverage, called cancel for any reason coverage, if you want this type of flexibility.

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  • Are you traveling to a remote area? If so, could you afford to pay for emergency medical evacuation if you became ill or sustained an injury? Emergency medical evacuation insurance can be expensive, but paying for emergency medical transportation out of pocket can set you back tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Armed with the answers to these questions, it s time to get travel insurance quotes. The easiest way to do this is to visit a travel insurance aggregator s website, such as or (UK), and enter your travel information. You can also call your own insurance agent or find a travel insurance agent through the US Travel Insurance Association. The Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada or the Association of British Insurers .

Remember that your travel provider may not sell true travel insurance. Take the time to investigate this issue before you purchase a policy from your airline, cruise line or tour operator. You always have the option to insure your trip independently.

Once you have several quotes in hand, set aside time to thoroughly review each policy. If the cheapest travel insurance policy doesn t offer the coverage you need, don t buy it. Instead, purchase the travel insurance policy that provides your desired coverage at the lowest cost.

After you buy your travel insurance policy, make two copies of it. Take one with you on your trip and leave a second copy with a trusted friend or relative back home. You re now ready to travel with confidence, knowing you re prepared for unforeseen problems.

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