Aug 14 2017

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Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF)

      The Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) program uses Tax Increment Financing (TIF) revenues to help owners of commercial and industrial properties within specific TIF districts to repair or remodel their facilities for their own business or on behalf of tenants.

For application information, visit:

SBIF Grants/Completed Projects Database

Program participants can receive matching grants to cover up to half the cost of remodeling work, with a maximum grant amount of $150,000. The grant does not have to be repaid.

To help local industrial companies expand and create employment oportunties for Chicago residents.

Qualifications and Restrictions
Expenses eligible for a SBIF grant include:

  • New windows, floors or roof
  • Sign removal and replacement
  • Tuckpointing
  • New heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Improvements to accommodate disabled patrons or workers
  • Purchase of adjacent property for building expansion or parking

SBIF grants are provided to property owners after remodeling work is completed and all expenses are paid. Residential property, residential components of mixed-use buildings, and property leased to fast-food chains and certain other businesses are not eligible for the program. Vacant business property is eligible, but grants are not paid until the space is occupied by a business tenant.

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