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CMT – Missions and Ministry
through Education and Training

  • CMT is a not-for-profit ministry and training organisation, founded in 1999.
  • CMT is a Division of Universal Education and Training Ltd (UNET). an Australian Government Registered Training Organisation (RTO-Provider Code 30173). In the past 10 years, UNET has been responsible for the delivery of accredited education and training programs to more than 10,000 students around Australia and overseas.
  • CMT is focused on training and equipping people for local and international Missions and Ministry work in Australia and around the world.
  • CMT is wanting to establish a Christian University College on the Sunshine Coast as a national and international base for the purpose of equipping people from around Australia and overseas for whatever vocational or work related activity God has called them to do, or is leading them to pursue.
  • CMT seeks to work cooperatively with existing churches, Christian Education providers, missions and ministry organizations, and with individuals in Australia and overseas.
  • CMT seeks to do Christian missions and ministry through education and training projects and opportunities in secular contexts in Australia and around the world.
  • CMT has a strong focus on Church planting by seeking to work with Church planters, equipping Church planters, and preparing people for involvement in Church planting and ministry in Church life.

“Thank you once again for pointing me in the right direction regarding the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology.
I know many people who have much knowledge and insight of The Word but have no “formal” recognition of their experience.
I found my learning/study experience through yourselves extremely rewarding, I will be sending people your way re study and qualifications. Your organization was a pleasure to work with, the process was seamless from start to finish, and your heart toward assisting people become qualified was exceptional.
May God continue to bless your future plans to train and equip as many people as possible in the things of God.”
Your Sister in Christ, Linda Brown

Christian Ministry and Training is a division of Universal Education and Training Ltd. Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Provider No. 30173

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