Sep 7 2017

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Colorado University Login Page

Use the official Colorado Technical University login page to access the student portal at for portal classes and email.

The CTU online campus is preferred by students for the quality degree programs and learning environment available at the college.

Curriculum classes for returning students are available any time by visiting and having your Colorado Technical University login information ready.

Viewing the form as a student, you will see a username and password field that is required to be filled in with credentials previously setup when you registered for classes. Enter the username and password and select the go button. There is a option below the password box to remember your username on a private computer. Do not use on public access computers or wireless connections to sign in with.

Times occur when a student will need login assistance due to a forgotten password. When you forget it or your username, use the reset tool found at to request a new one be sent to your email address. Follow the instructions on the wizard when this happens to you at the Colorado Technical University login page.

Online chat at the official website is available and a phone number to speak with a college official. The number to call is 1-855-230-0555 and ask for help with your sign in.

Inside the portal there are groups connecting through popular social networks for support, access for online classes, classmate and instructor interaction, and coaching from your Career Services Advisor if you have been assigned one.

To see how the virtual campus service works review the demo that has been preloaded. The demo is a simulation of the CTU virtual campus and does not require a CTU login to use.

Admissions information for students, prior learning assessments, areas of study, college credit, and financial aid information are also viewed in the portal after you login to the website.

More about these features and getting educational advice are found below in the resources section or in the portal after you use your Colorado Technical University login online.

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