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Specialist Diploma in Web Development Technology

With Singapore’s Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) vision and the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN), web technology knowledge and skills will continue to be one of the keenly sought after in software development. According to IMDA’s annual survey on infocomm manpower for 2010, software design and development was the fourth largest infocomm job categories and top five highest number of infocomm manpower vacancies. In response to IMDA’s Infocomm Manpower Surveys, the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT) launched the Specialist Diploma in Web Development Technology (SWEB) course in 2003.

Over the last few years, many Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and MNCs have converted their software applications to the web platform to leverage on the connectivity and open standard of the Internet. IMDA Infocomm Manpower Surveys in 2010 also consistently rate Web/Internet Design and Development as one of the top 5 important skills in ICT industry.

The SWEB course is an online one-year part-time course delivered over the Internet and supported by scheduled on-site tutorials. Discussion forum is available for interaction amongst lecturers and participants. Assessment includes projects/ assignments with face-to-face interviews/presentations and on-site tests. The targeted participants are Diploma/Degree holders who wish to learn new skills in web development.

Graduates of the SWEB course will gain competency in developing web applications on the Internet. They may be involved in the areas of web design, web development and website administration.

Students are expected to have access to computer and internet during your study at SP eg. e-learning, writing report, etc.

This course aims to provide focused training to equip students with new technologies of web development. It focuses on three areas: web design, web programming and web application development.

This course also provides an opportunity for students to take the Proxor Software Developer Exam to receive a Proxor Rating. Proxor is a Carnegie Mellon University Spinoff company, specializing in the development of certification examinations that accurately measures the test-takers’ ability to program realistic problems in a professional programming environment.

The modules covered in this course include: Fundamentals of Web Development Technology, Web System Development Techniques, Java Programming, Java Server Programming, Web Programming and Database Management Systems.

Students will also have exclusive access to online e-learning training materials from Oracle Academy on Java Fundamentals.

This course is suitable for working adults who wish to deepen their information technology knowledge in the area of web application design and development.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Applicants should have a Polytechnic Diploma/Degree in Information Technology. Polytechnic diploma or degree holders from other disciplines must show their competence in programming skills through relevant certifications or modules taken.

Applicants without programming experience may be required to take entrance test.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements may be considered for admission to the course based on evidence of at least 5 years of relevant working experience or supporting evidence of competency readiness. Suitable applicants who are shortlisted will have to go through an interview and/or entrance test. The Polytechnic reserves the right to shortlist and admit applicants.

The Specialist Diploma in Web Development Technology course consists of two post-diploma certificates (PDCs). Each PDC comprises three modules and the details are as follows:

Semester 1:
PDC 1: Post Diploma Certificate in Web Application Design
Module 1: Fundamentals of Web Development Technology
Module 2: Java Programming
Module 3: Database Management Systems

Semester 2:
PDC 2: Post Diploma Certificate in Web Application Development

Module 1: Enterprise Application Development
Module 2: Web Programming
Module 3: Web Application Secure Coding

Award / Certification / Accreditation

Upon completion of two Certificates within a two-year validity period, the participant will be conferred a Specialist Diploma qualification from Singapore Polytechnic.

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