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Top Credit Cards with Balance Transfer

Promotional Financing Spurs Buying Decisions, Says Survey
September 10, 2015

When making major purchases—spending $500 or more—people are swayed by promotional financing offers, such as credit cards that carry a 0% APR for the first year or longer. A consumer study from Synchrony Financial showed that 75% of cardholders look for promotio[. ]

QUESTIONS about cards

Q Do store credit cards help build credit.

Store credit cards do help people with poor credit establish or rebuild their credit history if used carefully and wisely.[. ]

Having a plastic with a high APR is not profitable: most part of your payments go for covering your interest. The excellent method of reducing finance charge is to apply for a balance transfer credit card. It gives you the opportunity to put an instant freeze on your interest payments and attack your outstanding credit card balance.

If you have several debts, you can consolidate them on one less-costly balance transfer credit card. You will have only one payment rather than several to worry about. Be attentive to the limit of your new plastic – it should be high enough to accommodate your debts fully.

Sometimes credit companies charge a balance transfer fee. It can be a flat rate, for example $30, or a percentage of the amount you will transfer – from 1% to 5%. The first variant can be more beneficial if your balance is large.

Balance transfer credit cards can differ in their features. Don’t hurry: compare all perks and benefits. There are various offers with moderate fees, lucrative rewards program and reasonable APR on purchases. Check all offers at and find the most suitable plastic for yourself!

Balance transfer credit cards come with low or 0% interest rates for a fixed period of time or for the life of your balance. The decision which credit card deal to choose depends on your financial needs.

Credit cards with low or 0% introductory rates are mainly targeted at people who want to pay off their debt in full within the introductory period. It can last from 6 to 12 months, but you can find special offers which come with an introductory period of up to 15 months.

Having zero introductory APR is a good start of your relationships with a new credit company. If you make on time payments and do not max out your credit limit, you will prove to be a valuable and reliable customer and improve your credit score. It is an excellent reason for negotiating a low interest rate when your introductory period is over.

Balance transfer credit cards with a fixed APR can be a good choice for people who have a heavy debt that requires a long time to be paid in full. Despite of the fact that these plastics do not offer tempting zero interest rates, you can be sure that your APR remains low for the life of your balance. It may turn to be more beneficial in the long run.

No matter which APR is more suitable for you – fixed or introductory, you can always find the best balance transfer credit card offers on We have collected a great selection of the most attractive offers from major US credit companies, for example MasterCard or Discover. Choose the card that matches you best and apply online!

made for free. Estimate your credit report to find credit cards with low interest and balance transfers available for your type of credit.

You can compare business credit cards to find 0% APR balance transfer credit cards and 0% APR credit cards to get an almost interest-free loan for your business. Apply for student credit cards you like or choose one of our credit cards for consumers. Apply online for the credit card you like most.

Many consumer credit cards with rewards support balance transfers. They include cash back rewards credit cards, gasoline credit cards, hotel credit cards and credit cards for airlines. Feel free to compare these credit card offers and apply online for the credit cards that suits you best.

At you can compare credit cards, choose from the best offers that include instant online approval credit cards, and Chase credit cards with balance transfers, and apply online. Here you can make the best deals for credit cards, so do it now!

Best Credit Cards provides a wide range of the best credit cards for consumers and businesses with different types of credit. As new offers tend to appear quite often, it takes time to find the plastics that suit you most. Here you can find all credit cards that proved to have profitable and favorable features. Feel free to compare them and apply online.

The best credit cards at our site include instant approval credit cards. They let you avoid long tiresome waiting – you will find out whether you have qualified or not for a plastic within several minutes. Also check our low APR credit cards. They are a great way to save money on all your purchases, no matter what you buy: everyday necessities or more expensive items. If you want avoid charges for the yearly maintenance of your account, choose credit cards with no annual fee. gives you a good opportunity to find the best credit cards online. estimate their features according to your requirements and apply online for a credit card that suits your lifestyle and type of spending. Our credit card offers are popular with many customers, so don’t waste time: select the best credit card and apply online! strives to keep credit card information up to date and accurate. However, all the credit card information is presented without warranty and can be changed by the credit card issuers at any time. Click the “Apply online” button to see the online credit card application and to review current credit card terms and conditions. Note that can be compensated by credit card issuers when the visitors apply for a credit card through the website.

* The webpage is a free service and an information resource for credit cards and financial products and services available to eligible United States consumers. does not offer any warranties and is not a direct service. There are no guarantees for approval or offers when applying for a credit card. Please refer to the application if you would like more information on each credit card. When you click “Apply” for a particular credit card, please take the time to review the terms and conditions of the product/service at the issuer’s website. All logos on the website are property of their respective owners.

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