Sep 5 2017

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Electronic and paper travel vouchers

(e-MCOs and MCOs)

Which type of voucher do you have?

Electronic travel vouchers (e-MCOs) are issued in the form of a letter. Within the letter is your 13-digit e-MCO number.

A paper travel voucher is also called a Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO). Paper travel voucher numbers always start with ‘014 40’, followed by 8 other numbers.

If you have an Electronic Travel Voucher (e-MCO)

There are two ways to redeem an e-MCO.

Option 1:

For faster credit, redeem your e-MCO when you complete your booking with Air Canada Reservations or at an Air Canada staffed airport. Simply provide the e-MCO voucher number to the agent at the time of booking.

Option 2:

  • The refund will be processed to the original form of payment of the ticket.
  • Please allow ten (10) business days for your request to be processed.

Note. An e-MCO cannot be used in conjunction with a Promotion Code.

If you have a Paper Travel Voucher (MCO)

There are two ways to redeem it:

  • Option 1: Redeem your paper voucher when making your new booking directly with your travel agent or at any Air Canada staffed airport.
  • Option 2: Apply the credit for a new online booking from the comfort of your own home:
    • Book and pay for your reservation online. Then, mail the electronic ticket/receipt along with your original travel voucher (MCO) to Air Canada’s Refund Department upon completion of all travel.

    Air Canada Refund Services

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