Jan 12 2018

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Today’s Popular Destinations

Popular Car Rentals in the Western U.S

If you want to wander the American West properly, booking a car rental with Travelocity will always steer you in the right direction. Allow the sand to get between your toes on one of Southern California’s sunny beaches, or split aces at that neon paradise in the desert. Our variety of vehicles available to you is close to endless; fly down the highway like a Formula 1 driver in a sports car or summit mountain roads in the Sierras behind the wheel of an SUV.

Royalty doesn’t just exist in Buckingham Palace. LA’s Sunset Boulevard has its very own kings and queens, though, they are on the silver screen. You can easily blend in with them by getting one of our Los Angeles car rentals.

Vegas isn’t just about placing bets in casinos all night. This town is great for cruising from one end of the Strip to the other in one of our car rentals in Las Vegas. You never know what kind of treasures you may come across.

Sure, you could meander across one of the most breath-taking suspension bridges the world has ever seen, but wouldn’t you rather drive across the Golden Gate while the cool Northern California breeze messes your hair? Get a car rental in San Francisco from Travelocity and drive across it on your way to the rolling coastal hills of Marin County.

Are you ready to spend time in America’s Finest City? Book a San Diego rental car and see if you can spot dolphins frolicking in the surf while cruising the coastal roads.

To the front range of the Rockies in Colorado’s capital city, you shall go. With your Denver car rental, you can easily drive yourself to some of the country’s best skiing or you can stay more local and explore the surrounding suburbs like Cherry Creek.

Top Rental Car Locations on the East Coast

When you’re ready to venture around the East Coast, you’re going to need a vehicle and the best place to book one is Travelocity. We have everything from convertibles to pickup trucks and mini vans. Check out the bright lights in the center of the universe, see where the United States’ government resides, and don’t forget about everything in between. When you’re ready to explore the open road, Travelocity has unbeatable deals on the best car rentals so you can ride in style.

You don’t have to be behind the wheel of a yellow cab to drive in The Big Apple. Get a New York car rental and navigate Manhattan in style. You’ll also need those wheels when you want to escape to the Hamptons for a few hours.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to spend time in the city that gave birth to the American Revolution? Of course you have. Upon your arrival, get a Boston car rental and drive through some of the city’s most classic neighborhoods like Beacon Hill and the North End.

Do you have the urge to see the town that the United States government calls home? Your Washington, D.C. car rental is perfect for getting you from the Smithsonian National Zoological Park to the Washington Monument in a breath .

The City of Brotherly Love is a must visit in one’s lifetime and since you’re in the middle of yours, there’s no better time to seize the day. Upon your arrival, a Philadelphia car rental is the best way to scour the city for the best Philly cheese steak around.

Finally, a journey to The Queen City is upon you. Travelocity’s offers on Charlotte car rental is second to none, so what are you waiting for? Get one and compare it to the vehicles in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Find Car Rental Deals in America’s Midwest

When you’re headed to the Midwest, you’d be cheating yourself not to book a car rental with Travelocity. This little patch of American land is chock full of great cities. Sports cars, vans, pickup trucks, sedans, hybrids, and plenty more models are all marvelous options. One minute you can cruise the streets of downtown skyscrapers and the next you can sail past cornfields and cattle. Just be sure to get your vehicle from Travelocity because our deals are the best around.

Have you ever dreamed about vacationing in a big city on the wind-blown shores of Lake Michigan? Awaken to the reality of steering a Chicago car rental down the Miracle Mile like a streamline butterfly.

See one half of the Twin Cities by taking control of a Minneapolis car rental so you’ll have the freedom to head to Nicollet Avenue and dine your way through all the fantastic restaurants. And don’t forget about a perfect evening capper with a show in the Hennepin Avenue Theatre District.

If you’re looking for the best car rentals in Detroit, look no further than Travelocity. Spend the day exploring Greektown and the Warehouse district. If you’d like to cross the border for the day, point your four-wheeled steed east and cross the Ambassador Bridge to Windsor, Ontario. Our Canadian neighbors are mighty friendly.

How does one wander from the east to the west? That would be the through the Gateway to the West. A map and a St. Louis car rental is all you’ll need to get about this scenic Midwest locale.

The capital of the great state of Ohio… a marvelous place with fine Midwest culture on every block. A Columbus car rental from Travelocity will have you in Germantown enjoying a juicy bratwurst in no time.

Rent A Car in Southern United States

When you’re planning out your journey through America’s Deep South, there’s only one place to go for all your travel needs, especially when you need a set of wheels. Travelocity has you covered from everything from flashy sports cars to soccer team-stuffed minivans. All of which are perfect for cruising through the barren oil fields of Texas, the tropical air of Florida, and the cotton fields of Georgia. Travelocity is ready to send you in one of our car rentals on the road trip of a lifetime.

We know you’ve always thought about heading to South Beach and cruising down Ocean Drive. Who wouldn’t want to be flanked by Art Deco hotels on one side and white-sand beaches on the other? Get a pair of sunglasses and a Miami car rental and be on your way.

Amusement parks, amusement parks, and more amusement parks. There are so many in Orlando, that the city is nicknamed The Theme Park Capital of the World. But they’re spread far and wide so you should acquire an Orlando car rental, go from park to park— it’s the one ride where you can count on there being no wait.

Ivan Allen once proclaimed “Atlanta? I think it’s the greatest city anywhere I know of. Think you might agree with him? The only way to find out for sure is to get an Atlanta car rental, stop by The Varsity for a cheeseburger, and then explore every inch of one of the South’s shiniest jewels.

Supposedly, everything is bigger in Texas. It’s all relative, so verify The Lone Star State’s claim to fame for yourself. Get a Dallas car rental and check out Reunion Tower in downtown, take an AT amp;T Stadium tour in the suburb of Arlington, and shop livestock in the stockyards of Fort Worth.

There won’t be a problem when you go to the fine city of Houston. Fulfill your dreams of becoming an astronaut at Space Center Houston or savor the brisket at Killen’s Barbecue. All you need is a Houston car rental to venture to both and much more.

Best International Car Hire

Travelling internationally is on most people’s travelling bucket list. France, Canada, England, Thailand, and any other location that’s beyond your borders. And don’t worry about getting around whatever destination you end up in, Travelocity has you covered. We can outfit you with a variety of different vehicles so you can cruise the French countryside, zigzag through the Canadian woods, and search the back roads of Tuscany for the best vineyard.

Big Ben, the London Eye, and St. Paul’s Cathedral are just a few of the renowned giants in this majestic metropolis. Get behind the wheel of a London car rental and all of these splendid attractions are just a push of the pedal away.

Paris earned itself the nickname of The City of Light because more than 56,000 ornate gas lamps illuminate its skyline. Get yourself a Paris car rental and do lap after lap around the Arc de Triomphe. You’ll feel like a Formula 1 driver.

When in Rome, get a Rome car rental. Even if that’s not how the saying goes, you’ll be ready to head to the Trastevere district and visit the Santa Maria. Then, make your way to the Modern Center and toss a coin into the Trevi Foutain. Hopefully, your wish will come true.

If you plan on going to Quebec’s Metropolis, you better brush up on your French and reserve a Montreal car rental. How else are you going to drive to a restaurant in the Old Town and order a plate of escargot?

After you’ve gotten a bite to eat in the revolving restaurant at the top of the CN Tower, take your Toronto car rental and go for a scenic drive along Lake Ontario by way of Lake Shore Boulevard. Still in the mood for more adventure? Make your way to the North York suburb and travel back in time at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

+Sample rates displayed are for the travel period represented. Rates may vary by date, pick-up/drop-off location, and availability. Car charges are billed at time of rental. Certain conditional charges may apply to your rental; these charges are not included in price shown. Charges for optional services are not included. Offers are subject to availability and may be discontinued without notice. Additional restrictions may apply.

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