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Are you planning your next vacation? You know you will walk a lot when you travel. Socks that keep you comfortable when walking are special designed Dr. Scholl’s socks. They also will keep you looking stylish no matter what country or place you decide to visit. One of the amazing aspects of these socks is that they are anti-microbial. Your feet sweat when walking or running, most cotton socks keep the moisture within the material. Dr. Scholl s socks have a unique moisture wicking design. They draw the moisture out, so when you are on the go it will keep your feet dry. This is a stay cool technology created for Dr. Scholl’s clients, one of the many perks. Just consider them your own little ‘ travel socks ’ that can go on a little jaunt or a big trip to the Mediterranean.

The company uses the latest in bio-mechanics and podiatric research to revolutionize the way you think of taking care of your feet. One example is in 1936 when Dr. Scholl s “Rubberless” soft support stockings were introduced. They have evolved into a full line of therapeutic and comfort socks that work for many clients that help them with support as well as quality material. Since the beginning, the goal is to give the client the best service by providing a superior product. Whether you play basketball or travel, socks that keep your feet dry and comfortable by adding cushioning all day is an exemplary sock.

Ladies, take a look at the Spa Collection for the best foot experience you will ever have. Take them on a trip while you travel; socks seem like a little thing, but you won’t regret it. After a long day of sightseeing, these little ‘magic’ puffs of yarn will leave you refreshed and ready for the next day of walking. With specific attributes such as cushioning, seamless toe seams, reinforced heel and toe, non binding toe as well as a Gripper Tread Sole to keep from slipping, you won’t want to take them off in the morning. Buy a pair, you will enjoy them.

Gentlemen don’t despair. There are plenty of choices for your legs and feet needs. Diabetes and Circulatory with Grippers are a tremendous help to those with varicose veins or individuals that are diabetic. The socks improve blood flow, circulation, anti microbial protection as well as extended sizes. The Careers line is designed for the guy on the go. The sock has every comfort on the list from cushioning to seamless toe to arch support. From shooting hoops on the court, to touring any city during any of your travel, socks of this quality are needed for that boost to keep your feet ready and willing.

Always consult your physician before wearing graduated compression socks. Dr. Scholl’s socks are not intended to cure or treat any ailment or disease but are constructed to provide comfort to everyday life.

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