Apr 7 2019

Engineering Course

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Engineering Course, REMMONT.COM

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IDC Technologies specialises in engineering training courses in the field of Instrumentation, Process Control, Industrial Data Communications Networking, Information Technology, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Finance and Project Management.

IDC Technologies was founded in 1992 and has built a strong reputation globally as a provider of practical and technical training across a wide range of engineering disciplines.

Our workshops and engineering short courses are not academic; they are designed to provide practical skills and hands-on applications where delegates are given the opportunity to apply, in practice, the theory they have learnt through our engineering courses.

IDC Video – Self Paced – On Demand

The new IDC Technologies video learning platform presents over 70 video courses for professional development in engineering.

Delivered by industry experts with years of practical experience, these courses are ideal for those wish to learn engineering and technical skills.

Each course, with multiple videos and associated learning materials, is delivered in easily digestible segments which gives you complete flexibility as to when you complete your course.

A “Certificate of Completion” is issued when you have viewed all the videos.

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