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Find cheap flights

How to find the cheapest flights

Most of us who travel a lot have one particular favorite airfare search engine. Since the invention of aggregator sites like, you can check quite a few sources all over the internet with just one search, but study after study has shown that even aggregator sites sometimes miss the lowest fares. You have to check at least 3 flight-search sites to be confident that you are getting the best deal possible.

Step 1 Enter your travel dates in the search box above.

Step 2 Click on Get Best Providers and the system will find all the best sites for your trip, which are most likely to offer the best fares.

Step 3 You ll see names and logos of all the best search sites, and with a single click you can send your trip details to each of them. Choose your favorite flight-search site, plus at least two others. Each will open in its own window, and seconds later you ll find the lowest price for each of them. This way you ll at least know the lowest possible fare for your trip, but of course you ll want to pay attention to the total journey length and possible layovers on the way. Sometimes it s worth paying a bit more for a nonstop flight.

For the cheapest international flights

>>>Find international travel deals at the lowest prices online

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You may not be familiar with the website that is somehow able to get even lower fares than pretty much all the others, but only for international flights. We ve used them many times ourselves and often they will get the same flights you see elsewhere for 3 to 5% cheaper than the other sites. For an expensive flight, it s worth checking.

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