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I had to visit a Sentinel office earlier today to resolve an issue for my daughter who was in custody. As you can imagine, I was quite an emotional mess when I arrived at the Sentinel office today as I have never had to deal with an issue such as this. I met with the Sentinel Case Manager and she was so kind and extremely helpful that she made what started out as a very painful process so much easier to bear. I would like to commend her for true professionalism and her empathy to me as a mother concerned for her daughter and grandchildren who were affected by this whole ordeal.

M. Andrews, Augusta, Georgia

I am a Chief Attorney with the District Attorney’s office. I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate working with the staff at Sentinel. In February, one of your staff members came to court to testify. The defendant was wearing a Sentinel GPS ankle bracelet, and your staff member was able to articulately explain how the technology works and placed the defendant exactly where the victim said they were. This is the third case that I have used Sentinel staff and each time they have been very professional and a pleasure to work with. Thanks!

T. Muth, Wichita, Kansas

I would like to say that you could not have hired a more reliable and professional staff for your local office. They were always available to answer any questions I may have regarding defendants that were ordered to be put on one of Sentinel’s electronic monitoring programs. Because of my position with the court, the great majority of correspondence I have had with your team was via e-mail. Anytime I sent something over to the Sentinel office, they always replied and let me know that they had received whatever I was sending. I have truly enjoyed working with them and wish all of them continued success with your company in the years to come.

P. Hovden, Portland, Oregon

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is extremely pleased with Sentinel as the vendor utilized for the application of our alternative sentencing programs. They are consistently willing to meet and discuss equipment issues or upgrades, software updates, or other improvements as necessary. Sentinel appears to have a solid grasp on the ever-changing nature of technology and is a terrific partner in working with us to meet the needs of our alternative sentenced population. The on-site Sentinel technician supplied to our agency is an extremely competent, hardworking employee. His expertise and work ethic is a valuable component to our alternative sentencing programs. In summary, working with Sentinel for the past several years has been a positive experience.

Riverside County (California) Sheriff’s Department

Our monitoring company has been using Sentinel Monitoring for over 16 years. Their professionalism and technology are invaluable to us. We greatly appreciate that their highly trained staff is available to us 24/7, as this is a huge asset to our line of business. We have needed Sentinel’s involvement in many high profile cases, and their employees have always provided the very personal and prompt attention these cases required. They have consistently been very diligent in returning every email and phone call in a timely manner. We definitely look forward to continuing this very successful business relationship for years to come.

Sentinel has a professional, courteous and customer oriented staff! In addition, Sentinel has an outstanding product and they assist our department in a timely and efficient manner.

M. Litteral, Greene County Probation, Xenia, Ohio

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