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Gordon Ramsay travels to India in TLC’s new show

MUMBAI: Lifestyle channel TLC is all set to present the culinary discovery of India by Chef Gordon Ramsay in the new series ‘Gordon’s Great Escape’. The series will showcase Gordon travelling in search of Indian flavours, discovering authentic food from the most jaw-dropping locations across the country.

Gordon will explore the diversity of Indian food, starting his journey in the capital Delhi and moving on to exciting locations including Kolkata, Kerala and Northeast India, and ending his journey in bustling Mumbai.

Kicking off on 31 January, the show will air every Saturday at 10 pm on TLC.

As Gordon samples a variety of Indian delicacies, he will immerse himself in local traditions and activities such as bullock racing in Kerala, hunting deer in Nagaland and assisting a master chef in Lucknow to help prepare a wedding feast.

Discovery executive VP, GM South Asia, South East Asia Rahul Johri said, “TLC continues to present the world of ultimate lifestyle experiences to Indian audience with its varied, distinct and quintessential programming. Gordon Ramsay is an iconic host loved by viewers for his unique personality and style. We are delighted to present his first ever culinary expedition in the new series Gordon’s Great Escape on TLC.”

Viewers can watch Ramsay doing what he loves the most, seeking out the best food in India and testing himself in extreme and demanding situations. His appetite for adventure will take him across the country on his ‘great escape’.

Some of Gordon Ramsay’s India culinary experiences include the following:

Northern India: He travels around Northern India to look for more authentic versions of the popular Indian dishes he grew up with. At the end, he has to prove he has learned how to cook some authentic Indian food in front of food experts in New Delhi.

Kolkata: Gordon demonstrates his curiosity about Indian cuisines that are not normally represented in UK restaurants, so he will travel to remote Northeast India to search them out, and will open a food cart in Kolkata for a day to prove he has learned something.

Southern India: He will travel to Southern India to learn more about vegetarian cooking and Indian fish dishes. He will cook Sambhar with a street chef and put on a fancy dinner for the upper crust of Mumbai.

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