Jun 14 2017

Greece Travel Guide: Matt Barrett s Guide to the Greek Islands, Athens and Mainland Greece #tickets #travel

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Greece Travel Guide

Hi. My name is Matt Barrett. I have been traveling or living in Greece since 1968. In 1996 I began my Greece Travel Website and have been adding information, photos and stories ever since. During this time it has become one of the most popular travel sites on the web with all sorts of free information that you would have to otherwise search for. I created my Greece Travel Guides to help you avoid some of the problems people have while traveling in Greece and also to share my knowledge of the country, and because I love writing and taking photos. You can follow links to stories and articles I have written on various Greek subjects, from the individual guides to the Greek Islands. to my famous Athens Survival Guide and countless pages on hotels, restaurants, beaches, history, Greek food and more. This page can easily serve as your basic guide to Greece and you can follow the links to more information, all of it given freely. You can also e-mail me with any questions and I usually respond pretty quickly. Looking for something in particular? Search Matt Barrett’s Greece Travel Guides

First take a one minute spin my video All My Friends from Greece. It’s a commercial I would make if I were the head of the Greek National Tourist Organization. I wrote the song and sing and play it with some of my rock and roll pals. If you like using my site please share it with your friends on Facebook and Google+ by using the buttons on the bottom of this and other pages. And please use the links to hotels and travel agents that I recommend. Without their support this site would not exist.

This index will give you an idea of what sections are on each of the main Greece pages. If you are a first time visitor the best way is to skip this index for now and scroll down so you don’t miss something important. First read my article: Why Greece?

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