Dec 19 2017

How to Buy Airline Ticket Vouchers #travel #to #israel

#travel vouchers

Things You’ll Need

Computer with Internet access

Secure online payment source

Determine how much the flight you plan to take is going to cost. Do a quick search of online travel sites; you don’t want to buy a travel voucher for $500 when your flight is going to cost less.

Log on to a searchable auction or sale website. Type in “airline voucher” in the search box and browse the results. Double-check that a particular airline has a flight that goes to your intended destination. Make sure the seller’s voucher is transferable, meaning one person can give the voucher to another. An honest seller will provide this important detail; without it, you won’t be able to use the voucher. Check the expiration date of the voucher; most are good for one year and you don’t want to buy one that is near its expiration.

Use a secure online payment site to purchase the voucher. Using a reputable option guarantees your purchase. If the voucher is for some reason not honored, you may have recourse to get your money back.

Book your flight as soon as possible to avoid expiration dates. Each airline has different rules on where you can redeem vouchers, but as a guideline you likely won’t be able to book your flight on a booking site when using a voucher. Generally, you can only use vouchers when you book over the phone with an airline or at an airline ticket office.

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