Dec 9 2017

International Air Travel Luggage Restrictions #travel #times

#international air travel

International Air Travel Luggage Restrictions

Airlines have varying luggage restrictions (Photo: airplane#8 image by krynio from )

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Rising fuel costs have contributed to struggles within the airline industry, and new security threats have ramped up the protective measures imposed by airports around the world. The result has been an increasingly strict set of policies regarding airplane baggage. Every airline has different rules, and foreign customs agents also might have differing standards for international travelers. Now more than ever, passengers must plan in advance to meet certain luggage requirements.

Checked Luggage

Some airlines charge extra for every checked bag, while others allow one or two checked pieces of luggage for free. For international travel, most airlines allow a maximum length of 62 inches weight of 50 pounds per bag, according to the United States Tour Operators Association.

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