Apr 16 2018

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International Trip Planning Services

Planning a trip


Our team performs your international trip planning tasks in a coordinated environment, and brings our aviation expertise into your flight department. We fill any operational gaps and make your business more capable and efficient. Our services are tailored to each flight department s policies and government regulations. We provide a full-featured ITP worldwide service that can handle all your trip planning needs:

  • 24/7/365 service
  • ITP centers around the globe offer continuity

of service and local expertise

  • 35 years of experience in the ITP business
  • Convenient Web portal offers secure, up-to-date access to your trip information and status
  • Best handlers in the business, world-class service and established credit. Your crews can focus on flying and not on the logistics.
  • Line-item invoicing makes your charges easy to view and understand
  • Unique pricing solutions such as Sector pricing, which provides a standardized service with predictable fees
  • Itinerary and Route Planning, Flight Plans, Filing, Charting, Weather and NOTAMs
  • Overflight and Landing Permits, Airfield Slots, Customs notifications, eAPIS
  • Ground Handling, Fuel, Security
  • Hotel, Ground Transportation, Catering, Travel services
  • EU ETS Support, Concierge Services
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    Planning a trip

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    Planning a trip

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    Planning a trip

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    Planning a trip

    Planning a trip

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