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Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt?

By Anouk Zijlma. Africa Travel Expert

Anouk Zijlma is an experienced travel agent, travel editor, and international traveler. She’s lived in Malawi and Kenya, and has traveled extensively throughout the continent. Here are some photos of Anouk enjoying herself in Africa.

Question: Is it Safe to Travel to Egypt?

Health and safety information for visitors planning to travel to Egypt. Find out if there are current travel warnings for Egypt, basic safety tips and information, health tips, and information for women planning to travel alone to Egypt.

Answer: In January 2011, Egypt went through a political revolution that seriously affected tourism in the country. By the end of April 2011, the US Department of State had downgraded its travel warning to a travel alert and most of the tourist destinations within Egypt are again considered safe to visit.

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However, the one year anniversary of the revolution in January 2012, brought a lot of protesters back on the streets, disappointed with the lack of real progress. A tragedy at a soccer match early February (2012) in Port Said added some fuel to the flames, and once again the capital was unstable. By May 2012, more people died in central Cairo after clashing with the police. In November 2012 more clashes involving the government and anti-Muslim Brotherhood (the current President s party) escalated into violent scenes in Cairo and Alexandria .

In July 2013, the army stepped in and ousted President Mursi. and the US Department of State issued a travel warning warning all its citizens against traveling to Egypt.By late 2014 things certainly seem to have settled down and all US State Travel Warnings and Alerts have been lifted.

Please check your local government information, and the news, for the latest updates before you plan your trip. And note that the US Department of State does not like to issue any travel alert or warning for Egypt, even if the situation gets quite bad, so use your own good instincts as well.

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