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Jetstar flights: Launceston residents dubbed Australia’s savviest travellers, cheapest airfares.#Cheapest #airfares

Australia’s biggest bargain-hunters for airfares live in Launceston

EVERYONE loves a good flight deal. But who are Australia’s biggest penny-pinchers? The numbers have been crunched and we have an answer.

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Australia’s biggest bargain-hunters for airfares live in Launceston. Picture: Chris Raezer Source:Supplied

IT IS no secret Australians are a bunch of globetrotters. But when it comes to scoring the best bargain, those from Launceston know where it’s at.

Data analysed data by Jetstar over the past year ranks the top postcodes from across the country based on the number of fares purchased for under $100.

Launceston, Tasmania, took out the top spot with local residents purchasing more than 56,000 seats for less than $100.

Those from Launceston purchased the most flights for less than $100. Photo: EPA/BARBARA WALTON Source:AAP

Gold Coast and Cairns residents came in second and third, with more than 51,000 and 32,000 sub-$100 fares purchased respectively.

Jetstar Australia CEO Dean Salter said last year actually set the record for the number of cheap flights sold, with two thirds of all Jetstar fares selling for under $100.

Our customers know the best way to secure a bargain, whether it s booking flights early, signing up for our sale alerts or joining Club Jetstar for exclusive offers, he said.

Aussies love a good bargain, with last year setting the record for the most number of cheap flights sold. Photo: Liam Kidston Source:News Corp Australia

Rounding out the top 10 savviest postcodes, according to the data, was Melbourne, Werribee, Sydney, Mackay, Geelong, Ballina and Carrara.

The data also revealed that Sydney was the top holiday destination for the majority of top 10 suburbs.

Capital cities were the top destination for most of the bargain-savvy suburbs, with the exception of North Bondi residents who most wanted to travel to the Gold Coast.

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