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Sonicwall setup

  • Incorrectly ordered keys will only be accepted back with prior authorisation from Sonictek, and they must be unactivated and be returned within 10 working days of purchase. Keys will not be accepted for return after this time, or if they have been activated.
  • Be careful when applying activation keys to ensure they are being added to the correct serial number as it is very difficult to have these revoked once used.

When renewing SonicWall Support Services (including Standard Support, 24×7 Support, Dynamic Support 8×5, Dynamic Support 24×7 Software and Firmware Updates) the current expiry date is extended by the term purchased i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Years.

If your support service has already expired and you purchase a 1 year subscription, this will mean that the term is reduced because the new subscription starts when the previous one ended. To get around this, SonicWall used to offer Support Reinstatement which could be added before the new support service was activated and therefore retaining the full term purchased. However, SonicWall withdrew the separate Support Reinstatement option in March 2010 and have included it into the multi-year subscriptions i.e. 2, 3, 4 & 5 Years. When activating a multi-year support subscription on an expired support product, it will automatically start on the date activated and run for the full duration purchased.

* Please remember to always keep an up-to-date settings file in case you need to rebuild from a factory reset, or need new/replacement hardware. See this Knowledge Base article for details.

When renewing SonicWall Security Services (including Gateway Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware/Intrusion Prevention Service, Content Filtering Service, Enforced Client Anti-Virus, Client/Server Anti-Virus, Comprehensive Anti-Spam), the current expiry date is extended by the term purchased i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Years. If the security service has already expired it will start from the date when activated and is not back-dated like support.

Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) or Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS)

SonicWall CGSS and AGSS includes 24×7 Support (from SonicWall) Security Services, and the renewals work the same as those above i.e. all gateway security services will start from the time you activate it (or extend the existing subscription if still active), however, the 24×7 Dynamic Support will start when the previous support service expires (or extend if still active). If your dynamic support has already expired you may want to consider adding a 2, 3, 4 or 5 Year CGSS/AGSS subscription that includes Support Reinstatement and therefore will ensure you have the full term for support.

Email Security (TotalSecure)

When adding an Email Security TotalSecure bundle to your appliance you will have 2 options – Upgrade or Renew. Upgrade will increase the user count, whereas Renew will extend the duration of the subscriptions. When activating the TotalSecure you should choose the correct option (Upgrade or Renew) to the Email Protection Subscription (Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing) which should then update all the other services.

Any problems should initially be directed to SonicWall by either email at [email protected] or call SonicWall’s helpdesk on 00 800 7664 2925 or 01932 573 929. You can also log a service request at

Give them the serial number of the Sonicwall device and details of the AV activation keys involved plus the number of users and the date it should expire and they will adjust the settings.

Please note that upon registering/activating keys, you are deemed to have accepted them as correct, It is your responsibility to check that you have received the correct product and that you have applied them to the correct Sonicwall appliance, because once activated, they cannot be de-activated.

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