Apr 7 2018

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travel advisor

Travel advisor

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Travel advisor

This website offers independent information. You can find my best tips here for a wonderful trip. The country has so much to offer: the best wildlife parks of Africa, amazing wildlife and sceneries, heavenly white sand beaches with palm trees, a friendly and relaxed people with a highly interesting culture.

But this site also informs you about the downsides that Kenya like any country has, and how to deal with them. As a professional journalist, I’m telling it like I found it. Read what experienced travelers and Kenyans say about this site.

What You Can Find Here:

  • GAME PARKS: Why Kenyan national parks are among Africa’s best, in which wildlife resorts your favorite animals can be found, and why Masai Mara National Reserve is the country’s most popular wildlife park.

  • BEACHES: Why the beaches draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, which beach you want to choose, why the coast area has more to offer than just sun and sand, and which beach resorts stand out above all others.

  • GALLERIES: Several movie and picture pages, since an image says more than a thousand words, and a movie more than a thousand pictures.

  • CITY GUIDES: How to get the most out of your stay in Nairobi or Mombasa.

  • PRACTICAL STUFF:Travel information about visa, money, transport, health, climate, and more.

  • PEOPLE: The inside story of the Kenyan people, including tribes like the famous Masai.

    But Make Sure You’re Prepared For Africa!

    Travel advisor

    If you’re like most people, you might be a little intimidated at the idea of traveling to Africa. And know I was before my first trip. It’s true – if you’re from North America or Europe, then Africa is just another planet, and it isn’t all sunshine.

    The country has a major problem with corruption and poverty. You have to be well informed about the famous bargaining (or you’ll pay triple the price), about conmen (easy to spot once you know how), food security, which places are safe and which are not, and on.

    Not all websites are eager to point this out to you. But don’t worry – you basically need the right information and some common sense. This website provides you with both, so use the free information and you’ll have the trip of a lifetime. You won’t be the first to return with the famous “Africa fever” – meaning you’ve lost your heart to this wild and magical continent just like I did. Africa never leaves anyone cold!

    “Africa, amongst the continents, will teach it to you:

    that God and the Devil are one, the majesty coeternal,

    not two uncreated but one uncreated. “

    – Karen Blixen, author of “Out of Africa”

    How To Use This Site

    This site has a simple, logical navigation structure. Just use the main site menu to your left. All the information about safaris is organized under the the button “Safari Guide”, all the pages about Nairobi are under the “Nairobi Guide” button, etc. You will also find links to relevant pages within articles, and at the bottom of each page. If you ever get lost, just click on “Home” in the site menu and you’ll return right here.

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    Travel advisor

    Travel advisor

    Left: the beach just outside Mombasa – Right: The famous Wildebeest Migration

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