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KLM Airline review

KLM Airline Review

Albert Plesman Founder of KLM Airlines

KLM Airlines or the Royal Dutch Airlines was established as the first commercial airline in the Netherlands founded by Albert Plesman and endorsed by the Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Wilhelmina in 1919.

The airline, like other European airlines, was severely affected during the World War II in 1940’s. Despite being gravely affected by the war in Europe, KLM was instrumental in extracting refugees from Japanese aggression in the Pacific via  the Australia-Dutch East Indies region.

Pieter Elbers is the chief executive officer of KLM since 2014. He responsible for the further development of the airline as well as the joint ventures it signed with other civil aviation companies.

What people are saying

Previous passengers of KLM Airline gave mixed reviews on the national carries. Despite receiving mixed reactions from their customers, KLM managed to get an overall passing rating.

According to customers, the flight experience with KLM is exceptional because of their top notch inflight services. They are also praised for the entertaining safety video that they show prior to the departure of their flights. Moreover, the lovely flight attendants are the main reason why customers say that the flight was memorable.

On the other hand, some customers said that the airline offers pricey tickets. However, there are still others that claim that the price of the ticket is worth the cost because of the great services the airline provides.

Nevertheless, like any other airlines faced, some customers are not pleased with delayed flights they experienced with KLM.

KLM Airline Website

Meanwhile, the simple but sophisticated website can be utilized for managing flights. Moreover, it s equipped with different important information that can assist passengers for a safe journey. They also advertised promotional round trip packages with relatively affordable prices. Learn more about their website here.

The improved KLM Royal Dutch Airlines mobile app is available in Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store for free. The functional app can be used for all of the customer’s needs; from managing flight bookings to changing passenger seats.

Customer Service

For customer’s general inquiries and assistance, the KLM customers hotline is available via +63 2 588 6900 open 24-hours a day. For more local sales hotlines, customers may visit their website here. Moreover, customers can also use their customer service hotline for customers with medical concerns.


KLM Airlines offers two flight classes, which are available for domestic and international flights; these are Economy Class and Business Class. Flight services may differ among flight classes and routes, which are available within Europe and for long haul destinations.

Furthermore, what’s more interesting about KLM is that unlike other airlines who provide different meals for different flight classes, they serve both classes with three course meals for domestic and international flights. However, business class passengers can enjoy a more spacious cabin compared to the economy passengers.

In flight entertainment is also provided in both flight classes. Meanwhile, flights within Europe don t have inflight entertainment.

About KLM Airline

KLM or formally known as Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij is the flag carrier of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its main hub is located at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with a fleet size of 115 aircrafts in active service that flies passengers to more than 138 destinations across the globe. Furthermore, KLM is the oldest airline in the world that operates under its original name.

Contact information

    Website URL: www.lan.com Contact number: +63 2 588 6900 Head Office Address: Amstelveen, Netherlands


Based on this KLM Airline review, the airline is exceptional and it provides quality service, which is very evident with what they offer to their passengers, not to mention the overwhelming positive reviews they received from their previous customers.

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