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Q: Where do I find last minute international flights deals?

A: There are many sites on the Internet that offer cheap or affordable last minute deals on international flights – a quick search using the keywords will yield hundreds of results. Even airline sites offer their own special last minute deals on flights – especially if they have flights that have empty seats. So you don’t have to think that you need to shell out more for a last minute international flight or just take whatever you see out there. But in the same light you don’t have to fall for the first bargain or discount you see – do a little comparison and study the offers.

Most major airlines actually offer last-minute deals on both domestic and international flights on a weekly basis, so be on the lookout for these. For instance, American Airlines and United Airlines release their special fares on Tuesdays while US Airways offer theirs on international travel on Wednesdays. It would be good to watch these sites on a regular basis, or sign up for their regular alerts so you would be in the know. Remember that you can book for a last minute international flight at least 5 hours before departure. For a quick look at the major airlines that offer last minute deals to the different continents, here’s a sample:

Asia/Pacific: Qantas Airlines, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, Philippine Airlines

Latin, Caribbean and South America: Mexicana, BahamasAir, Air Jamaica, Variq

Europe: British Airways, AirFrance/KLM, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, SwissAir

Africa and the Middle East: Royal Emirates, Qatar Airways, Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines

Other sites where you can find good last minute deals on international flights would be which specializes in last minute offers, which also lists good deals for holidays and other last minute deals,,, Orbitz and Travelocity. You can always use multi search system for last minute flights .

If you still can’t find the right price for your last minute international flight, you might want to consider booking a vacation package. There are times when bundling a hotel or a transportation service with your flight actually means deeper discounts and bigger savings at the end of the day.

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