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Long Beach Package Travel

Group Tours Travel in Long Beach, Washington

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We have an itinerary for everyone!

We have an itinerary for everyone! Itineraries may be customized to accommodate 2+ days based on the interests and needs of the group. A Tour Specialist may be provided to coordinate the tour from the design all the way to the execution of payment to tour suppliers. From the moment visitors disembark the coach, Peninsula hospitality is at your.

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This Land Through Tribal Eyes

To Soar Like an Eagle The day begins with a docent led tour through the museum that tells the story of these industrious and very savvy Chinookan speaking peoples, as they were fishers, gatherers, hunters and traders. By the time Lewis and Clark Expedition arrived, these Natives had been trading with the European maritime traders and.

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The Best Of The Pacific Northwest!

Day One: Flying into the Portland International Airport is quite scenic with the City Skyline, Mt. Hood, the Columbia River, and Mt. St. Helens suddenly appearing out your window. Upon descending the escalator towards baggage claim, you will be greeted by your Pacific Northwest Tour Manager to assist you in claiming your luggage and getting.

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Early Columbia River Trading – The Tall Ships and Beyond

Day One – The Peninsula Area “Welcome to Land’s End” Lunch will be served with a view of the wooden sculptures and the gigantic fry pan that is used for photo ops. Be sure and ask your wait staff about the significance of that pan! The restaurant is famous for their Eggs and Crab Benedict…sandwiches are delicious too. Your red carpet welcome.

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In The Footsteps of the Corps of Discovery

Enjoy the sight of thick green forest on steep mountains and cliffs as you see the places and hear the historical stories about Lewis and Clark and The Corps of Discovery. Walk in the footsteps of these 32 adults and one toddler as they faced their most dangerous foe of the three year trip. Share a salmon meal with an historian under the stars.

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La Belle E’poque of the Long Beach Peninsula

La Belle E’poque was a period of Western European history. It is conventionally dated from the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s. It was a period characterized by optimism, regional peace, economic prosperity and technological, scientific and cultural innovations. It was a period of flourishing arts including literature, music and theatre. It.

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Cranberries, Kites and Cadences

A festival weekend of food, flying kites and beautiful music! Day One – Thursday – Long Beach: Your much awaited arrival is heralded by the members of the community, and as your coach approaches a complete stop, the red carpet is literally rolled out for you. Greeting you will be members of the Long Beach City Council including the Mayor! After.

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Through the Looking Glass

Day One – Pier Points Ever wonder why a coastline, no matter where that coastline may be, attracts so many artisans? Could it be because of the spectacular sunrises or sunsets? Or the pounding surf? Or the intriguing wildlife that calls these places home? Or is it just the people that call the towns and villages dotting it, their places of.

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The Origin of Peninsula Cuisine – Then and Now!

Tour Description: According to legend, lore and history, the Long Beach Peninsula has long been a treasure trove of culinary delicacies. For centuries, the Native Americans used the seafood, berries and game as currency to obtain items that otherwise would have been unattainable, such as buffalo robes, beads, metal pots, and yes, even the.

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Watchable Fauna and Flora Too!

Itinerary Notes: Ideal time for this tour is Spring or Fall when the migration of fowl is the heaviest. This tour involves outside activities including walking trails and water passage. Knowledgeable guides will be accompanying the group at all times during the day. Passengers should have with them: camera with telephoto lens; binoculars, insect.

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An Ocean of Art

Day One – “On The Waterfront”: The art class will be led by a local artist of who is renowned for her mixed media and monotype paintings. Today, you will be learning how to mix textures of papers and fabrics on canvas with acrylic paints, inks and varnishes. The artist works both in the Pacific Northwest and in New Zealand. Her work reflects a.

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From Growing to Gastronomy

A Farm to Table Experience

Colorful shops, great seafood, comfortable lodging, small museums, horseback riding, and an expansive beach may be some of the reasons that Forbes Traveler named the Long Beach Peninsula one of “America’s Favorite Beach Towns.” There is another side to this area and that is the rich soil that abounds in the valleys, of which produces some of the.

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Playin’ Around at the Beach!

There’s so much to do on the Peninsula that it takes five days…and that is just to cover the physical activities! So stretch those muscles, because you will be using them all! Not only will you be experiencing the physical side of the Peninsula, but also viewing some incredible raw natural beauty and wildlife, but the cuisine will tempt and.

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