May 14 2018

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Marathon Tours & Travel

Since 1979, Marathon Tours Travel has dedicated itself to offering runners and their travel companions great destination experiences while exploring all seven continents one stride at a time.

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Abbott World Marathon Majors

The Abbott World Marathon Majors is a series consisting of six of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world: Tokyo, B.A.A. Boston, Virgin Money London, BMW BERLIN, Bank of America Chicago and TCS New York City Marathon.

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The Seven Continents Club

Seven Continents Club (SCC) was founded in 1995 when the inaugural Antarctica Marathon made it possible for runners to conquer a marathon on all of the earth s seven continents.

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The Runners Country Club

In how many countries have you run?

For runners who vote with their feet! Each year we create special trips so our Runners Country Club can continue to experience new countries together.

Recent Updates

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Those who appreciate the feeling of braving a wild frontier should consider a visit during this season, which extends from July to September. Torres del Paine National Park, in the southern tip of Chile, is a big attraction all year round. During the winter, the winds die down, the skies clear up, and the mountains and glaciers are primed for panoramic picturesRead More

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As a runner, Aileen Flanagan likes to set goals for herself. Sometimes they are quite challenging and long-term goals. Ten years ago, she decided to run a half-marathon on every continent. She completed that challenge in August with a race on King George Island off the coast of Antarctica. Read More

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